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Gina Tyler Interview Detoxing Autism Using Homeopathy

Monday, August 26, 2013 Gina Tyler will be our guest Detoxing Autism Using Homeopathy and More. . . Check The World Clock For Your Time Zone Go to the show p…

Gina Tyler, D. Hom of Classical Homeopathy was born in Java, Indonesia and grew up in Holland. Gina has training in CEASE therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Herbalism, and Aromatherapy.  Her homeopathic training under Dr S Subrata Banerjea provided a foundation in miasmatic evaluation in case-taking. Gina earned a Diploma in Homeopathy with the British Institute of Homeopathy 1995 -1996, an advanced case-taking in classical homeopathy at the International College of Homeopathy with Dr. Ed Floyd, M.S. D.C. Los Angeles, California, plus a certification in advanced classical homeopathy at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute Calcutta, India in 1996 with clinical experience at poverty stricken areas in Calcutta, India. 

Gina studied the use of L.M. potency prescribing in Puri, India in 1996, attained Certification in Aromatherapy Seminars Los Angeles, California 1996; Certification in Kinesiology at the Kinesiology Institute Los Angeles, California 1997; Advanced studies in Archetypical plant medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Asa Hershoff of the American University of Complimentary Medicine Los Angeles, California and further study at the Bengal Allen Meddical Institute Advanced classical homeopathy in Colchester, England. She is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy  

What started Gina’s journey into alternative medicine? 

Her interest in homeopathy blossomed when her mother became very sick with 20 years of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. She watched as allopathic physicians gave her mother years of toxic drugs with no results; yet, her immune system was deteriorating and and showing crippling adverse effects. She lost so much weight that she fell to just 80 pounds. 

In an effort to improve climate conditions, Gina’s family moved from the Netherlands (Holland) to California, thinking the weather would benefit her mother’s health problems. Holland’s severe, freezing cold temperatures are not welcome for those suffering from arthritic conditions.  By this time, Gina was already extremely interested in herbal plants, but had only used them on her self. Taking a huge leap forward, she attempted to help her mother overcome this chronic condition with many natural approaches.


Anyone who knows Gina would tell you about her passion for classical homeopathy and consistent adherence to the principles and laws of homeopathy.  Through her persistence, she convinced her mother to change her eating and drinking habits, taught her about how some foods may be toxic while others can help her heal. In the case of arthritis, foods in the nightshade family must be avoided.  She delved in with Ayurveda medicine and all it’s treatments of massage, Panchakarma, using amazing plant oils of various kinds. Each day her mother had to drink a detoxing liquid called Ghee, clarified butter, and use a special breathing technique called Pranayama.


All of this helped a lot, but Gina wanted to see much more improvement. That’s when Gina started her journey into the study of homeopathy by going to the alternative healing bookstores and spending hours and hours sitting on the floor reading everything available. “Miasmatic Diagnosis,” written by Dr. Subrata Banerjea, stood out from all the others. After reading this one book, she wanted more, and looked up the author, finding out that he taught homeopathy in Calcutta, India. The journey to learn all about homeopathy never ends.


She flew to India and took the clinical course. To her amazement, she only then realized she should have taken more of the basic lessons in homeopathy before diving straight in to the intensive hands-on homeopathic clinic in Calcutta. Arriving back home to California, she continued her homeopathic studies while making use of all her knowledge about reflexology, herbs, aromatherapy and kinesiology. Her mother grew healthy, strong and energetic from all the intensive care. Now, at the proper weight for her body size, her mother has the strength to travel with Gina to all corners of this planet. She can boast as the only one out of all her friends age 65 – 75+ that does not have hundreds of prescription drugs in her medicine cabinet. In fact, she only takes homeopathy and a few herbs. This story is a condensed version of Gina’s learning path.

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