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I am now An official Certified CEASE practicioner in the Los Angeles Area see link for more info http://www.CEASE-therapy.comprofilegina1

more info on contact/fees/articles- http://www.ginatyler.com

You have entered an information site on the subject of classical homeopathy and many other holistic healing modalities.

Please note:
Homeopathic practitioners do not diagnose or treat specific diseases.
Homeopathic remedies do not treat any specific disease,What they can do is improve your body’s ability to fight disease by stimulating its defense mechanism.If an Imbalance is felt through symptoms it is dealt with holisticly (the entire body-mental-emotional-physical) has to be addressed.”WHERE THE MIND GOES THE BODY WILL FOLLOW”

see my website link for more info and lots of articles www.ginatyler.com

a link to this blog;  https://homeopathtyler.wordpress.com/

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  • Gina Tyler

    My New Years Resolution starting Jan 2013. My first time ever with a New Years resolution. Why you ask? A bill came in the other day from a few lab tests. One lab test cost $833.00 and the total was almost $3,000. Basically a machine doing work in minutes and printing the results immediately commanded a staggering sum of money.

    Please bear with me here. For several decades now, many of my friends have asked for “free” suggestions regarding health-related topics. From now on all consultations, suggestions, advice will be charged. This includes asking me via online, private message, FaceBook, phone, casual conversation, etc.

    $130- – fee for an acute symptom (acute = symptom lasting one day to one month, no more)
    $410- – fee for complex chronic ailments (chronic = symptom lasting over one to two months, often lasting years)

    The other option-
    I share – for free – a “Blog” posting lots of great advice/free health-related data/info. Will be posting weekly more and more at https://homeopathtyler.wordpress.com

    Many of my articles are shared online via my website: http://www.ginatyler.com
    I do Homeopathic, 100% FREE, volunteer work In Bali Indonesia for the poor. If you are in Bali when I am there I will be happy to help you.

    Thank you
    Gina Tyler DHOM


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