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testimonials for Gina Tyler Dhom

R. C.

I have been seeing Gina for ages now, and I have never had to visit a Doctor since other than for tooth problems requiring surgery, etc. She promotes a natural approach to healing that includes supplements, herbs, and other treatments that help the healing process. At first I was very skeptical about all of this, but so far there hasn’t been a single problem that she has not been able to solve. Definitely worth checking out!
Mediha S.

I have known Gina Tyler for many years and know her to be a compassionate homeopath with a deep understanding of her art. As author of “Stone Secrets,” a book about Gina’s mother’s journey with arthritis, I came to understand that homeopathy has many layers and can sometimes take a long time to unravel a person’s illness. A “cure” is not always what we in the Western World expect, or want. Often, people want a miracle, and homeopathy is not magic. Gina helped me to understand that “healing” comes when there is faith between the patient and her homeopath. As with traditional medicine, and I might add that I am a traditionally trained RN with credentials as a CCRN and HNC, there are different avenues in how to care for a patient. As with all health professionals there are different training programs, different theories, and different personalities. The secret is to find the right fit for you. My experience with Gina is that she is very gifted in her skills as a homeopath, and passionate about offering the proper treatment.
Mediha Saliba
Karen G.

Gina takes great care to ensure that during your initial intake visit she fully understands who you are both present and past and every symptom both present and past that may be affecting your current health. She also makes wonderful nutritional suggestions to complement the homeopathic remedies to help your body heal and become healthy. She also does not push you to see her for weeks and weeks ($$$) like others do. Gina cares deeply about holistic health and has lived and practiced what she preaches for many years.
Marie A.

I have worked with Gina on a number of occasions to address severe and chronic issues over time, always with remarkable and almost immediate results and always resolved with the first attempt.

Gina helped me with physical issues, including IBS-type intestinal pain/spasms, eczema, achilles tendinitis, daily headaches and stuttering when I was
in my early teens, after I’d been ill for several years following a round of antibiotics and my mother had been unable to find anything to alleviate my symptoms. Gina resolved ALL my physical issues in a matter of weeks, with only stuttering being more of a gradual improvement. The stuttering was the most limiting — and painful to me — because it kept me from socializing and participating with other children at school. The pain in my feet had gotten so severe, I had already been referred to an orthopedic doctor, had been excluded from physical education at school and had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk the block and a half it took to get home. None of the issues she addressed have ever been a problem again, to any degree, in the eight years since she addressed them, and I will always be grateful to her.

As I got older, I developed several emotional/mood issues, including anxiety, mood swings, irritability, panic attacks, depression and rage and I returned to her for help a couple of years ago. Gina again resolved ALL the above within a matter of weeks. Doctors had already suggested I go on Paxil, Prozac and a number of other prescription drugs, but thanks to Gina, I am free of the all these issues. It is difficult to express in words what it means to feel you are slowly losing control of your life and then find someone to give you your life back, as Gina has.

I would recommend Gina to anyone with chronic, “hopeless” issues, whether of a physical or emotional nature. She is gifted and is a joy to work with. She became more like family to me because of her warm and caring nature and I feel blessed that we found her when we did.
Kent B.

I’ve gone to Mrs. Tyler several times over the last 15yrs for acute and chronic issues.

The 1st time convinced me that I should keep her contact handy. I had just come back from a multi-day company outing. I don’t normally drink or party much, but I did party excessively during this trip. As I was driving home, I began to feel the strangest sensations, including an extremely severe itchiness that seemed to cover my entire body, including my face. Within 15 – 30 minutes the symptoms had piled up and included nausea and sharp, sporadic pains. When I got home I noticed that I was covered in hives. And it was getting worse. As I fought the desire to vomit, and my symptoms kept getting worse, I went to Mrs. Tyler — who was very kind to make time for me on short notice. She calmly noted all of my symptoms and state of being. She quickly determined a remedy. Within 5 minutes of taking the remedy my symptoms subsided 90%. Within 30 minutes I was feeling almost like nothing had happened and the hives were gone.

I have been to see Mrs. Tyler many time since then. A few times for even more severe and acute issues. I have been very satisfied with her help.
Piper N.
Gina saved my life. When I walked into her office I was barely able to sit down. My skin was in terrible shape. I have a rare genetic skin disorder called Darier’s Disease. I had treated it with cortisone, 2 to 5 times a year, for 27 years.
The cortisone stopped working. My dermatologist was beside himself. I was sobbing in his office. He was ready to send me to the Mayo Clinic. I had already gone to UCLA for help. SCARY!!! I tried spiritual healers, energy workers, nutritionists, etc. …
Gina was my last hope. She warned me it would be hard. Skin conditions are the most difficult to endure. In order to get better, it had to get as bad as it could possibly get. I became an open weeping wound. I was bedridden for 10 weeks. I experienced some of the most severe pain that my body has ever felt. Then, what felt like a miracle happened. In the ninth week, I started getting better. My skin stopped oozing. The swelling went down. It didn’t hurt as much to move. I was recovering!! Once it started, the healing happened very quickly. I am now stronger and more healthy than I have ever been. I was diagnosed at age 13. I experienced many trials and tribulations over the years with my disease. Gina and homeopathy have given me my life back.
theresa j.

Gina has been an important part of my families life for the past ten years. I initially sought her out to help me with my son who at the time was very young . She is a very knowledgeable, sincere and to the point homeopath. She ended up treating everyone in my family and we all benefited greatly from her homeopathic remedies. I have also referred other people to her and they are extremely happy with her method of treatment. Personally, I saw my health improve and symptoms subside rather quickly. I was thrilled with how I reacted to the remedy she chose for my specific complaints. That showed me that her diagnostic methods were quite effective. She is very thorough and spot on. she cares deeply and does her best for you. What more could you ask for in a homeopath? I believe that she is one of the best and if you are lucky enough to meet her and get treated by her, I am confident that you too will feel the same way too

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