Scientific studies on homeopathy

scientific studies on homeopathy.
Studies showing the efficacy of homeopathic medicines have been published in the Lancet, the British Medical Journal, Pediatrics, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Cochrane Reports, Chest (the publication of the British Society of Rheumatology), Cancer (the journal of the American Cancer Society), Journal of Clinical Oncology (journal of the Society of Clinical Oncology), Human Toxicology, European Journal of Pediatrics, Archives in Facial Plastic Surgery, Archives of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, and many more. ALL of these studies were randomized, double-blind, and placebo controlled. Further, because of bias against homeopathy, these studies have been scrutinized rigorously, perhaps even more rigorously than is usual…………….

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Extreme sensitivity of gene expression in human SH-SY5Y neurocytes to ultra-low doses of Gelsemium sempervirens. 28 April 2014
Response by the Homeopathy Research Institute to Australian NHMRC Report 18 April 2014
Do Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials generate Recognisable and Reproducible Symptom Pictures? 05 April 2014
Exploring frontiers: Use of complementary and alternative medicine among patients with early-stage breast cancer. 07 March 2014
Impact of complementary and alternative medicine on the quality of life in inflammatory bowel disease: results from a French national survey. 02 February 2014
New Homeopathy Study on ADHD 10 January 2014
Long term evaluation of homeopathy on post treatment impairment of pulmonary tuberculosis 10 January 2014
A Review of Homeopathic Research in the Treatment of Respiratory Allergies 14 December 2013
Physical chemical and citotoxic evaluation of highly diluted solutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. prepared through the fifty milesimal homeopathic method 14 December 2013
Homeopathy Research – National Centre for Homeopathy 14 December 2013
Plant-derived nanoparticle treatment with homeopathic Cocculus 30c ameliorates attention and motor abilities in sleep-deprived rats 16 November 2013
What if we could explain homeopathy? Moving towards a physical theory of homeopathy 25 October 2013
Designing a randomized double blind controlled clinical trial for add-on homeopathy in cancer patients 25 October 2013
A closer look at the Nobel-winning Higgs boson particle 19 October 2013
Differences in use of complementary and alternative medicine between children and adolescents with cancer in Germany: A population based survey. 22 September 2013
Calcarea carbonica induces apoptosis in cancer cells in p53-dependent manner via an immuno-modulatory circuit 22 September 2013
Potentized Homeopathic Drug Lycopodium clavatum (5C and 15C) Shows an Anticancer Effect on HeLa Cells In Vitro 10 August 2013
A Mixed Methods Exploration of Homeopathy for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Comparing Research Evidence and Clinical Practice 20 July 2013
Homeopathic medicine for acute cough in upper respiratory tract infections and acute bronchitis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. 09 June 2013
Antimalarial potential of Nosode 30 and 200 against Plasmodium berghei infection in BALB/c mice 17 May 2013
Antimalarial potential of China 30 and Chelidonium 30 in combination therapy against lethal rodent malaria parasite: Plasmodium berghei. 11 May 2013
Efficacy of individualized homeopathic treatment and fluoxetine for moderate to severe depression in peri- and postmenopausal women (HOMDEP-MENOP): study protocol for a randomized, double-dummy, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial 27 April 2013
Abstract of the Results of a Polish study on High Dilutions 04 April 2013
Declaring a Truce With Our Microbiological Frenemies 31 March 2013
Management of Influenza-Like Illness by Homeopathic and Allopathic General Practitioners in France 10 March 2013
Effect of homeopathy on chronic tension-type headache 06 March 2013
New Homeopathic Medicines’ database: A project to employ conventional drugs according to the homeopathic method of treatment 24 February 2013
Homeopathy v antibiotics in dairy-cow mastitis 10 February 2013
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use by Pediatric Specialty Outpatients 06 February 2013
Adaptive network nanomedicine: an integrated model for homeopathic medicine 19 January 2013
A model for homeopathic remedy effects 19 January 2013
The Emerging Low-Dose Therapy for Advanced Cancers 06 January 2013
The Scientific Evidence for the Efficacy of Homoeopathy 01 January 2013
The development and use of Hering’s Law Assessment Tool (HELAT) in homeopathic clinical trials 29 December 2012
300 Studies on Homeopathy 12 December 2012
Therapeutic Effect of Arsenicum album on Leukocytes 12 December 2012
Rhus Tox retains its anti-arthritic efficacy at high potency 1M, 10M and CM homeopathic dilutions 12 December 2012
Usage of complementary medicine across Switzerland: results of the Swiss Health Survey 2007 12 December 2012
Individualized homeopathy in a group of Egyptian asthmatic children 12 December 2012
Effects of Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblasts 12 December 2012
Homeopathic Successful Trial (RCT) of Hypericum for Peripheral (Sciatic) Nerve Regeneration 10 December 2012
Homoeopathic studies for benign hypertrophy prostate 30 November 2012
Homeopathic Treatment of Migraine in Children: Results of a Prospective, Multicenter, Observational Study. 18 November 2012
A protocol for a trial of homeopathic treatment for irritable bowel syndrome 11 November 2012
Promising plant model for research into Homeopathy 03 November 2012
A model for homeopathic remedy effects 28 October 2012
Homeopathy studies for Arthritis 25 October 2012
‘Water computing’ breakthrough? Tiny water droplets harnessed to perform computational logic 30 September 2012
How Homeopathy helps dairy calves overcome diarrhoea 02 September 2012
Management of Influenza-Like Illness by Homeopathic and Allopathic General Practitioners in France During the 2009–2010 Influenza Season 27 August 2012
New study shows widespread use of homeopathy in German children 27 August 2012
Impact of physician preferences for homeopathic or conventional medicines on patients with musculoskeletal disorders: results from the EPI3-MSD cohort. 28 July 2012
Homeopathic treatment for peripheral nerve regeneration: an experimental study in a rat sciatic nerve transection model. 28 July 2012
Accelerating the healing of bone fracture using homeopathy: a prospective, randomized double-blind controlled study 28 July 2012
Use of plants in basic research in homeopathic potentisation 14 July 2012
Method for appraising model validity of randomised controlled trials of homeopathic treatment: multi-rater concordance study 10 July 2012
Treatment of acute childhood diarrhea with homeopathic medicine: a randomized clinical trial in Nicaragua 06 June 2012
Study: Homeopathy Eases Patients Suffering of Chronic Sinusitis 07 May 2012
Cochrane: Homeopathic medicines for adverse effects of cancer treatments 14 April 2012
Outcome of homeopathic treatment in paediatric patients: An observational study from 1998 to 2008 04 March 2012
Groundwater Arsenic Poisoning Alleviated with Homeopathy: Journal Study 04 March 2012
Potentized homeopathic drug Arsenicum Album 30C inhibits intracellular reactive oxygen species generation and up-regulates expression of arsenic resistance gene in arsenine-exposed bacteria Escherichia coli. 26 February 2012
Homeopathic medicines substantially reduce the need for clotting factor concentrates in haemophilia patients: results of a blinded placebo controlled cross over trial 21 January 2012
Homeopathy in paediatric atopic diseases: long-term results in children with atopic dermatitis 21 January 2012
Randomized controlled pilot study to compare Homeopathy and Conventional therapy in Acute Otitis Media 21 January 2012
Complementary and alternative medical therapies for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 21 January 2012
Homeopathic Studies: Peer Reviewed Journals 14 January 2012
Management of distress during climacteric years by homeopathic therapy 14 January 2012
Brazil: homeopaths versus family doctors: a preliminary quantitative study 14 January 2012
Homeopathy on Science Direct 10 January 2012
Homeopathy enables rheumatoid arthritis patients to cope with their chronic ill health 02 January 2012
German Scientists Investigate Water Memory 21 December 2011
Homeopathy AIDS Study Demonstrates A Dramatic Ninety Per Cent Improvement 20 December 2011
Homeopathic Potencies Identified By A New Magnetic Resonance Method 14 December 2011
Real-life effect of classical homeopathy in the treatment of allergies: A multicenter prospective observational study 11 December 2011
Induction of Apoptosis of Tumor Cells by Some Potentiated Homeopathic Drugs: Implications on Mechanism of Action 16 November 2011
Mercurius solubilis: actions on macrophages 16 November 2011
Homeopathy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (HIBS) 14 November 2011
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products in Preceding Two Days Among Finnish Parents – a population survey 08 November 2011
Developments on drug discovery and on new therapeutics: highly diluted tinctures act as biological response modifiers 27 October 2011
Russian DNA Discoveries 26 October 2011
A Reply to Rheumatology Journal for its misconceived trial on homeopathy 19 October 2011
Homeopathic Research & Clinical Studies 16 October 2011
Society of Homeopaths 14 October 2011
Responses to specific homeopathic medicines can be measured 08 October 2011
Effect of Gelsemium 5CH and 15CH on anticipatory anxiety: a phase III, single-centre, randomized, placebo-controlled study. 01 October 2011
Studies of Homeopathic remedy TUBAID + pictures 28 September 2011
Strong Biological Activity of Homeopathic Remedy on Arsenic-Poisoned E. Coli Shown in Study 25 September 2011
Effect of dielectric dispersion on potentised homeopathic medicines 25 September 2011
Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Disease: A 6-Year, University-Hospital Outpatient Observational Study 25 September 2011
Subnuclear Particles May Move Faster Than Light. Who Says Homeopathy Can’t Work? 23 September 2011
More people using alternatives for Arthritis 04 August 2011
An exploratory study on scientific investigations in homeopathy using medical analyzer 31 July 2011
Science & Art of Homeopathy Daily 23 July 2011
Patients whose GP knows complementary medicine tend to have lower costs and live longer 21 July 2011
Use of Alternative Medicines by Patients with Cancer in rural Switzerland 03 July 2011
Homeopathy: Impact of Plausibility Bias 21 June 2011
1247 Scientific Studies on Homeopathy 19 June 2011
Complementary and alternative medicine use in children with life-limiting conditions 18 June 2011
Advances in homeopathy and immunology: a review of clinical research. 02 June 2011
Asthmatic children treated with homeopathy 31 May 2011
Homeopathy cure for prostate gets global signal 30 May 2011
Homeopathy Measured by Electroencephalogram 30 May 2011
A trial of homeopathy for moderate to severe depression 21 May 2011
High dilution effect assessed by UV-Spectroscopy 19 May 2011
190 Studies in Support of Homeopathy 12 May 2011
Natural Supplements for H1N1 Influenza: Retrospective Observational Infodemiology Study of Information and Search Activity on the Interne 12 May 2011
First Clinical Trials on homeopathy at the Garrison Hospital in Vienna 05 May 2011
Electromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNA 01 May 2011
Research on Eczema & Homeopathic Medicine 24 April 2011
Efficacy of homeopathic and antibiotic treatment strategies in cases of mild and moderate bovine clinical mastitis. 24 April 2011
Macae in Brazil uses Homeopathy to prevent Dengue Fever 28 March 2011
How Healthy are Chronically Ill Patients After Eight Years of Homeopathic Treatment? 22 February 2011
Fibromyalgia: science validates homeopathy (again) 16 February 2011
A Study of Homeopathic Practitioners’ perceptions and experiences of the Homeopathic Consultation 06 February 2011
Patients whose GP Uses Complementary Medicine have Lower Costs and Live Longer 04 February 2011
Who seeks primary care for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) with physicians prescribing homeopathy and other complementary medicine? 26 January 2011
DNA molecules can ‘teleport’, Nobel Prize winner claims 20 January 2011
New highly significant results from Psorinum 6X in serious cases of Cancer 10 January 2011
Homeopathic Studies – Malaria 05 January 2011
IIT-B Team Shows how Homeopathy Works 24 December 2010
Exploring the Research on Homeopathic Treatment for Fibromyalgia 12 November 2010
Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective 05 November 2010
Clinical Verification of Homeopathy 04 November 2010
Use of Homeopathy in Pediatric Oncology in Germany 05 October 2010
204 human studies on Homeopathy published in 86 peer-reviewed international medical journals 24 September 2010
Electromagnetic Signals from HIV – Prospects for a Science of Homeopathy 03 September 2010
Homeopathy Associated With Dramatic Reduction In Leptospirosis Infection In Cuban Population 09 August 2010
Homeopathy and Hormesis (low-dose effects) 04 August 2010
Effects of pulsed low frequency electromagnetic fields on water using photoluminescence spectroscopy: role of bubble/water interface 15 July 2010
Narrative Review: Homeopathy in Cancer Care by Moshe Frenkel, MD 16 May 2010
Homeopathy as replacement to antibiotics in the case of Escherichia coli diarrhoea in neonatal piglets 31 March 2010
In vitro and in vivo anticancer properties of a Calcarea carbonica derivative complex (M8) treatment in a murine melanoma model 26 March 2010
An Overview of Positive Homeopathy Research and Surveys 08 March 2010
Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on breast cancer cells 14 February 2010
An Ideal Trial for Homeopathy 09 February 2010
New biological models of Homeopathy from Elsevier 21 January 2010
Darwin, Drosera and Homeopathy 18 January 2010
Approximately 400 Publications demonstrate therapeutic efficacy of homeopathic drugs 18 January 2010
The Subject of “Publication Bias” 18 January 2010
Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric study 15 January 2010
Inhibition of CD203c membrane up-regulation in human basophils by high dilutions of histamine: a controlled replication study 19 December 2009
A molecular model of interaction between extremely diluted solutions and NaOH solutions used as titrant 10 December 2009
Amelioration of Carcinogen-Induced Toxicity in Mice by Administration of a Potentized Homeopathic Drug, Natrum Sulphuricum 200 10 December 2009
Homeopathic Doses of Gelsemium sempervirens Improve the Behavior of Mice in Response to Novel Environments 10 December 2009
Dynamized Preparations in Cell Culture 10 December 2009
NMR relaxation time measurements of H2O in homeopathic preparations of quartz, sulfur, and copper sulfate 10 December 2009
Influence of very low doses of mediators on fungal laccase activity – nonlinearity beyond imagination 09 December 2009
The Relevance of the Placebo Effect in Homeopathy 05 December 2009
Homeopathic institution conducts HIV study 05 December 2009
Are Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) Redundant for Testing the Efficacy of Homeopathy? 29 November 2009
Randomised Controlled Trial of Healthcare by a Homeopath for Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome 29 November 2009
Homeopathic treatment of patients with chronic sinusitis 29 November 2009
Homeopathic Individualized Q-potencies versus Fluoxetine for Moderate to Severe Depression 29 November 2009
Icy claim that water has memory 28 November 2009
‘Proof’ that homeopathy works 22 November 2009
Homeopathic Influenzinum as Flu Preventive 22 November 2009
Test of a Homeopathic Dilution of Aconitum napellus 21 November 2009
High dilution effect reported in NMR study 21 November 2009
The Scientific Proof of Efficacy 15 November 2009
A positive effect from Homeopathic remedies study 09 November 2009
Homeopathy AIDS Study – Ninety Per Cent Improvement 08 November 2009
Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier Foundation Proves Homeopathy Works 09 September 2009
How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment?–Results from a long term observational study. 09 February 2008
Controlled Clinical Trials Evaluating the Homeopathic Treatment of People with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 05 July 2004

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