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Part 2; More testimonials


Gina TYler DHOM has treated me with homeopathic remedies for a severe migraine headace condition. I had suffered from this since the age of 6.

(I am now an adult) About six yrs ago the migraines started coming on more frequently, about one to two episodes a week. These headaces were very debilitating , causing me to miss work and life in general. I had sought help from the medical field,but all that did was mask the pain and not get to the root of the problem. I had mentioned this to gina and she said that homeopathy may help. She gave me a remedy followed by two others and that cut the cycle of migraines. This treatment has been a great relief to me,because of the severe nature of the condition. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Gina’s effort in helping me overcome something that was literally consuming my life.

With all Sincerity C.K.


Dear Gina

Thank you very much for the homeopathic remedy you sent me in your last letter. It is almost 2 months ago I received it and I took it at once. I cannot say it worked immed. but normally I am very tired in the evening and after taking the homeopathy I feel much better in the evening. MAybe it was coincidental but I don’t believe in that. What I can say about my condition over the last 2 months is most of the time I feel better in general.Working 6 hours per day I feel better,not stressed like in the past.

Kind regards  O.V.


Followw up on O.V- Had a follow up with an MD he said that I was doing much better. I am allowed to take less  prescribed medication. I think its very encouraging .


Symptoms;acute panic accompanied by acute hives,severe hives over most of the upper body,swelling of facial tissue,severe itch in throat and gums. All symptoms were similar to acute,severe allergic reaction. Symptoms progressed from none to extremely severe within  one hour.

Remedy;”I cant recall the remedy that Gina Tyler prescribed,but it was just 1 tiny pill and I was very skeptical that it would help,to say the least within 5 minutes of taking it the physical symptoms were nearly gone and my mental state had turned from severe panic to a healthy curiosity regarding the cause of this sudden ailment. Within 10 minutes all symptoms were completely gone. I’m still not sure what brought it on, but as Gina Tyler has pointed out on numerous times,she treats the person not the disease.

“over the years that I have been going to Gina Tyler for treatment for a variety of ailments,she has provided remedies from homeopathy,chinese herbs,aromatherapy,reflexology and kinesiology. In all cases she has either managed to effect a complete cure, or ameliorated the most severe symptoms to a degree as to allow for a healthy mental state wich then eased recovery.My scientific mind still doesn’t grasp how it is that Gina TYler’s remedies work,but it will suffice that they do”

Sincerely J.O.


Mrs G Tyler Has cured every problem I’ve ever had with only homeopathy. For many years now I’ve been free of western medicine. I used to have 13 hr long bloody nose’s. NOw I only have them in extreme heat,i haven’t had a bad one for years. I’ve seen her treat many people and all have been cured. She has done many things to make my life much easier. Homeopathy is quite amazing and I’m a scientific person…..only accepting things of proof,but homeopathy is truly remarkable. I would recommend her to anyone.



To whom it may concern,

I have been treated by Gina Tyler for a number of ailments over the past years. I have experienced great relief from a number of symptoms associated with joint pain from injuries,menstrual cramps,sleeplessness,and most recently head and eearaches due to TMJ syndrome. I feel that Gina Tyler is very professional,thorough and conscientious in her examination (casetaking) and I recommend her without hesitation.

Sincerely J.N.



That stuff (homeopathic remedy) you sent me helped to get me beyond the achy-breaky point.

Thank you E.E.


my name is E.H.

Mother of S. H. four months ago my son had a seizure and I took him to emergency hospital. He had a hemorrhage in his right side of his head,tec term- arterial venal malformation-. I believe it was from an allergic reaction to the immunization shots he received 5 days prior to this seizure. Gina Tyler helped me with the symptoms.I gave My son the homeopathic remedy.Giving it to “S’ right away.I noticed he got better,seizures stopped. It took the poison out of his body. The hospital took a new cat scan and MRI and the bleeding stopped .They transferred him to childrens hospital and did another test where they look behind his eyes,there was no more bleeding. THey also took a blood test to see how fast he coagulates. All test came out OK. I believe in homeopathic remedies now. The Doctors still wont admit the seizures could have been caused from the shots.

Gina Tyler Has also treated myself for throat infections in the past. She gave me homeopathic remedies and my symptoms went away in a few days. I take Gina’s homeopathics because it works better than prescription meds.I feel much healtier since I’ve been going to her.



my name is E.

In 1985 I started having pains all over my joints, first my hands and feet,everyday the pain got worse.Then this pain spread all through my body.Blood test were taken,i was sent to a specialist who diagnosed my with RA. Many many prescription meds were given.The pain never left,it was out of control.I became very sensitive,cried for no reason,night sweats,no energy,more and more depressed.The pain was so intense!.I was bedridden most of the time.My weight dropped from 105 pounds to 85 pounds. I had internal bleeding in my colon.Giving more medication.Still no relief. I was told to get ‘gold shots’ for 3 months,my condition became even worse!I could hardly move my joints.Went to another specialist,more prescription meds.Verry toxic drugs with side effects.I became even more weak,lost hair,lost more weight,immune system was down. After Gina Tyler used homeopathy on me I no longer have pain. I am  now a happy person with a happy outlook on life enjoying gardening,reading the bible,going to meetings with my friends,and being with my grandchildren.I drive my own car with no more pain.

Thank you E.



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