AGROhomeopathy (homeopathy for plants/soil/farmingcrops)

Agrohomoeopathy What is it…..The use of Homeopathic remedies for plants+soil

INTERVIEWS ( with my brilliant friend Kaviraj RIP) Kaviraj Interview.

Noveember 1. 2009.
Video Interview by Richard Argiris in Upton Park London E13 9DB.


ARTICLESphoto by Gina Tyler,Noni fruit

Kindred Spirit Magazine 2007. Interview/Article on Agrohomoeopathy

18 útgáfa enska.pdf From the Icelandic Homoeopathy Newsletter 18th Issue Homoeopathy Student.




Homeopathy for Farm and Garden.
Available from:

Of the first English version exist translations in Japanese and Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannanda.

Currently, translations are in progress in Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden is now also available in German:

Homöopathie für Garten und Landwirtschaft

On the bestsellers list

Agrohomoeopathy Symbiotic Relationships.
21 Volume Encyclopedia for the treatment of all plants grown for pleasure or business. Volume 1/1 “Organon & Principles” and 1/2 “General Remedies” available as e-books.

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