Disease/miasms/radionics/energy-are they connected?

There are for instance classes of disease produced by conditions inherent in the physical and etheric structure of the planet itself, such as Geopathic Stress, or some of the Miasms. (see my article on miasms at www.ginatyler.com  )

For example see Chapter 9 of The Origin of Life by Georges Lakhovsky (published approximately 1925), in which the author examines the statistical distribution of cancer in France against the underlying geology.

 Which is to say, you don’t have a separate Chakra for each plane but the planes are present in the Chakras like – to use a simple analogy – layers in a sandwich.(homeopaths also speak of Layers)

  Chronic diseases are defined in Homoeopathy as non-self-limiting conditions which generally have a slow onset and increasing degree of action (often spotted with acute episodes) ending in death.

 If it is correct that the miasms reside in the Etheric body, should they be activated by a problem at an energy level higher on the scale (e.g. Astral body impinged by shock) then it may be that you have to identify this and treat it, otherwise the maintaining cause – as it were – is still there. 

 Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann, Wenda Brewster O’Reilly edition.

  Rajan Sankaran, the Indian homoeopath, proposes, in The Spirit of Homoeopathy, that disease is basically delusion. By this he means that reaction is out of all proportion to stimulus. A simple analogy is that if a man runs down the street being chased by a lion and screams that he is afraid of being killed by it, this is a reasonable reaction. On the other hand if a man runs down the street being pursued by a Yorkshire Terrier and screams that he is afraid of being killed by it, this is a delusion. The fear produced by the delusion may of course may kill him, if it strong enough.(Where the mind goes the Body will follow)

  Psionic medicine, which is practised by Doctors and uses dowsing primarily in conjunction with Homoeopathy, takes treatment of Miasms very strongly into account.

  Bailey writes about the Miasms in Esoteric Healing, although I do not believe she refers to them under that name.

 More recently Gurudas, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, has proposed that we add new environmental Miasms such as produced by Petrochemical pollution, etc. Hahnemann recognised excessive medical drugging as a cause of chronic disease states.(IATROGENIC diseases-caused by allopathic drugs/vaccines)

 In §6 of The Organon, footnote, Hahnemann states that ‘The medical-art practitioner can never see the….life force that creates disease, and he never needs to see it’ ; in fact the Dynamis is something which is only detectable in terms of the symptoms it produces.

Other lines of thought, such as that employed by Radionics, suggest this is not so. There are grounds to believe that we will in time be able to see the Dynamis and the subtle bodies; Drown and de la Warr developed Radionic cameras which purported to be able to photograph the etheric fields of whatever the camera was tuned into, and this includes homoeopathic remedies – for instance, see de la Warr’s Radionic photograph of Aconitum Napellus in New Worlds Beyond The Atom (by George de la Warr and Langston Day, out of print). There are also various so-called aura cameras around which appear to depict the aura quite accurately, although whether they show the other subtle bodies is not clear to me yet. I can imagine that interesting experiments could be done where people are photographed before and after taking a Radionic treatment, and so forth.(see my article on longdistance radionics/homeopathy; www.ginatyler.com )

                Perhaps Hahnemann’s Dynamis may be considered as the life force, perhaps prana, or chi, and needs to be clearly differentiated from subtle anatomy, perhaps not. Whether one could have a perfectly functional subtle body but which is not energised is a point to consider, i.e. can the circuit be separated from the energy in any practical sense?

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  • mayega

    I was unaware of the term miasms before, I normally think of them as energy blocks which are almost like beliefs, but in the energetic sense. Almost like contorted portions of the energy body. One other point of note is discussing this areas is difficult as so many people coin there own terms for the same thing. Imagine if conventional science had followed the same path.


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