WHAT makes us Sick?

1-Flouridation Of Water. Flouride is a very toxic byproduct of the manufacturing of aluminum. It does not prevent and may actually increase the incidence of tooth decay.Most people think we need flouride,False!

2-Genetically Modified Foods. These dangerous foods have never been studied for safety as they are unnatural and surely cause disease (immune system dysfunction, cancer, allergies etc.). They are not labeled so you are eating them without any ability to protect your health. Wheat – 80% GMO, Corn – 65% GMO, Soy – 80% GMO, etc. Dr. W. Lee Cowden reports that nearly every person with a chronic illness is allergic to soy.[1]

3- Vaccination Programs For Children. The escalating rates of autism, autoimmune illnesses and cancer appear to be at least partially related to mandated vaccines which supply immature immune systems with toxic serum and adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign cell proteins, infectious organisms). Religious beliefs may allow your children to escape the 35 mandatory vaccines. Vaccines represent a lucrative no risk source of profits as Congress has exempted vaccine manufacturers from liability in the event of adverse reactions which are common.

4- Pharmaceutical Drugs. More than 325,000 persons die annually in the U.S. from adverse reactions to correctly prescribed medicines.Iatroginc illness is a major factor for whats ailing us today.

5-Chemotherapy For Malignancies. The survival rates for chemotherapy are not improving after many years of use. These drugs are quite toxic and result in death if not stopped at an appropriate time. Effective alternative therapies for cancer have been suppressed or vilified for more than 100 years (Homeopathy,Coley’s toxins, Rife’s electronic invention, Koch’s substances, Essiac tea, antineoplaston, etc.)

6-Mandatory Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen Fertilizer. Requiring U.S. farmers to use NPP fertilizer guaranteed poor health. The critical nutrient sulfur and trace minerals are lacking in this fertilizer. Lack of trace minerals impairs enzyme function.

7-Advocacy Of Dangerous Dietary Programs And Unwillingness To Remove Dangerous Food Substances. Recommended general diets ignore the danger of sugar excess to pacify the sugar cartel. Hospital heart diets often include the very transfats that cause arteriosclerosis. These synthetic transfats have never been exposed for the health menaces they are. Monosodium glutamate, chlorine containing sugar substitutes and Aspartame (Nutrasweet) have been largely ignored by health agencies established to protect public health.

8-Codex Alimentaris. This diabolic creation of the pharmaceutical industry will possibly soon convert all vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and nutritional supplements into drugs requiring a physician’s prescription to permit you to pay 10 times more for the ability to continue to take these substances. This is operational in Norway and Germany and all these basic health substances cost 10 times more than in the days prior to Codex.

9-Aluminum Is Everywhere In Our Society (water treatment facilities use alum, foil, deodorants, antacids, cooking utensils, baking compounds) There is considerable evidence that aluminum plays a significant role in causing Alzheimer’s Disease along with mercury.

10-Mercury Contamination. Dental amalgams, fish, vaccines, fluorescent light bulbs, coal power plants, sewage treatment, hospital waste disposal, crematoriums, plastic casings, batteries, paint, shoe light bulbs and thermostats all provide mercury that can reach human beings. The ADA denies amalgams are a health risk yet a broken thermometer bulb requires a detailed cleansing protocol. Mercury is the only metal that easily vaporizes making inhalation a big problem.


One response to “WHAT makes us Sick?

  • homeopathyginatyler

    an added note;
    What makes us sick-
    Staying in the mode of thinking you are superman/woman “i am invinsable”!
    What do i mean by this-
    Late nights- not enough sleep
    drinking soda instead of water
    drinking coffee
    drinking alcohol
    stressfull relationships
    stressfull work

    You would think these are obviously bad for you,right? Believe it or not I’d say 75% of the population partakes of this routine on a daily basis.
    Popping (prescription pills) Not my advice,
    taking vitamins,herbs,homeopathy- are all options to feeling better- but if you dont alter your lifestyle -none of these will work.


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