CEASE therapy the process of detoxification

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photo by ginatylerDetoxification using Isotherapy

The homeopathic method as applied in the treatment of vaccination damage consists of administering four successive remedies of the suspected vaccine. Each course consists of the following dilutions 30, 200, 1M and 10M. The duration of a remedy course depends on the severity of the problems and the reactions of the patient and can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months. Potencies should be repeated until no further improvement is seen before passsing to the next poetency. After each course a 1 or 2 weeks of interval is applied. The administration is carried out by letting 2 granules melt in the mouth.

•One of the important factors in the development of autism is without a doubt the administration of many vaccines at a very early age. In the Netherlands, vaccines mostly contain aluminium hydroxide, formaldehyde, protein pollutions and the actual vaccines themselves, viral, bacterial or toxins, sometimes also mercury. In children with malfunctioning detoxifying systems (metallothionein deficiency) this can lead to serious side effects of which autism is merely one. The rise of epilepsy, asthma, eczema, behavioural disorders, developmental disorders and many other post-vaccination symptoms is possibly caused by similar factors. In the United States the enormous increase in autism cases (from 1:180.000 to 1:180) coincides with the introduction of the MMR and subsequently the Hepatitis-B vaccine which is administered at birth.
•The immune system consists of two important parts, the humoral and the cellular defence. Vaccinations cause there to be a shift from cellular to humoral defence which leads to a weakening of the immune system. A zinc deficiency can lead to a similar shift.
•All autistic children should be detoxified using the homeopathically diluted remedies of the vaccines that have been administered to the child.
•Autistic children should never again be vaccinated!

Vitamin C

My interest in vitamin C stems from cancer therapy. In the Non-Toxic-Tumor-Therapy (NTTT), vitamin C plays an important role as an antioxidant. In addition to the water soluble vitamin C, fat soluble vitamin C (ascorbylpalmitate) is often prescribed, particularly in brain tumors. Vitamin C also seems to play an essential role in protecting children against the adverse effects of vaccinations or other stress inducing events. The Australian doctor Dr. Archie Kalokerinos witnessed a double increase in child mortality among Aboriginals after vaccination campaigns. Human beings are unable to produce vitamin C themselves like other mammals do and therefore completely depend on vitamin C intake. In stress situations such as vaccinations, infections or other diseases, emotional stress etc., extra vitamin is used and needed. For this reason Dr. Kalokerinos advises against vaccinating sick or not yet fully recovered children. In the Netherlands, the government has grossly overlooked this aspect for years now with all sorts of consequences. When Dr. Kalokerinos started giving vitamin C to Aboriginal children, he was able to reduce child mortality, at the time at about 50%, to practically zero. This has led me to prescribe vitamin C as a preventive measure. When I witnessed that autism often improved by detoxifying the vaccines, the thought soon came to my mind that vitamin C could not only be useful in preventing autism in vaccinations, but that it could possibly play an important part in curing it as well. When I first prescribed the fat soluble vitamin C for a 4 year old autistic child, both speech and comprehension improved dramatically. His mother was deeply impressed by the significant improvement. Since then, ascorbyl palmitate plays an essential part in my treatment protocol for autistic children. It fully meets it’s expectations. Vitamin C is known to have the following effects on the human body, which could be very relevant for autistic children:
1.Vitamin C neutralizes harmful oxidants (oxidative stress) such as hydroxyl radical (OH¯) and regenerates Vitamin E for reuse.
2.When vitamin C takes part in anti-oxidative processes, the ascorbate radicals that are produced are relatively harmless because they are neither highly oxidative nor reductive and are easily recycled into active ascorbates by enzyme systems using NADH or NADPH.
3.Vitamin C stimulates the excretion of copper and thus aids in the reduction of stress. All autistic children prove to have elevated copper levels (read more in article).
4.Vitamin C aids and promotes the enzyme that transforms dopamin into norepinefrin (noradrenalin). This is a necessary step in the adrenal catecholamine metabolism and it precedes methylation steps that balance out catecholamine levels.
5.Vitamin C aids and promotes the enzyme in tyrosine metabolism that transforms hydroxyphenylpyruvate to homogentisic acid.
6.Vitamin C is required for the formation of L-carnitin. L-carnitin within the cell is necessary for normal use of fats for energy (beta-oxidation of fatty acids).
7.Vitamin C aids folic acid metabolism by the transformation of folic acid into folin acid.
8.Vitamin C renders stool less consistent in obstipated children and stimulates the intestine; too high a dose may cause diarrhoea.
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