Succussions of homeopathic remedies (why,what,how,when)

*The reason for including this article in my blog unfolded itself from a discussion I had with a client about how her homeopath suggested using 5 pills for each dose, and keep re dosing daily (same potency, same remedy no succussions,5 pills)…..I was horrified! (and realized that many practicioners do not read the Organon)


in the 6th edition of Organon Hahnemann suggested giving  8, 10, or 12 succussions to the medicinal solution. In the 5th edition he spoke of using 1 to 10 to activate the solution just prior to ingestion. In aphorism 281 of the 6th Organon ( Boericke’s edition) Hahnemann notes that there is a great difference in the levels of sensitivity of various individuals.

“If a cure is to follow, the first small doses must likewise be again gradually raised, but less and more slowly in patients where considerable irritability is evident than in those of less susceptibility, where the advance to higher dosage may be more rapid. There are patients whose impressionability compared to that of the unsusceptible ones is like a ratio of 1000 to 1.”

This rather profound statement holds many keys to the selection of the potency and dose. I call this the *sensitivity scale* because it give us an idea of the vast differences in the susceptibility of individuals to the action of the remedies. What a #1 sensitivity would not even feel will cause a dangerous aggravation in a #1000 sensitivity. Through years of experiments I have found that those of a hypersensitive nature and physical constitution (700 -1000+) do better on less succussions (1-4). Those of average sensitivity (300 to 700) do well on a moderate number of succussions (4, 5, 6, 7). Those who are hyposensitive (1 to 300) may need a higher number from the start (6 ,9, 10, 11, 12).

Those with very sensitive nervous systems often do not need the stimulation that a large number of succussions produce. In such cases a small increase in the amount is a better option than increasing the number of succussions. This increases the “amplitude” of the remedial powers but does not over stimulate the potency factor. I start the sensitive, nervous and changeable temperaments with a smaller number of succussions than those of average sensitivity. They do better on less teaspoonfuls (a coffee spoon), fewer succussions (1 to 3), and more water in their solutions (6, 8 or more oz). The ultra hypersensitive should be given the dose diluted in several dilution glasses (2 to 6, etc.). In this way the liquid dose becomes tremendously flexible in a way that the old pellet dose cannot be. This is what allows for the speeding of the cure to 1/2, 1/4 or less the time of the static dry dose which is prone to accumulate in the vital force and produce aggravations.

It is best to start with a conservative dose until one is sure of the true homoeopathicity of the chosen remedy. Only increase the amounts and succussions when necessary. Over medication always produces aggravations which slow down the cure, and runs the risk of producing accessory symptoms which disrupt the case. If the accessory symptoms become strong they will cancel the homoeopathicity of the simillimum changing the symptom pattern and disrupting the case. Sometimes, the routinist homoeopath is caught in the vicious cycle of treating the symptoms they are producing without knowing it. They think they are treating new layers, removing the causes, or stimulating a healing crisis, when in fact, they are like a dog chasing its own tail. They are going around in circles. Be gentle with the vital force.

written by david little


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