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I was born with only one working kidney,This kidney was causing me problems from day one.
My life as a child and teen was a all encompassing chronic illness- constant pain to the point of almost unbearable in the area of my one functioning kidney.I was sent to many many specialist in the Netherlands (where I lived as a child) placed on antibiotics after antibiotics (a total of 14 yrs!) nothing helped.The only things that helped were my grandmother giving me strong herbal teas from an Indonesian plant,and drinking cranberry juice.So one day I decided “that’s it,fed up with this useless modern allopathic medicine!” I wanted to focus on alternatives like plant based meds,ancient ayurvedic protocals etc.

I was in my 30’s by then and totally converted away from modern conventional medicine. Each step I took towards learning holistic healing made me feel better. THe realization I needed to study homeopathy was when I found a book on miasm in a book store.

By pure chance I fell upon Dr. Subratta Banerjea’s book ” miasmatic diagnosis” and I could not put it down,everything made sense,everything about predisposed diseases and genetics.I found the page in the book called ‘dedication’ where Dr.Banerjea speaks of his long lineage of Family Classical homeopaths. And it listed the founder of “the Bengal Allen Homeopathic Hospital” in Calcutta india.(his grandfather).
That gave me the motivation to seek further……

As a single parent struggling to make ends meet I had to find a way to take courses without quitting my job, I could not afford costly homeopathic 4 yr colleges. So I had a plan- first start with the British school of homeopathy,just to get the pure basics in homeopathic theory.

Finished that -took a while, but learned a lot. Took more advanced classes by several classical homeopathic teachers this trained me to do repertory work,practical paper-case taking,video case taking,live in person case taking. More detail study of the Organon. Materia Media and class room discussions of shared cases (Dr. Edward Floyd, Dr.Asa Hershoff were a few of my teachers).

Then I took the online Bengal Allen course-Then to follow up I ended up in Calcutta at the Bengal Allen medical college for my hands on practical clinical work. This all took a few years to complete. Meanwhile also studying Ayurveda,aromatheraphy,reflexology,reiki,western herbs,vitamins….and last few yrs I became a CEASE certified practicioner.

To tell you the truth my patients do.I am amazed at the healing that happens after homeopathy takes effect.
The transformation is miraculous ! To see these suffering people become well again via classical homeopathy is inspiring.

Its the fuel that keeps me going,its the joy I get from knowing that homeopathy can help “Cure the incurable”.
A satisfaction like no other, seeing that modern conventional medicine has failed these sickly people and that there is another way to get well if you think outside of the box. These brave patients have totally given up on allopathics due to years of frustration,seeing them get strong,energetic,healthy in mind and body via classical homeopathics has made the most impact on me.

1- I would love to see homeopathy in medical schools specially in the USA,These medical school students need another slant on how the human mind/body functions besides from the point of ‘suppression’. There would be a greater chance of less people on harmful pharmaceuticals if that were the case.

2- Would love to see more ‘Classical homeopaths’ instead of practitioners who use the ‘try this try that method” and use combination polypharmacy remedies.

3- In many 3rd world countries very isolated places there is no homeopathy at all,more practitioners need to do their best to volunteer in such areas. I have tried to encourage homoepathic- volunteer work for years showing by example but to no avail.

More focus should be on dietary overhaul of patents. I see many discussion forums where homeopaths say “there is no need to alter the patients diet when taking remedies”

I disagree with this 100%….. The words come to mind… ‘maintaining cause factors’
These maintaining cause factors should be addressed in case of faulty diet an overhaul. Many patients refuse to give up their coffee,sugar,alcohol,sodas,dairy,meats,diet drinks…etc
There is a saying “let food be your medicine”…..or your poison.

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