First Aid using Homeopathy

Homeopathic First Aid

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Here is only a little bit-The enclosed portion is written by Dr. Vijay Vaishnav-

     Wherever we have injuries and minor ailments ;(Acute)

     There are many homeopathic remedies that will safely and effectively take care of such problems. It would be wise to keep homeopathic first aid remedies at home and carry them with you whenever you are traveling.

     The following injuries can be treated safely with homeopathic medicines:

     Bruises: Arnica 30 C would help relieve the pain and swelling which appear after a fall or an injury.

     Abrasions & Lacerations: Calendula 30 C may be used to help in the healing of the wound and prevent infection. Calendula Q (external) may be diluted with sterile water and used for cleaning and dressing the wound. When there are injuries to parts that are supplied with a lot of sensory nerves (like the tips of the fingers), Hypericum 200C will relieve the pain and soothe the inflamed tissue.

     Sprains: Apply ice to the part for at least 15 minutes. This will lessen the pain and swelling of the joint. Rhus toxicodendron 200 C should be taken internally to cause early healing.

     Burns: Put the burnt part under flowing tap water. This will cool the tissues and prevent the deeper tissues from being damaged. Cantharis 200 C given internally will help heal the skin and soothe the burning pains. It is also known to prevent blisters if taken immediately on being burnt. Cantharis Q (external) may be diluted with sterile water and used for cleaning and dressing the wound.

     Bone injuries: For superficial injuries involving the periosteum, Ruta 30 C should be taken internally. If you suspect a fracture of the bone, try to immobilize the part by splinting the limb, and rush to your doctor. The bone may need to be set or if there has been severe injury and displacement of the bone fragments, surgery may be required. At the same time you should take Symphytum 30 C. Calcarea phosphorica 6x is a biochemic remedy that helps in the repair of bones.

     Insect bites and pin/needle pricks: Wash the part with soap and take Ledum 30 C.

     Bee stings: Apis 200 C will reduce the redness, swelling and burning of the part.

     The dose is 1pill(homeopathic remedy) wetdose-succussed (10 times)in water.

 External applications may be diluted in sterile water and used as a dressing. If symptoms persist or seem to get worse, it would be wise to consult your homeopath.

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