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Thanks to John Benneth for this article
The writer is indeed perceptive in calling for references. Every statement against homeopathy turns out to be false, and there really aren’t any exceptions. Critics say homeopathy’s rule of “like cures like” has no correlatives in science. This isn’t true. In magnetic fields, like repels like. In chemistry, like dissolves like. In alcoholism, hair of the dog that bit you.“Bartender, methamphetamine for all my ADHD friends. And the smallpox vaccine for the Apaches!”“If water has a memory,” they quibble, “then why doesn’t it remember everything that passes through it?” Well, why doesn’t magnetic recording tape remember everything that’s been recorded on it, it’s not a Victrola, or why don’t the memories in atheist computers remember all the porn they’ve watched?Because it gets erased!Homeopathy is often indicted as not being evidence based, when in fact it has built its protocols on evidence alone by directly observing the action of its curative substances on human subjects in double and even triple blind trials. In fact, it has been asserted that homeopaths invented the double blind trial. All classical homeopathic remedies are subjected to “provings,” tests on volunteers to see what symptoms they elicit.Homeopathy has borne the burden of epidemics, outperforming its allopathic counter



Originally posted on The John Benneth Journal:

Amidst vicious attacks on its credibility, the world’s smartest woman has denied it was her who wrote a letter in response to an article about Swedish authorities accepting homeopathy.


Apparently not, at least NOT YET. 

After it has been called to my attention, by one of our faithful readers, that the Marilyn vos Savant of “world’s smartest woman” fame has denied writing the letter that appeared under the same name in a comment responding to an online article, I am amending my assertions, equivocally.

Well, certainly it should come as no surprise that those of the highest echelons of intelligence have validated, used, supported or endorsed homeopathy. But really, what constitutes such a claim as the world’s most intelligent anybody? What about some of these evil geniuses? How smart, really, are they? Shouldn’t intgelligence include indices for how well you get along with others? Does…

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CEASE therapy

CEASE therapy.

30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards


WArning to all parents VACCINES are harming your children!

Originally posted on ________________Child Health Safety_________________:

[ED: Readers should note that a paper presented at a scientific conference is a citable reference for publication purposes.  That applies to Dr Lucija Tomljenovic's paper discussed in this article.]

An extraordinary new paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

If you want to get an idea of who is responsible for your child’s condition resulting from a vaccine adverse reaction then this is the paper to read. What you have to ask yourself is if the people on these committees are honest and honourable and acting in the best interests of British children, how is it this has been going on for at least 30 years?

This is what everyone has always known but…

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Serious Facts about Dangerous vaccines!

photo by gina tyler

(Click here for more articles by Dr Viera Scheibner)

A note from Bronwyn Hancock: This note is just to ensure that all credit goes to Dr Viera Scheibner for the enormous amount of time and effort that she put into collecting and studying over 100,000 pages of medical research (before we had the internet!), that is the source of much of the medical (particularly the older) research referenced in those articles on this site that have been written by me. What I do on this site is try to summarise the knowledge gained from that extensive (and other) research into easy-to-read articles.

Step number one is to learn what is in vaccines.

Would you allow someone you don’t know to inject something you don’t know into your, your child’s or your pet’s body?

Vaccine Ingredients
The damage, including brain damage, resulting from these toxins can vary from mild enough not to be apparent, through to severe, in some cases death.

- Bronwyn Hancock – January 2002

Vaccine Adjuvants

Adjuvants are chemical substances which are added to vaccines to “boost” immune response, but many of them are known to cause a range of serious side-effects.

- Dr Viera Scheibner – Written for Nexus Magazine (December 2000-January 2001 and February-March 2001 issues (this article divided into Parts 1 and 2 respectively))

So will these poisons really be protective?

If you’re going to allow these injections of poisons, you will need to have some pretty solid scientific evidence that they will do the opposite of what common sense would lead you to expect.

Do vaccines protect against diseases at all?
Article demonstrating the ineffectiveness of vaccines and explaining the reasons for their ineffectiveness. Check out the very significant update added 16th July 2004!!
– Bronwyn Hancock – January 1999

Major problems with the vaccine procedure
Another article about why the theory behind vaccination is flawed.
– Bronwyn Hancock – July 2003

Comment on 2009-2011 news: Lessons from whooping cough epidemics
The resistance of theory to reality, which repeatedly shows vaccination to be counterproductive.
– Bronwyn Hancock – January 2009, last updated September 2011

And should we even be trying to prevent specific diseases?

Preventing Disease
Response to statement by Australian Homoeopathic Association on Homoeopathic Prophylaxis
– Bronwyn Hancock December 1998

Information on some specific vaccines.

‘Flu shots

Your best chance of getting your worst ever case of the ‘flu.
– Bronwyn Hancock Jan 2004

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

A vaccine that is claimed to prevent cancer is causing damage that is a precursor to cancer?

- Bronwyn Hancock Aug 2007

Meningococcal C Vaccination

A vaccination program now occurring in Australia (in 2003-2004) which blatantly, and on an enormous scale, violates the Nuremberg Code – it is indisputably a mass experiment without your informed consent, and involving an already demonstrated highly problematic vaccine.

- Bronwyn Hancock Nov 2003

Pneumococcal Vaccination

Newborns from six to eight weeks old in several “developed” countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and, from 4th September 2006, the UK, are now subjected to yet another vaccine that for some is fatal, which is the new pneumococcal vaccine, Prevenar.

- Bronwyn Hancock Apr 2005

Polio Vaccination. Perhaps the most repeatedly asked question is: “But what about polio?”
We have ALL been repeatedly told that vaccination saved the world from polio, and we have all believed this. So of course no-one would believe that vaccination is ineffective without having researched this subject. Here is the truth: in summary, and in full.
– Bronwyn Hancock Oct 2004

Tetanus and Polio Vaccines
Some facts for parents who are worried about these diseases.
– Dr Viera Scheibner – Extract from The Informed Parent (TIP) magazine (Jan 1998)

Tetanus Vaccination
– Bronwyn Hancock – Expanded in August 2003 from piece written for (and published in) New Vegetarian and Natural Health (Winter 2002)

Smallpox Vaccination. The excuses for vaccines failing and causing the diseases go right to the beginning of the vaccine industry.
– Bronwyn Hancock – December 2001

Vitamin K (given at birth).

Vitamin K
Is this really safe and necessary?
– Bronwyn Hancock Oct 2003

Specific articles on some of the real effects of vaccines.

– Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock Feb 2001

The culprit behind asthma and allergies: Vaccination
– Bronwyn Hancock April 2000

Dynamics of Critical Days as Part of the Dynamics of Non-specific Stress Syndrome Discovered During Monitoring with Cotwatch Breathing Monitor

This article, published in the Journal of ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) in Dec 2004 contains the historic results of research into babies’ breathing conducted by Dr Viera Scheibner and the late Leif Karlsson (a biomedical electronics engineer) with Cotwatch breathing monitor, developed by Leif at Dr Scheibner’s suggestion in 1985/86. It was these results that first alerted Dr Scheibner to the toxic and sometimes lethal nature of vaccines, and provoked her to begin her in-depth research of the whole subject of vaccination.

- Dr Viera Scheibner 2004

Comments on Japanese SIDS Rebuttal
Response to the Australian Skeptics’ criticism of Dr Scheibner’s analysis of the Japanese data in relation to cot death and infant mortality (see )

- Dr Viera Scheibner

Shaken Baby Syndrome – The Vaccination Link
Many infants who suffer from so-called ‘shaken baby syndrome’ may be victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage. The result can be incarceration of a parent effectively for doing no more than submitting to vaccinating their child. There is no existing evidence that shaking a baby can even cause these injuries.
– Dr Viera Scheibner 1998

Examples: Alan Yurko is incarcerated in Florida, and Alejandro Mendez Vargas, who in his state (Pennsylvania) could be facing the death penalty. Visit their sites to learn more and support them.

Also note: If your government department responsible for child welfare suspects (note: suspects, NOT proves) you of harming your child, ALL your children can be taken off you, and you’ll have to fight hard to get them back. When you signed the (Australian) Marriage Act 1961 (or similar in your country), you unknowingly gave such power to the State. (If you wish you can get divorced and then married again under common law.)

Vaccine Damage Frequency and Stories

So many stories have been recounted by parents about the effects, often very immediate, on their previously healthy normal children of vaccines that presenting just a few here might not do justice to showing the numbers. I think it is just as effective for us to point to the summarised stories recorded on VAERS, at Note how the VAERS files are greatly increasing in size each year – so don’t let anyone tell you that they have made the vaccines safer in more recent years.

This Swiss site: has also been set up as a place on which people can record adverse effects. Until recently the site was only in German, so the adverse effects to date (July 2010) have only been reported by people living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but now it is in English and we encourage all who have experienced an adverse effect from vaccination (in themselves or their child) to report it here:

I would defy anyone to read the sequence of events in these cases and prove that the vaccines received were not responsible for their effects, including death, most of which deaths were recorded as SIDS. (Yet we continue to be subjected to “reassurance” that vaccines do not cause cot death!)

So then, how frequent are vaccine reactions? The “CSV File, VAERS data” file for 2006 has a total of 17,434 reports for the US. The number of births each year in the US is about 3,750,000. 17,434/3,750,000 is 4.6 in 1000, so that is the approximate chance of there being an adverse event report for any given individual. We then need to make a significant adjustment in order to establish the risk of a reaction actually occurring, whether or not it is reported, which is this:

Sandy Mintz informs us that: “Former FDA commissioner David Kessler has said that it is thought 1% of serious drug reactions are reported to the FDA. A vaccine manufacturer testified that in their experience, a passive system (which is what VAERS is) results in around 2%. …Parents are being told by their doctors that even deaths within hours are not related, and are being discouraged from filing reports.”

Further to that, there are the longer term effects, such as the delayed, or gradual development of, auto-immune diseases, or cancer (e.g. mesothelioma, multiple myeloma or other cancers caused by the SV40 monkey virus that we know is still contaminating polio vaccines.) The above figures, even the greater number of reactions that go unreported to which David Kessler was referring, would most likely not take these into account. My mother died of multiple myeloma which may well have been caused by a polio vaccine that she had when she was younger, but no doctor even thought of investigating that. Even if they did think of it, what would motivate them to suggest the possibility or investigate it?

To report an adverse event after vaccination in Australia, click here, where you need to go to section 1.5.2, which has all the information you need and links to forms that need to be filled in. You no longer have to be a medical doctor to report adverse events after vaccination, so we strongly encourage you to report adverse events to try to prevent the government using a lack of reports as an excuse to falsely claim that adverse events are rare.

“Well, my child’s had lots of vaccines and he/she’s fine.”

Many parents find it hard to believe that vaccines can be so dangerous (for their own children, anyway), because in the case of their own particular vaccinated children, they seem to them to be fine. This reasoning may seem logical on the surface but there are some important facts (apart from the ineffectiveness of vaccines) of which they are not aware or mindful and which need to be considered:

Why no vaccination is ever safe

- Bronwyn Hancock

Is vaccination really what nature/God intended?

Vaccination and Religion

- Bronwyn Hancock

Your fully defendable right to refuse vaccines and choose your health care.

Your rights in respect to vaccination

- Bronwyn Hancock Dec 2003

Your freedom of choice in health care is now being directly violated! Act NOW!

Another wholistic doctor has just been deregistered in September ’04! This article is not specifically related to vaccination but to the freedom of doctors to practice alternative health care, and hence your freedom to obtain it.

Travel Vaccinations.

Travel Vaccinations, including yellow fever
Travellers are usually incorrectly informed that they need vaccines for overseas travel. There are only a few countries where there is a theoretical requirement for vaccination certificates, and even then you can get around this.
– Bronwyn Hancock Feb 2006


‘Immunisation’ Against Diseases for Children
Submission to the Australian Capital Territory Government, covering the whole subject of
vaccination, in response to a public invitation to make submissions.
– Bronwyn Hancock May 1997

The robust health of vaccine-free children (like the child pictured)
Are you aware of the damage done by vaccines but are still pressured by a fear of the unknown? Learn about and observe for yourself how much healthier these poison-free children are. If you are reading this in time, you too can experience the joy of having “organically grown” children.

- Bronwyn Hancock December 2003

The History of Health – vaccination & other assaults on our immune systems

This interesting chronology, compiled by Val Valerian, shows how and why the world’s population has come to be inflicted with increasing numbers of vaccines even though they have never worked and have only been a health disaster. Only limited references are included, but many can be found on the internet (and elsewhere).

Further relevant note: In a recent Irish case (Best v Wellcome Foundation) the judge ruled that it was a bad batch of the whooping cough vaccine that caused the victim to develop permanent brain damage. Mrs Best located and presented to court the company’s internal memo stating that one particular batch of the three in one vaccine given to her son was a particularly reactogenic batch with a directive not to send all of it to the same area but disperse it so that there is no clustering of deaths and other serious side effects. Similarly, after four infants died of SIDS in Tennessee in 1979 within 24 hours of the administration of Wyeth’s DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) vaccine, Wyeth adopted a policy of sending only small batches to widely dispersed geographical areas, so if a batch caused serious adverse reactions, their statistical impact would be reduced.

For another article that explains how and why governments do not just tolerate, but even work closely with an industry that behaves like this, see The Ghost Lobby – New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry (This particular article focuses primarily on the UK government but the same principle applies of course to the US and other governments.). Here is another example: Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action

Doctors’ Strikes Lower Death Rate
Some articles which summarise the effect of our “health” system on the community.

What Logic Dictates about Vaccines
A look at the subject of vaccination from the perspective of basic reasoning.

Click here for more articles by Dr Viera Scheibner

motor neuron imbalance+homeopathy

Homoeopathic Management: – Similimum.
I. Repertory of William Boerick:
1) Nervous system, Bulbar paralysis: Guaco, Plumb. met, Mang.oxydatum.
2) Nervous system, Degeneration(softening, sclerosis):
2+ – Aur.mur,Phos, Plumb.met.
1+- Alum, Alum.sil, Arg.nit. Aur, Bar.mur, Carb.sulph, Naja, Oxalic.acid, Phos, Physostigma, Picric .acid.

II. Kent’s repertory:
1) Throat, swallowing, impossible, paralysis from:
3+- Stram.
2+- Alum, Alumn, Apis, Cocc, Gelse, Nat. mur, Nux Vom,Tab

2)Mouth, speech, wanting paralysis of organs from:
3+- Caust.
2+- Anac, Crot.c, Gelse, Glon, Mur.acid, Staph.

3) Mouth, speech difficult:
3+- Bell, Crot.c, Gels, Lach, Nat.mur, Op, Stann.

4) Throat,liquids taken are forced in to nose:
3+- Arum.t, Lach, Lyc
2+- Bar. carb,, Cur,Nat.mur,Phyt,Plumb.

III. Rau’s special pathology:
1) Paralysis of bulbar muscles: Caust, Hyos,Nux.vom,Cocc,Gels, Op,Plumb,Ruta
2) Paralysis of face:Bell,Caust,Cocc, Graph, Nux vom
3) Paralysis of tongue and organs of speech:Arn, Acon, Ars,Bar.carb, Bell, Caust, Cocc, Cupr, Dulc, Lach, Op,, Plumb, Hyos,Stann.

IV. Boeninghausen’scharacteristicmateria medica and repertory:
1) Mouth, throat and gullet, paralysis of deglutition
4+- Caust.
3+- Cocc, Gels, Laur, Lach

2) Voice and speech, paralysis of vocal cord:
4+- Cocc,Gels,
3+- Caust, Hyos,Laur,Nux vom, Rhust, Stram.

Causticum: Paralysis of single parts- vocal organs, tongue, eyelids, face, bladder, extremities, generally of rt sided. Paralysis from exposure to cold wind or draft. Paralysis after typhoid, typhus or diphtheria;appearing. Drooping of eye lids,cannot keep them open. It is used in paralysis which is remote from apoplexy, the paralysis remaining after patient has recovered from apoplexy with inability to select proper words. Laryngeal muscles refuse their services, cannot speak a loud word. Aphonia. Sudden aphonia after taking cold. Paralysis of face or tongue or hemiplegia with giddiness, weakness of sight, weeping mood, hopelessnessand fear of death.

Guaco:-Acts on nervous system. Bulbar paralysis. Deafness. Tongue heavy and difficult to move. Spinal irritation.Spinal symptoms are most marked. Beer drinkers threatened with apoplexy. Larynx and trachea are constricted. Difficult deglutition. Paralysis of lower extremities.

Plumbum metalicum: Paralysis with atrophy. Muscular atrophy from sclerosis of spinal system. Excessive and rapid emaciation. General or partial paralysis with great weakness and anaemia. Clonic ortonic spasm from cerebral sclerosis or tumor. Paralysis of plumbum is prominently of spinal origin. Paralysis of upper extremities is more marked. Ptosis. Heavy tongue. Difficulty in articulation. Tremor of nasolabial muscles. Twitching of the side of the face. Paralysis of gullet and inability to swallow. Paralysis of lower extremities with paralysis of single muscle. Paralysis from over exertion.

Manganum oxydatum: Low monotonous voice. Economical speech. Mask like facies. Muscular twitching. Cramps in calves Stiff leg muscles. Occasional uncontrollable laughter. Peculiar slapping gait. Workers of manganum binoxide are frequently affected with bulbar paralysis. Pseudo sclerosis. Progressive lenticular degeneration. Similar symptoms to paralysis agitance.

Plumbum iodatum: Has been used empirically in various forms of paralysis. Sclerotic degeneration, especially of spinal cord. Atrophies.

Phosphorus: Paralysis from fatty degeneration of nerve cells. Progressive spinal paralysis. Ascending sensory and motor paralysis from ends of fingers and toes. Arms and hands become numb. Fingers feel like thumb.Can lie on right side. Post diphtheritic paralysis. Tottery gait Periodical contractions of fingers as from cramps.

Cocculus: Paralysis of facial nerve especially of one side. Or tongue pharynx. Paraplegia and rheumatic lamness in weakened or nervous subjects, who are inclined fainting fits and palpitation of the heart. Paralytic affection originates in the small of the back after taking cold, with cold feeling of extremities and edema of the feet. Paralysis after apoplexy. Paralysis of lower limbs. Paralytic immobility. One sided paralysis of the face with cramp like pain in masseter < opening the mouth. Prosopalgia. Tremor of lower jaw and chattering of teeth when attempting to speak. Lines of face are deepened as if drawn. Paralysis of the tongue with difficult speech. Pains at the base of the tongue when protruded. Paralysis of muscles of deglutition with difficulty to swallow.

Gelsemium: Complete motor paralysis, rather functional than organic in nature. Paralysis of occular muscles. Ptosis. Paretic condition of the tongue causes difficulty to speak. Speak is thick. Paralysis from emotions. Post diphtheritic paralysis. Paralysis of larynx causes aphonia. Locomotor ataxia. Paraplegia.

Aconitum nepellus: Facial paralysis accompanied with coldness from exposure to dry cold wind especially in acute cases. Paraplegia with tingling. Numbness of the affected parts.
Lachesis: Especially left side. Awkward. Stumbling gait. Paralysis after apoplexy. Trifacial neuralgia. Spasm of glottis.

Nux vomica: Incomplete paralysis of the face, arms, and legs with vertigo, weak memory, darkness before the eyes, ringing in ears, loss of appetite, burning in stomach, flatulence and vomiting after eating and drinking.Constipation especially in drunkards. Jaw contracted. Infra orbital neuralgia. Left angle of the mouth drops. Twitching and spasmodic distortion of face. Articulation and speech difficult. Paralysis of arms. Automatic motion of hand towards mouth.

Opium: Paralysis and insensibility after apoplexy, in drunkards, in old people, associated with retention of stool and urine. Spasmodic facial twitching, especially of corners of mouth. Hanging down of lower jaw. Distorted face. Twitching of facial muscles. Face covered with profuse sweat. Paralysed tongue which dry and black. Difficult articulation and swallowing. Tongue protrudes to right side. Inability to swallow. On swallowing food goes the wrong way or returns through nose. Painless paralysis. Twitching of limbs. Numbness. Jerks as if flexors are overacting. Sensation as if lower limbs were severed and belongs to someone else. Shifting and trembling gait. One or other arm moves convulsively to and fro. Coldness of extremities.

Stramonium: Paralysis after convulsion,. Paralysis of one or spasm of other side. Stammering speech. Cannot swallow on account of spasm.

Graphitis: Rheumatic, peripheric paralysis of face. Distortion of muscles of face and difficult speech. Sensation of cobweb over the face.

Belladona: Apoplexy , congestion of the head, paralysis of one and spasm of other side of the body, paralysis of the face and locomotor ataxia.

Arnica: Paralysis due to exudation within the brain or spine. Paralysis in consequence of apoplexy, of concussion, of weakening disease and of protracted intermittent fevers. Paralysis of face and lower lip hang down. Lower lip trembling while eating.

Conium: Paralysis from periphery upwards, of old women. Speech difficult from paralysis of tongue. Distortion of tongue and mouth. Food goes down the wrong way and stops while swallowing. Paralysis of lower limbs than of upper limbs. Staggering < turning the head or looking sideways.

Arsenicum album: Paralysis associated with great prostration and neuralgic pains. Spinal affection with gressus gallinaceus. Twitching of muscles of face. Paralysis and contraction of limbs.

Ruta graveolance: Facial paralysis after catching cold.

Baryta carbonicum: Causes paralysis by producing degeneration of the coats of the blood vessels. Facial paralysis. Paralysis of old people. Paralysis after apoplexy. Facial paralysis of young people where the tongue is implicated.

Natrum muriaticum: Paralysis from cold. Numbness. Tingling of tongue and lips. Loss of taste. Tongue striped along the edge. Numbness and stiffness ofone side of the tongue. Tongue heavy and difficult speech. Tongue feels dry but actually not dry. Uvula hangs to one side. Food goes down the wrong way. Post diphtheritic paralysis. Fluids can be swallowed. Paralytic condition of lower limbs.

Curare: It is a great remedy for paralysis of various kinds and of various parts of our body. General paralysis of motor system. Ptosis. Facial and buccal paralysis. Paralytic failure of power to swallow. Paralysis of deltoid muscles.

1. Principles and practice of medicine– Davidson
2. Text book of medicine- K.V. Krishna Das
3. Disease of nervous system- Sir. Francis Walshe
4. Disease of nervous system- W.B.Mathews and Henry Miller.
5. Brain’s disease of the nervous system- Sir John Walton.
6. Harrison’s Principles of internal medicine
7. Repertory of William Boerick
8. Kent’s Repertory.
9. Boeninghausen’s Characteristics Materia Medica and Repertory.
10. Raue’s Special Pathology.

homeopathic detoxification for alcohol/drugs/tobacco….etc

homeopathic remedy DETOXIFICATION for alcohol, drug, heavy metal, tobacco, vaccination
list thanks to ;Elizabeth from I&Eorganics



Product Description
(F) Flower Essence (G) Gem Essence (H) Herb (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Agaricus (Hom) Toad Stool – Acute alcoholism; antidotes hangover. Wild rage, but final indifference. Delirium with incoherent talk, raving, manic states, making rhymes. Alcoholic headache. Trembling, twitching, jerking, unsteady walk, motions. Sensations of ice-cold needles, burning or tingling. Sensitive spine. Worse: cold, intercourse, eating, touch, menses, pressure.

Angelica (F) Angelica archangelica – This essence actualizes clearer insight into the cause and nature of problems, but it does not create solution. For example, it helps an alcoholic understand the nature of his of her problem. Ant tart (Hom) Tarter emetic – Ill effects of vaccination when Thuja fails and Silicea is not indicated. Bronchitis after vaccine with loose rattling cough. Short of breath, pale. Great drowsiness and weakness, frequent yawning. Profuse sweats. Diarrhea, abscess, rashes or convulsions after vaccinations (smallpox). Fear of being alone. Fretfulness, whining and crying. Irritable mood.

Arsenicum (Hom)- Chronic and acute effects of alcohol. Chilly, but burning pains. Pale, emaciated with puffiness. Foul, acrid, scanty discharges. Short of breath. Constant thirst for cold sips. Extreme anxious restlessness, though very weak. Nervous, fearful, guilt-ridden. Fears death, feels incurable. Miserly. In drug detox overall toxicity, resulting in weakness, yet very restless. Skin reactions. Perfectionist, suspicious, vindictive. In vaccinations antidotes toxicity, septic Conditions and poisonous effects of vaccines. Dry, scaly, itching eruptions. Abscess or ulcer at site of vaccine. All worse: night, when alone, cold, damp.

Avena sativa (Hom) Oats – Drug addiction: morphine, heroin, opium, cocaine, marijuana, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, anti-depressants, Prozac. Chronic insomnia. Impotency, amenorrhea, palpitations, headache. Nervous exhaustion, fatigue, sexual weakness. Poor concentration. Effects of anxiety, worry, over study. Headache at the base of the brain.

Avena sativa (H) Oatstraw – For nervous debility and exhaustion when associated with depression. Strenthens the nervous system. Oatmeal, tincture, bath or in combination with other herbs as tea.

Caladium (Hom) American Arum – Causes aversion to tobacco. For effects of tobacco on the heart. Asthma. Headache, vertigo, nausea. Worse from motion. Sensitive to noise. Higher or lower sex drive; impotency, lack of erection. Itching genitals. Depression. Fear of disease, nervous, nervous, restless. Excessively bold. Forgetful.

Carbo veg (Hom) Vegetable charcoal – Antidotes drugs, anesthetics, smoke, air pollution. Poor recovery from illness or treatment. Oxygen starvation, air hunger, needs fanning. Gas, belching, bloating. Stagnant circulation. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids. Total exhaustion, weakness, low vitality, faintness. Icy cold hands, feet.

Clay (G) – Clay draws out and release toxicity from the cellular level of the body. The solar plexus chakra is opened and the etheric and emotional levels are aligned. Anxiety is removed, especially the kind that produces ulcers and resentment. Stimulates the natural flora in the intestinal tract.

Ignatia (Hom) St. Ignatius bean – Causes aversion to tobacco smoke. Spasms, twitches, tics. Faintness. Headache in small spots. Changeable, rapidly altering symptoms. Chilly. Sensitive, idealist. Suppressed grief, fear, anger, shock. Changeable moods. Bitter taste, toothache, yawning, choking, lump in throat. Worse: touch.

Lachesis (Hom) Bushmaster snake – Chronic alcoholism . Dusky complexion, choking sensation around the neck. Red nose. Easy bleeding, nosebleed, bruising. Cold legs and feet. Alcoholic diarrhea, nausea, indigestion. Trembling, cramps, hot flashes. Jesting and incessant, wandering talk. Hurried, impatient, suspicious. Worse: morning, after sleep, heat, light, touch, pressure. Better: open air.

Lathyrus (Hom) Chickpea – Most effective remedy for antidoting toxic effects of polio vaccine. Back pain, spasms in legs or increased reflexes. Rigid legs, spastic gait. Stiffness, or paralysis. Emaciation of lower limbs. Cramps and cold feet. Worse: touch, cold and damp, wind, motion. Better: lying down.

Lobelia (Hom) Indian tobacco – Creates aversion to smoking. Asthma, emphysema: constricted, rattling chest. Weak stomach, indigestion, intense nausea, vomiting. Much saliva. Dull, heavy head, vertigo. Cold sweats, great weakness. Prickling feelings. Hypochondriac. Fear leads to shortness of breath, hyperventilation. Worse: cold water, p.m., after sleep, exertion. Better: warmth, evening.

Magnesium (G) – Detoxification on the anatomical and cellular level. The etheric body is more aligned with the physical to enhance detoxification, feminine qualities are stimulated. Better assimilation of proteins and enzymes used in detoxification. Opens solar plexus chakra. Weak, sensitive, and anxious women tend to need this remedy.

Morning Glory (F) Ipomoea Purpuea – A good tonic for the entire nervous system, particularly the sympathetic nervous system. Helps in breaking nervous habits such as smoking, nervous irritability, grinding of the teeth, jitteriness exemplified by talking too much or restlessness at night to the point of insomnia.

Nux vomica (Hom) Poison nut – antidotes the effects of alcohol, removes hangover. Delirium tremens. Nervous, weak: twitching and trembling. Cramps, spasms, tension. Overeating, abuse of drugs, coffee. Constipation, unrefreshed sleep. Weak, unsteady. Irritable, critical, argumentative, driven, demanding. General antidote to all drugs. Overuse of medical drugs, antidepressants, alcohol. Highly sensitive to sound, light, odors, touch, Faintness. Ineffective urge to vomit, to stool. Congested liver. Angry, tense, ambitious, perfectionist. Burn-out. Worse: cold, drafts, open air, waking. Better: warm drinks.

Plantago (Hom) Plantain – Creates aversion to tobacco (especially chewing) Stinging in small spots. Earache, toothache, facial neuralgia. Pain into eyes. Noise sensitive. Depression and insomnia from tobacco; restless, hurried and irritable. Bed Wetting. Worse: a.m., warm room, resting, touch. Better: Moving.

Pulsatilla (Hom) Windflower- Specific antidote to antibiotics. For frequent ear infections, tendency toward thick yellow discharges. Weepy, passive. Suppressed menses. Greasy taste, heartburn, sour belching. Intolerant of fats. Thirstless. Worse: warmth, fats, evening, before menses, eating. Better: open air.

Quercus (Hom) distilled from tincture of acorn kernals – Diminishes alcohol craving, antidotes effects. Enlarged spleen and liver, flatulence. Vertigo, deafness, noises in head. Constriction in chest. Nervous, tearful, depressed. Fear of stoke. Flushed face, fevers. Swollen abdomen. Diarrhea may appear during treatment as a curative effect.

Silicea (Hom) Pure Flint – After vaccination: abscess, ulcerations, convulsions, diarrhea, fever, backache, nausea, frequent, otitis or any other chronic illness, especially lungs. Sensitive to cold, drafts. Frequent colds. Perspiring about the head. Sensitive to noise and pain. Lack of confidence. Lack of emotional independence.

Staphysagria (Hom) Stavesacre – Addictive tendency: tobacco, food, alcohol, TV, sex, relationships, etc. Hungry, craves sweets, milk, bread. Sexual obsessions, masturbation. Tobacco causes cough, heartburn, angina. Frequent cystitis. Itchy skin. Suppressed anger and rage, effects of abuse, humiliation. Oversensitive. Tobacco tastes acrid, sour. Worse: touch, cold, naps. Better: warmth

Stramonium (Hom) Thorn apple – Encephalitis or meningitis after vaccination or resulting in neurological disorder, convulsions, tics, delirium. Fear of dark. Stammering. Raging anger, or may become dull, lethargic. Attention deficit or hyperactivity with post vaccinial onset.

Sulph acid (Hom)- Chronic alcoholism. Internal trembling and exhaustion. Sour sweat. Burning, acid reflux, a.m. vomiting in alcoholics, Chilly, but hot flashes. Bruising and easy bleeding. Weight loss. Sensitive to smoke, smog, etc. Nervous, always hurried, impatient. Weepy, alternately serious and silly. Worse: cold, open air, smell of coffee. Better: warmth, rest, hot drinks.

Sulphur (Hom)- Clearing of drug residues, including antibiotics, that block healing. Drug eruptions or allergies. Antidotes negative effects of suppressing skin diseases, fevers, or infections with ointments, antibiotics, etc. Lean or heavy, but malnourished. Sloppy, unkempt, unmotivated. Chilly, but burning pains. Worse: heat, sitting, 11 a.m., bathing, night. Sulphur has wide ranging effects on metals, helping the body clear them from deep tissues, lymphatic, the liver, etc. It can be used in any case of metal poisoning. Sulphur relates to fatigue, skin eruptions and poor healing.

Tabacum (Hom) Tobacco – Nausea, vomiting with cold sweats, faintness. Motion sickness. Urgent, watery diarrhea. Vertigo, paleness, icy cold. Angina and palpitations. Sexual weakness. Much sweating, spitting. Worse: least motion, heat. Better: cold, fresh air.

Thuja (Hom) Arbor vitae, Tree of Life – Illness commencing with vaccination or generally unwell since then. Conditions include restlessness, insomnia, loss of speech, migraine, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, asthma, brain damage, neuralgia, atrophy of arm, ulcers of tongue, coughs, ear infections with discharge. Warts. Child can’t stop crying. Feels frail, unlovable, ugly. Self contempt. Oily skin, sweetish perspiration. Worse: 3 a.m., 3 p.m., damp and cold.

Pennyroyal (F) Hedeoma pulegioides – A repellent of thought forms, especially negative ones. Thought forms are semi-materialized ethereal forms or shapes the mind builds. The etheric body is strengthened to such a degree that negative thought forms cannot enter the physical body or psyche

Epidemic and Pandemics homeopathy VS allopathy

Many Thanks to author Iman NAvab
Both Epidemic and Pandemic refers to the spread of infectious diseases among a population. The term pandemic indicates a far higher number of people affected in much larger geographical area than epidemic. Mortality rate is number of deaths per 1000 individuals per year. Genus epidemicus means that the treatment protocol of an epidemic disease is designed based on the collected signs and symptoms of a large group of patients in the same geographical area.

Homeopathy has been a boon to the patients of scarlet fever, typhus fever, yellow fever, Pneumonia, Cholera, Influenza, Hepatitis, Dengue, Leptospirosis and Conjunctivitis during the times of pandemics and epidemics.

Let deeds speak reality. Homeopathy has always served people in epidemics and pandemics crisis, in old times and modern times.
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This is a time-tested medicine that has never received its past-due merit and acknowledgments. It’s fascinating that even with existence of medical records, journals and clinical evidences in favour of homeopathy, it has always been bullied by bigots (popularly known as skeptics), who agrees that there is an evidence for homeopathy but it is not strong enough. So in case of an epidemic outbreak if homeopathy in doing “nothing” loses 14 patients a year and allopathy by doing “something” loses 20 patients a year in the same place and time-frame, then what causes the death of those extra 6 patients, and what is the “something”?!


In year 1873, a statistical report was presented by Dr. E. Kellogg for New York, for Philadelphia by Dr. P. Dudley, and for Boston was compiled by E. Russell. The following table is a summary of their general statistics published in [1, page 401]

General Statistics:
City Year Number of Deaths under Allopathic Ratio Number of Deaths under Homeopathic Ratio
New York 1870 14,869 15 1,287 9
New York 1871 15,526 15 1,243 7
Boston 1870 3,872 17 402 10
Boston 1871 3,369 14 363 8
Boston 1872 4,575 19 446 8
Philadelphia 1872 12,468 19 2,162 12
Total: 54,679 Total: 5,903

General Statistics from 1874 to 1877 in U.S.:

Disease type in hospitals Mortality under Allopathic Treatment Mortality under Homeopathic Treatment
General diseases 10% 5%
Cholera 54% 27%
Pneumonia 14% 6%
Typhus fever 21% 10%


[2] In the year 1852, Dr. Routh, a British allopathic physician and an opponent of homeopathy, was a designated authority by medical officials of London to release the mortality-statistics (for all diseases). As a result of his findings, Dr. Routh was constrained to testify in favor of homeopathy. He collected statistics of different hospitals (England, Austria and Germany), total of 32,655 homeopathic cases and 119,630 allopathic cases. The overall mortality under homeopathic treatment was 4.4 percent, and the overall mortality under allopathic treatment was 10.5 percent.

I also invite you to take a look at the following tables that demonstrates how effectively homeopathy has served humanity!




Treatment by Homeopathy

Treatment by Allopathy

Treatment with No Medicine

Königslütter, Germany Scarlet Fever
Mortality <5%

1830 ~ ‘31*
Russia Cholera Mortality 11 %Reported by Imperial Council & Foreign Ministry of Russia. Mortality 63 %Reported by Imperial Council & Foreign Ministry of Russia. Not recorded.

1830 ~ 1832
Vienna, Prague, Hungary and Moravia Cholera Mortality 7 %Reported by Dr. Kath, appointed by King of Bavaria. Mortality 31 %Reported by Dr. Kath, appointed by King of Bavaria. Not recorded.

Vienna Cholera Mortality 33 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Fleischmann Mortality 66 %

Ireland Typhus fever Mortality 2 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Joseph Kidd Mortality 13 %Lead Allopath in charge was Dr. Abraham Tuckey Not recorded.

England Typhus fever Mortality 2 % Mortality 13 % Mortality 10 %

Edinburgh, Scotland Cholera Mortality 24 %Reported by Edinburgh Dispensary. Mortality 68 %Reported by Edinburgh Dispensary. Not recorded.

mid 1800’s
Austria Pneumonia Mortality 5 %Lead Homeopath in charge was Dr. Fleischmann Mortality 20 %Lead Allopath in charge was Dr. Dietl Not recorded.

1853 ~ 1855
South of America Yellow fever Mortality 5.4 %Lead Homeopaths in charge were Dr. F. Davis and Dr. W. Holconibe Not Available. Not recorded.

London, England Cholera Mortality 16.4 %Reported by Royal College of Physicians. Mortality 59.2 %Reported by Royal College of Physicians. Not recorded.

New Orleans, USA Yellow fever Mortality 5.6 %Special Commission reported the statistics. Mortality 17 %Special Commission reported the statistics. Not recorded.

Pittsburgh, USA Spanish Influenza Mortality 1.05 %Reported by Dean, Pittsburgh Hospital Mortality 30 %Reported by Dean, Pittsburgh Hospital Not recorded.

*During Hahnemann’s era, the extreme difficulties in treating cholera epidemic compelled the Russian medical community to send a letter to Dr. Hahnemann. The letter contained a detailed description of the symptoms of the disease, as well as a request to indicate appropriate remedies.

**Another event in that age, is from Sir William Wilde, the well-known allopathic doctor of Dublin, which in his work entitled “Austria and its Institutions”, wrote: “Upon comparing the report of the treatment of Cholera in the Homeopathic hospital testified to by two allopathic medical inspectors appointed by Government with that of the treatment of the same disease in the other hospitals of Vienna during the same period the epidemic of 1836, it appeared that while two-thirds of the cases treated by Dr. Fleischmann the physician of the Homeopathic hospital, recovered, two-thirds of those treated by the ordinary methods in the other hospitals died.”

***In 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, a physician in a Pittsburgh hospital in U.S. asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases. “Yes Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a Homeopathic pharmacy, and get homeopathic remedies.” The Doctor replied: “but that is homeopathy.” “I know it, but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case.” [3]


From Spanish Flu of 1918, let us forward the time to 2010, release of several outstanding reports in epidemiologic surveillance studies conducted by the Finlay Institute, a vaccines producer in Cuba. According to Finlay Institute, between December 2009 and January 2010, about 9,074439 individuals, near 90% of Cuban population received homeopathic preventive medicine (Homeoprophylaxis) for respiratory diseases, influenza (including AH1N1) with remarkable outcomes and a great reduction rate in mortality. Homeopathic interventions were also employed in other diseases in Cuba such as Hepatitis A (population 1400000, year 2004-2007), Dengue (population 150000, year 2006-2009), Leptospirosis [4] (population 2300000, year 2007-2008), Conjunctivitis (population 180000, year 2008-2009) with undeniable successful results, thanks to homeopathy!


[1] The Medical Investigator, volume 10, 1873.

[2] Tracts on Homoeopathy, 1853

[3] Homeopathy in Influenza- A chorus of fifty in harmony, W.A. Dewey, Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, May 1921, pp. 1040

[4] Application of 200C potency of bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control (2010) FULL TEXT

[5] The Logic of Figures, Dr. T. Bradford, 1900.

About the Author: Iman Navab

Iman Navab is a certified classical Homeopath and historian of homeopathy from Canada. He is the President of The Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada. Iman gives lectures and seminars to raise awareness about the philosophy and rich history of Homeopathy.

The Copyright is reserved with the author (Iman Navab). All opinions are that of the author.

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