Epsteinbarr holistic methods of treatment

Healing from the Epstein-Barr Virus

Because it’s very easy to catch and hard to detect, and can cause a number of mysterious symptoms, you might understandably find the Epstein-Barr virus overwhelming and its effects disheartening.

The good news is that if you carefully and patiently follow the steps detailed in this section, and in Part IV of the book, you can heal. You can recover your immune system, free yourself of EBV, rejuvenate your body, gain full control over your health, and move on with your life.

How long the process takes varies for each individual and depends on myriad factors. Some people conquer the virus in as little as three months. However, a more typical period is a full year. And there are some people who need 18 months or more to destroy EBV.

Healing Foods

Certain fruits and vegetables can help your body rid itself of EBV and heal from its effects. The following are the best ones to incorporate into your diet (listed in rough order of importance). Try to eat at least three of these foods per day—the more the better—rotating your consumption so that in a given week or two, you get all of these foods into your system.

• Wild blueberries: help restore the central nervous system and flush EBV neurotoxins out of the liver.

• Celery: strengthens hydrochloric acid in the gut and provides mineral salts to the central nervous system.

• Sprouts: high in zinc and selenium to strengthen the immune system against EBV.

• Asparagus: cleanses the liver and spleen; strengthens the pancreas.

• Spinach: creates an alkaline environment in the body and provides highly absorbable micronutrients to the nervous system.

• Cilantro: removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which are favored foods of EBV.

• Parsley: removes high levels of copper and aluminum, which feed EBV.

• Coconut oil: antiviral and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

• Garlic: antiviral and antibacterial that defends against EBV.

• Ginger: helps with nutrient assimilation and relieves spasms associated with EBV.

• Raspberries: rich in antioxidants to remove free radicals from the organs and bloodstream.

• Lettuce: stimulates peristaltic action in the intestinal tract and helps cleanse EBV from the liver.

• Papayas: restore the central nervous system; strengthen and rebuild hydrochloric acid in the gut.

• Apricots: immune system rebuilders that also strengthen the blood.

• Pomegranates: help detox and cleanse the blood as well as the lymphatic system.

• Grapefruit: rich source of bioflavonoids and calcium to support the immune system and flush toxins out of the body.

• Kale: high in specific alkaloids that protect against viruses such as EBV.

• Sweet potatoes: help cleanse and detox the liver from EBV byproducts and toxins.

• Cucumbers: strengthen the adrenals and kidneys and flush neurotoxins out of the bloodstream.

• Fennel: contains strong antiviral compounds to fight off EBV.

Healing Herbs and Supplements

The following herbs and supplements (listed in rough order of importance) can further strengthen your immune system and aid your body in healing from the virus’s effects:

Cat’s claw: herb that reduces EBV and cofactors such as strep A and strep B.

Silver hydrosol: lowers EBV viral load.

Zinc: strengthens the immune system and protects the thyroid from EBV inflammation.

Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin): strengthens the central nervous system.

Licorice root: lowers EBV production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys.

Lemon balm: antiviral and antibacterial. Kills EBV cells and strengthens the immune system.

5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate): helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system.

Selenium: strengthens and protects the central nervous system.

Red marine algae: powerful antiviral that removes heavy metals such as mercury and reduces viral load.

L-lysine: lowers EBV load and acts as a central nervous system anti-inflammatory.

Spirulina rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals.

Ester-C: strengthens the immune system and flushes EBV toxins from the liver.

Nettle leaf: provides vital micronutrients to the brain, blood, and central nervous system.

Monolaurin: antiviral; breaks down EBV load and reduces cofactors.

Elderberry: antiviral; strengthens the immune system.

Red clover: cleanses the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of neurotoxins from EBV.

Star anise: antiviral; helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid.

Curcumin: component of turmeric that helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system.

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