Anger and homeopathy

Bryonia- The children are irritable and want to be left alone.  They will grumble or snap to get people to stay away.  They often have digestive, respiratory, or headaches after an outburst of anger.

Chamomile-  Demanding.  Have to rock or carry the child to calm them.  Screaming and crying returns when the child is put down.  Temperamental.  Throws things.  Impatient.  May bang head on the wall.  This is my favorite remedy for anger! Works every time.

Colocynthis-  Complain constantly.  Not very talkative.  Irritable and Impatient.  May develop vomiting, diarrhea, or colic during or after the bouts of anger.

Ignatia –  These children hold in their anger, fear, grief, sadness and pretend that everything is fine.  Sometimes they tremble from all the stress that is held inside.  They sigh often.  Their expression of anger manifests through hysteria.  Not violent.  Their moods change from laughter to tears, anger to repentant, rude to nice.

Nux Vomica- Throws tantrums and does not listen to anyone trying to calm him/ her down.  Thrives on rebellion.  Competitive and gets angry at anyone trying to beat him/ her. He blames others for things.  Irritable.  Tends towards constipation.

Stramonium- Out of control with anger and rage.  Wild and delusional.  Hears voices and may claim to see things.  Believes to be falling or abandoned.  Talkative and loud.

Staphysagria-  Suppresses anger and silently dwells on problem.  Eventually he/she explodes.  Trembles.  Loses voice.  Throws things.  Can’t concentrate and becomes exhausted when angry.  This remedy is for the child who is sensitive to the least offense.  They feel bad about the angered explosion afterwards.  Common for those that have been abused physically or sexually.

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