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Kickbacks- what your pediatrician gets for vaccinating

(And a Peek At what Big Pharma Gets)

The Role Insurance Companies Play and The Kickbacks Doctors Get

Vaccines are a Trillion Dollar Business and there are incentives at every corner for anyone playing a role in injecting them into the world’s population. Just take a look at what a doctor gets from Blue Cross Blue Shield.


(All of the information in the graphic and more can be found here, in the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Physician’s Performance Recognition Program/Provider Incentive ProgramBlue Cross Blue Shield’s Physician’s Performance Recognition Program/Provider Incentive Program.)


A Look at what the Pharmaceutical Companies Make When New Vaccines are Added

“Take a product manufacturer that has no liability for their product, add in huge financial incentives for the people administering who also hold no liability, lobby for mandates that negate a marketing budget….follow the money. This is no longer about health. 18 doses of vaccines by age 6 months. 49 doses of vaccines by age 5. 70 doses of vaccines by age 18. No safety testing on the schedule because why bother? There’s no liability”(Jodi Parker). Some people argue that vaccines have nothing to do with making money. I beg to differ.

If a drug company gets just one vaccine added to a schedule, they can make upwards of thirty BILLION dollars in one year (Brandy Vaughan, Merck Sales Rep. 2001-2003 via Vaxxed).

Now look at the schedule for vaccines.

In the United States in the 1950’s, children received 13 doses of four vaccines by age two. In the mid 1980’s, children received 15 doses of seven vaccines by age two. In 2010, the CDC recommended 37 doses of 14 vaccines by age two (Mercola and CDC). Now, in August of 2016, it is recommended that children receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age six, and 70 doses of 15 vaccines by age 18.  These numbers just changed by 2 doses, as this month the CDC just announced that children going into 7th and 12th grades are now required to get the meningococcal vaccine – that’s 2 more does of vaccines making it 71 doses of vaccines by age 18 and adding close to sixty billion dollars into the pockets of big pharma.

The even scarier part  – as of 2013, there were/are nearly 300 vaccines in development, as is proudly boasted in Pharma.com. Multiply 300 by thirty billion – that’s 9 TRILLION dollars in vaccines coming our way.

CDC Vaccine Price List

Just how much do vaccines cost the people giving them? Here’s a whole list from the CDC.

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