Homeopathy for Obstetrics/natural birthing

Some Obstetric Hints from Clarence M. Conant, M. Dbelly-1434852_960_720-pixabay

Caulophyllum  – One of our best remedies to arrest the abortive process. Severe pain in back and loins with great want of uterine tonicity. Feeble uterine contractions and very slight hemorrhage.

Abortion from shocks, falls, concussions : Arnica,  Cinnamomum., Conium., Rhus tox.

Sabina – Abortion at the third month, violent forcing or dragging pain extending from the back through to the pubes. Profuse bright red or dark fluid and clotted discharge. Haemorrhage predominates.

Abortion from fright: Aconitum, Gelsemium, Opium,

Threatened Septicaemia after abortion: Arnica, Arsenicum, Baptisia.

Viburnum is our best remedy for threatened miscarriage with great nervous excitement and palpitation of the heart.

Nux moschata – Obstinate, long continued flooding after abortion. Hysterical women disposed to fainting attacks

Pulsatilla – Flowing is intermittent (also Kreas.) Black blood passed with labor pains : the pains and haemorrhage alternate. Pain predominates.


Ustilago has passive long continued haemorrhage after abortion. Huge clots or lumps of blood.  Bearing down pains and profuse flow, either dark or bright, and almost always clotted. A very valuable and too often neglected remedy in which haemorrhage predominates.

An Obstetric Mentor -A Handbook Of Homoeopathic Treatment Required During Pregnancy, Parturition, and The Puerperal Season –  Clarence M. Conant, M. D



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