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The leading cause of death is the USA medical system


By Rob Pell March 11, 2013 NewsWithViews.com Ideas for reducing unnecessary, preventable deaths in this country have been in the news a lot lately. Where shall we begin? Annual gun related homicides total about 11,000 and automobile fatalities are about 35,000 per year. Would you be surprised to learn that the leading cause […]

via THE U.S. MEDICAL SYSTEM IS THE NATION’S NUMBER ONE KILLER — The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine


Learning from the Organon – Knowledge and wisdom on the practice of homeopathy derived from the aphorisms mapped out by Ch. S. Hahnemann

More specifics on the ORGANON

Clever Homeopathy


Reference used: Hahnemann, S. Organon der Heilkunst (2.Auflage). Heidelberg: Karl.F.Haug Verlag; 1974.

  • The natural law of Homeopathy – Aphorism 26

The yet unproven, albeit perceptible principle of natural healing, according to Hahnemann, follows the fundamental law underlying the homeopathic art of healing.  This emphasizes that a weak dynamic affection that acts within the living organism is removable only by one that is more forceful than that dynamic impact. Yet this is solely possible if the latter, the greater affection is of permanence within this organism, and very similar to the expression of the former.



  • The disposition to disease – Aphorism 31

In this aphorism Hahnemann draws attention to the fact that it is not at all times that an individual may fall ill with a disease. He stresses that a person falls ill when the human organism is disposed to an attack by illness, one could say when…

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