Homeopathic Remedies for the Symptoms of Strabismus

Homeopathy cures the incurable great article

Sisterhood of Homeopathy

By Heather Caruso, Hom, RNCP


Homeopathic remedies have been a champion in my practice, showing very positive results. In my clinic, I practice homeopathy and holistic nutrition but whenever I witness an amazing healing result, it is always with homeopathy. These small and mighty pills never fail to amaze me with their ability to help the symptoms of eye affections. I get feedback from my clients saying their eye doctor is amazed that homeopathy helped their eyes. First the doctor discounts the patient’s subjective symptoms, but then they are astounded when they retest their eyes and find improvements. There is little to deny when even they can see that the symptoms of the opacity of the lens, the moisture of dry eyes in Sjorgren’s or the muscles pulling in strabismus have improved after testing because these symptoms would not simply improve without treatment.

Homeopathic medicines are matched to a person’s…

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