narrative inquiry in bioethics; families are under no obligation to put their children at risk

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False vaccine safety claims made by CDC, who report to the public that, “Vaccines do not cause autism,” and that, “There is no link between vaccines and autism.” Please see for more info. This despite the fact that the vast majority of the applicable research finds multiple links between vaccines and autism, and demonstrates the mechanisms by which vaccines and their ingredients can and do cause autism.14537_lores

Mainstream research has found that vaccines and their ingredients can cause the underlying medical conditions that committed physicians and researchers are commonly finding in children who have been given an autism diagnosis. These conditions include gastrointestinal damage, immune system impairment, chronic infections, mitochondrial disorders, autoimmune conditions, neurological regression, glial cell activation, brain inflammation, seizures, synaptic dysfunction, dendritic cell dysfunction, mercury poisoning, aluminum toxicity, gene activation and alteration, glutathione depletion, impaired methylation, oxidative stress, impaired thioredoxin regulation, mineral deficiencies, impairment of the opioid system, endocrine dysfunction, cellular apoptosis, and other disorders. Please see for more info………………… to read the full article go to link enclosed


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2 responses to “narrative inquiry in bioethics; families are under no obligation to put their children at risk

  • crystalclear70

    Attending the on line Seminars through Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Vaccines Revealed, and Ty Bullinger’s Truth About Cancer Vaccine Series has brought this information to people all over the World!
    I am so thankful for you and your blog spreading the word to help us fight against the forced vaccines and shoving the Vaccine Industry’s dangerous agenda down our throats!
    God Bless You Gina!


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