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In Utero shock what homeopathic remedy to use?

Ignatia for Deliverance from an In Utero State of Shock (or a Re-birthing into the World)

by Laura Coramaiimage

There was certainly something seriously wrong with this little three year old girl. B. was sullen, easily offended, obstinate, envious, clingy, and she seemed to have no desire to live. She had a poor appetite and was consequently emaciated and had low energy. She was chilly and suffered from constipation and retention of urine.

At first, it was not clear what had brought on this emotional state until the mother told me, hand on doorknob style, what had happened during the last two weeks of her pregnancy with B. a close acquaintance, who she saw every day, had committed suicide after killing her husband and then her children with a kitchen knife;  a terrible case of post-partum depression of a stay-at -home mother gone terribly wrong. B’s mother cried uncontrollably and inconsolably for the last two weeks of the pregnancy. The suicide/homicide was an enormous shock for the whole country at that time, let alone for the people close to it. B’s problems became evident almost as soon as she was born: she screamed ceaselessly if she was not being held safe and sound in her mother’s arms. Three years later, little B. still seemed to be stuck in that state of shock and grief. Her mother described her as “disconnected, in her own world.” She did not want to go to kindergarten, becoming angry and sullen if told to do so. At the kindergarten, she stayed at the edge of the playground rather than interacting with her peers. If asked to do anything that she did not want to, she would stand and glare at her parents, and if that did not elicit the right response, she would have tantrums. She was jealous of her sister and would even bite her in the back. She would threaten to break things that she knew were dear to someone, or say “I want to kill you”, or “I want you to die.” B’s mother said that she would then have a hard, stony look on her face. At one point, it even seemed that she had tried to drown herself; she was found floating face down in the swimming pool, with her mother and sister close at hand, while her mother briefly busied herself with her other daughter. (Ignatia: “Suicidal thoughts (drowning) and desire to escape; in melancholia after great grief and much domestic trouble.”)

Many things pointed to Ignatia as the remedy of choice for B. “Biting in the back” seemed to be a rare, strange, and peculiar behaviour. Ignatia is the only known remedy in the literature, which covers that symptom. She had a pronounced fear of birds, especially of chickens, for which Ignatia is also known. Ignatia is noted for some eating disorders in Farok J. Master’s “Children’s Remedies”: “Bulemia when sad, or anorexia nervosa due to grief.” The mother’s state during the pregnancy was obviously a most shocking experience for the unborn child. Master points out in “State of the Mind Influencing the Foetus” (1999, B. Jain Publishers) “Transmission of the artificial state takes place under (the) following circumstances:  1: Prolongation of the exciting cause which ultimately continues. 2: Transmission of the mother’s state during pregnancy to the unborn child.” With the latter, “one has to determine in what month of pregnancy the state develops.” Lou Klein has stated in his Master Clinician Course, Year Two, Session one (2009, Toronto, Canada), that some of the most influential times which can affect the foetus are at the time of conception, during the first trimester,  the last two weeks before birth,  and the birth itself. The Ignatia state that was transmitted to B. during the last two weeks of pregnancy is worded well in Farok Master’s “Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies (3rd edition, 2006, Rene Otter, Lutra Services BV): Ailments from being offended, punished or reproached… confronting the death of near and dear ones (grandparents, parents, or friends); contradiction…emotions like fright, indignation, jealousy, or mortification; failure.”

This was a case of both fright and shock, being confronted with the results of the most horribly gruesome deaths, via the mother’s experience. Six months after B.’s birth the mother had not only had to contend with the terrible loss of her friend, but had also had to prevent her own mother from taking her life with a kitchen knife. She stood, baby in her arms, pleading with her depressed mother to not take her life in front of the baby. It later seemed that the grandmother’s state, with her epileptic spasms and her obsession with knives, also fitted the Ignatia picture.

Little by little, with various potencies of Ignatia, her behaviour started to change dramatically. She no longer talked of death or threatened to kill herself over tiny incidents. She began to take an interest in her school related activities and showed a desire to learn to read. Her concentration improved markedly and she was less likely to draw attention with her clingy behaviour. Her eating and sleeping improved and her stools and urination normalised – in the past she had had to be urged to urinate before and after school. Within a week she began to gain weight and she was less chilly. She was more calm and comfortable at school and generally more communicative. She began to play with dolls for the first time, having never shown an interest in dolls or babies before. She even talked about “When we have our baby.” The potency was increased after a period of regression, back to the former tantrums. After this, the tantrums ceased and it was as though a new child has been born: bright, sparkly, and sociable, where there was once a serious frowning little girl.



susceptibility and homeopathics

We can hardly discount the myriad causal factors, such as environmental toxins or emotional shock, to have an impact on our vitality. These often serve as a trigger for our innate susceptibility to the manifestation of diseases.
Susceptibility, from the traditional homeopathic perspective, can be defined as the reaction of the organism to external (e.g. environmental) and internal (e.g. emotional and mental) influences or stresses. Some of us are naturally more susceptible to addictions or diseases than others. Yet, monitoring susceptibility is another way of perceiving a weakened vital force.
Susceptibility may be related to our individual inherited emotional and psychological patterns. These reflect our wounded self and the effect of such is the alienation from our spiritual-core-self that leads to delusions. Ultimately, these patterns impact on our genetic make-up or may trigger our inherited genetic predisposition into manifesting addictions and certain bodily diseases. It follows, prior to the healing of one’s addictive behaviour or physical diseases corresponding to the specific chakra/s can take place, the wounded psychological developmental issues will need to be addressed and healed first. flowers1
Typically, one’s repeated reactivity (“one’s buttons being pushed”) to a particular situation, person, or issue, reveals a wound that is yet to be healed. Our emotionally charged reaction is a sure sign that the original unconscious wounding (template) is being reactivated. The continued negative reaction (e.g. uncontrollable anger, fear of rejection) to the same stimuli can eventually weaken our vitality that leads to disease. One’s wound is where lies one’s “susceptibility” or predisposition to the development of certain diseases.
An individual can either become more susceptible by ways of continuous suppression or may lessen the innate susceptibility by having homoeopathic constitutional treatment or other forms of vibrational medicine. Susceptibility, like vital force, is a fluid, changeable condition. Homeopathic remedy reduces susceptibility and removes the predisposition to certain disease manifestations simply because the vibrational frequency of a remedy satisfies or neutralizes the frequency of the susceptibility that produced the sickness in the first place.
On an emotional and mental level, our innate susceptibility has a tendency to continue to recreate and attract to ourselves situations that meet our biochemical needs. This provides the same “rush” of emotions as the original wounding and reinforces what one comes to know as “safe and familiar”. These situations have a particular affinity for triggering certain disease conditions because they act like a key that unlocks the weakened physical area corresponding to the wounded chakra. This reveals the underlying causal factor as to why members of the same family have the tendency to exhibit the same emotional expressions (e.g. quick to anger in one parent and perhaps extreme passivity in another) or develop similar diseases (inherited genetic susceptibility). Extreme anger and undue passivity are two sides of the same coin (e.g. Magnesium). When the childhood developmental wounds begin to heal via a given remedy, one is likely to become more balanced – the “Magnesium state” is satisfied. (Refer to Scholten’s “Diagnosis Yellow-flower” Interhomeopathy, July 2006)
Today’s propensity toward taking a myriad drugs (for recreational or medical purposes), excessive alcohol consumption, ingesting food far beyond satiety, unbridled indulgence in sexual gratification, or gross display of emotions such as rage, murderess intent, etc. can be considered as a form of “self-medication” to give “a quick fix” to our inherent susceptibility. Addiction is not just about cravings for drugs but relates to one’s inability to manage one’s emotional or physical cravings. These are repeated acts of self-affirmation and self-medication.
A similar remedy satisfies a person’s innate susceptibility (reducing the need to “self-medicate” with addictions), and the potency of a remedy affects the frequency levels of an individual. Brennan, a healer with the ability to perceive auras, observed in her work that: “the higher the potency of the homeopathic remedy, the higher the auric body it affects. The higher potencies above 1M work on the higher four layers of the auric field and the lower potencies work on the lower auric levels” (1988:150). As our auric fields become more balanced by having homeopathic remedies, our vital force strengthens. Hence, the natural progression is a healthier body.
Addictions and diseases when understood the cause of their manifestations could be pathways to change and growth in consciousness.

article by ai ling Makewell

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