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New Paper Reveals CDC Misconduct with Data Surrounding the MMR Vaccine and Autism

Scientific advisor to the Focus Autism Foundation, Dr. Brian Hooker, has obtained explosive information about ongoing malfeasance from a whistleblower for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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CDC Whistle Blower admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism

Published on Aug 20, 2014 Includes masked voice of whistleblower.
See Video here: Syringe vacc

Former CDC Head and Current Merck President Caught in Fraud Scandal

Posted August 25, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia In the correspondence, dated February 2, 2004, Thompson refers to “statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism” and appeals to his boss to appropriately respond to a Congressman’s private allegations of impropriety within the agency’s National Immunization Program.
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Thompson, William (Bill) (CDC/ONDIEH/NBDDD)

[Natural News posts a JPEG graphic of a letter written by William Thompson October 18, 2002 to Melinda Wharton, Walt Orenstein, et al regarding DOJ Request in the matter of the MADDSP MMR/Autism Study.]
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Whistleblower Says CDC Knowingly Put Children at Risk of Autism, Media Remains Silent (+Video)

August 26, 2014 “Oh my God, I did not believe that we did what we did, but we did. It’s all there… This is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”—CDC Whistleblower Dr. William W. Thompson, in a recorded interview with Dr. Brian Hooker.
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Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism

By Dan Olmsted August 28, 2014 Quite a week, I think you’d have to agree. William Thompson, the whistleblower first heard on a taped phone call with Brian Hooker last week, has now come forward, confirming his role in covering up evidence that black males may be particularly vulnerable to autism. Rather than follow up on that clue from a susceptibility group – a clue that could unravel the CDC’s whole argument that vaccines never, ever cause autism – the CDC researchers buried it.
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The CDC Whistleblower Press Release: Interpreted []

August 28, 2014 by Megan Bobby Dee Interpretation: I’ve worked with these people for 16 years and they know all of my secrets, not that they’d ever threaten me with them. Not to mention that my pension doesn’t vest for another 4 years, so I’m going to try to keep this professional.
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Whistleblower says CDC knew of vaccine autism link in 2003

August 29, 2014 [Vaccine Risk and Awareness Network] [Excellent summation and links to various sources.]
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Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on #CDCWhistleblower

Published on Aug 28, 2014 [13 minutes 31 seconds: Vidio interview]
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Erased by a Birth Certificate

In light of the recent events surrounding the CDC whistleblower. Have you seen the headlines screaming about the CDC vaccine researcher leaking documents that show the CDC knew in 2002 that the MMR vaccine was causing autism 3.36 times more often in African American toddlers who received it prior to the age of 3?
Yeah, me neither. Welcome to the media black-out.
[Insightful presentation of the Whistleblower story.]
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When You Know You Are Being Lied To….

By Beth Clay August 27, 2014 When You Know You Are Being Lied To…My Initial Thoughts on the CDC Whistleblower News
While mainstream media have ignored the flurry the past two weeks after the Focus Autism Press Release, the Peer Reviewed Research paper by Brian Hooker, PhD, and the Autism Media Video, several online media outlets and social media have been a blaze with the news of a CDC employee reaching out to Dr. Hooker and coming clean about what I consider a well-orchestrated cover up of information about increased risks associated with vaccines. …

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CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

08/28/2014 VANCOUVER, BC – In a recent article entitled “CDC Ran the Tuskegee Experiment for 15 Years, Any Connection To Operation Paperclip?” a question was raised about the CDC and its possible connection to OSS/CIA’s importing Nazi scientists and doctors under Operation Paperclip.
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Want a little comic relief on this subject?

Secret bunker video from CDC captures moments after MMR vaccine confession

Published on Aug 29, 2014 Video
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Dear Pharmacist column: Were you lied to about vaccines and autism?

August 30, 2014 Many of you have wondered about the connection of vaccines and autism. The rising cases of autism worldwide have to be attributed to something, right? But many wonder if it’s related to vaccines, mercury, GMO foods or something else.
The biggest story in years broke when a leading researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention helped uncover how they manipulated data and obscured a ridiculously higher incidence of autism. I mean ridiculous, upward of 340% higher incidence in autism, in the African-American boys who received the MMR vaccine. Dr. William Thompson came forward after a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) was enacted. …
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National Vaccine Information Center Remove Vaccine Safety Oversight From DHHS

9/1/2014 On Aug. 27, 2014 a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control 1 publicly admitted 2 that he and other CDC officials, including the current CDC’s Director of Immunization Safety, 3 4 published a study about MMR vaccine safety in 2004 5 that “omitted statistically significant information” and “did not follow the final study protocol. “ He said the study “omitted relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub group for a particular vaccine” and added that “there have always been recognized risks for vaccination” and “it is the responsibility for the CDC to properly convey [vaccine] risks.”
CDC: A History of Limiting Transparency
We couldn’t agree more. CDC officials should not be in the business of deliberately withholding information from the public about vaccine risks that may be greater for some children than other children. 6 Unfortunately, CDC officials have a long history of limiting transparency 7 8 and being less than honest with the American people about what it does and does not know about vaccine risks. 9 10 Last July, a RAND Corporation study commissioned and funded by DHHS was published proclaiming that vaccines “are very safe.” 11 What was not made clear to the public was that the study was designed and peer reviewed by high-level CDC officials, including the CDC’s Director of Immunization Safety. 12
This is a big problem for parents being ordered to give their children every government recommended vaccine – no exceptions and no questions asked.
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September 2, 2014 Dr. Wakefield shared two text messages with The Truth Barrier that he and his wife received from Dr. Thompson.
The first one was to Dr. Wakefield’s wife, Carmel, and it read:
I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion. Hopefully I can help repair it.
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Update: Congressman’s Office In Possession of 100,000 CDC Whistleblower Documents?

Sep 8, 2014 Congressman Bill Posey’s office has confirmed exclusively to that a “very large number” of documents have been turned over by CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, who has admitted that the CDC suppressed information about the links between the MMR vaccine and autism in some cases.
According to Congressman Posey’s spokesman, George Cecala, “I can confirm that we have received a very large number of documents and we are going through those documents now. There are a lot of them, so it will take some time.” Cecala could not say exactly how many documents are in possession of the Congressman’s staff though sources tell me that as many as 100,000 documents have been handed over.
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September 8, 2014 Autism in Black babies linked to MMR vaccines A senior scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims the federal agency has been hiding results from a test of experimental measles vaccines that increased the likelihood of Black children getting autism, according to reports.
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccinations and whether or not they are linked to autism.
While the CDC assured the public that there was nothing to worry about with the vaccination, senior scientist Dr. William Thompson claims the CDC has been lying for years, according to The Examiner.
Dr. Brian Hooker was doing research for the Focus Autism Foundation and requested some information via the Freedom of Information Act about a 2004 study that claimed MMR vaccinations were perfectly safe.
According to Thompson, those results were false.
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Posey looking at whistleblower’s CDC autism documents

September 9, 2014 U.S. Rep. Bill Posey has been curious for a while about whether there’s been enough research into alleged links between childhood immunizations and autism, and now his office has a cache of documents from a CDC scientist who said his research was tainted.
Posey’s Congressional office is reviewing somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 documents, including research statistics, it obtained from Dr. William Thompson, who has complained that the CDC withheld some of his data that may have suggested a link.
Posey, R-Rockledge, has maintained an interest in the issue since being briefed on it by former Space Coast Congressman U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon, who is a medical doctor.
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Questions Surrounding Review of Challenged Vaccine-Autism Study

September 10, 2014 Did the medical journal Pediatrics stand by a questioned vaccine-autism study without interviewing the coauthor who confessed to and exposed alleged scientific misconduct?
If so, that would deviate from what should be standard procedure in such an investigation, according to internationally recognized medical ethicist Dr. Michael Carome.
“If the evidence seems substantial, the journal should contact all co-authors, present them with the allegations and supporting evidence, and ask them to respond,” says Carome, a research ethics expert who heads the Health Research Group at the watchdog group Public Citizen.
Last month, William Thompson, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stepped forward to say that he and his CDC coauthors omitted key data showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism in African American children. The study was published in 2004 in the journal Pediatrics.
“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information,” said Thompson in a statement issued through his attorney August 27. “The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”
It may be unprecedented for the author of a scientific, peer-reviewed article to publicly expose alleged flaws in his own work and that of his colleagues.
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The CDC: A Truly Corrupt and Dangerous Organization

Christina England – September 10 2014 Over the years, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has repeatedly deceived and lied to the public, yet they continue to state that their mission is to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.
They boldly announce on their website that the “CDC increases the health security of our nation. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish our mission, CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise,” and yet there is more and more evidence to suggest that their so called ‘scientific evidence’ has been skewed and deliberately tampered with to gain the desired results.
During the course of this article, I am going to give five recent examples of CDC fraud or deception. Each one of my examples will demonstrate when the CDC has deliberately altered or withheld scientific evidence in a bid to misinform the public.
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Thailand Law Forum CDC Allegedly Covers Up Data Proving Vaccines Caused Autism

September 12, 2014 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) allegedly covered up findings about a link between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism, which senior scientist, William W. Thompson, unknowingly revealed in a recently recorded conversation, reports Sonoran News.
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Related News …

EPA-CDC Whistleblower exposes their corruption of science

July 12, 2014 Roger Landry, The Liberty Guest: EPA/CDC whistleblower Dr David Lewis, author of Science for Sale June 24, 2014
What follows is EASILY the most important discussion I have EVER had for The Liberty Beacon Special program. If this recorded discussion does not scare the hell out of you, make you insanely angry with good reason and fully awaken you to what many of us have long suspected … You need to check yourself for a pulse.
Dr. David Lewis is an internationally recognized research microbiologist whose work in public health and environmental issues as a senior-level Research Microbiologist in EPA’s Office of Research & Development, and member of the Graduate Faculty of the University of Georgia has been reported in numerous news articles and documentaries from Time Magazine and Reader’s Digest to National Geographic. He is the only EPA scientist to publish first-authored articles in Nature, Lancet, and Nature Medicine.
Dr. David Lewis worked with the EPA and CDC for 30 years plus. He explains in shocking detail why Americans have fallen from one of the healthiest to the sickest society on this planet in a few short generations, our health and that of our children literally sold out from under us for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver …
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Merck’s Motion to Dismiss Denied in Mumps Whistleblower Suits

September 6, 2014 A federal judge ruled on September 5, 2014, that two suits against pharmaceutical giant Merck have overcome motions to dismiss and will proceed to trial.
The first suit (1), filed in Pennsylvania in April of 2010 but sealed until June of 2012, was brought under the False Claims Act by two Merck virologists, Joan Wlochowski and Stephen Krahling.
The whistleblowers claimed to have witnessed Merck management instructing staff to withhold information about the high failure rate of the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine before selling it to the U.S. government. The manufacturer claimed the mumps vaccine had a 95% efficacy rate, even during epidemic mumps outbreaks of 2006 and 2009 in highly vaccinated populations. This rate was attained by basing efficacy tests on Merck’s own vaccine strain of mumps rather than wild mumps.
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CDC Whistleblower on Thimerosal in Pregnant Women

25 August 2014 [Video, click on link below]
Enjoy the video here:

More Revelations From CDC Whistleblower… This Time on Thimerasol in Vaccines For Pregnant Women…

August 27th, 2014 Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen Things are coming to a head quickly in the Autism world.
Below is a link to a video with comments by Dr. William Thompson, a United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Whistleblower, on Thimerosal. Among his comments, in addition to the inappropriateness of routinely giving Thimerosal-containing vaccines to pregnant women, is that “There is biological plausibility to say right now that thimerosal causes autism-like features.”
It is one more video put out by my friends Andy Wakefield and Brian Hooker. This one is even shorter than the first one at one minute two seconds. It is titled “CDC Whistleblower on Thimerosal in Pregnant Women.” Go watch it now, please, and we’ll talk about it.
There are two very important points to consider: (1) The CDC, once again, knows very well how dangerous Thimerosal is in vaccines, and (2) The Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, is an active participant in the problem solution, now, and is giving advice to Brian Hooker PhD on how to use the information
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I Have Decided To Vaccinate My Child Because…

By Laura Hayes August 05, 2014 1. Because I want to believe that vaccines were responsible for eradicating the infectious diseases against which we vaccinate, even though data going back more than 150 years definitively show that vaccines were not responsible for the major drop in mortality from infectious diseases, or for the complete disappearance of horrible diseases for which there never was a vaccine (so how did those diseases go away, I’m wondering?), or for the increase in life expectancy. In actuality, mortality rates often increased after the initiation of mass vaccination programs. I want to believe it was the vaccines that were responsible, so I can have a false sense of security that my child will be protected from infectious diseases (at least the ones I’ve been taught to fear, i.e. the ones for which there is now a vaccine).
Read rest of story and 9 more good reasons to question vaccination, here:

EPA-CDC Whistleblower exposes their corruption of science

June 24, 2014 Dr. David Lewis worked with the EPA and CDC for 30 years plus. He explains in shocking detail why Americans have fallen from one of the healthiest to the sickest society on this planet in a few short generations, our health and that of our children literally sold out from under us for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver
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A legislative effort in 2006 to split vaccine promotion and vaccine safety– Lawmakers sever ties between CDC and Big Pharma

August 21, 2006, In the wake of overhauling the FDA, lawmakers are also cracking down on conflicts of interest within the Centers for Disease Control.
Last month, Representatives, Dr Dave Weldon (R-FL), and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), held a press conference to announce the introduction of a bill that would give responsibility for vaccine safety to an independent agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, and remove most vaccine safety research from the CDC.
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CDC: Deadly experiment on the Black and Hispanic populations (Measles Hi titer vaccine)

The CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) have a history of violating the human rights of Black families by unethically experimenting on their babies with dangerous measles vaccines.
Excerpt 1) new measles vaccine on “high-titer” shots that are up to 500 times more potent than standard measles vaccines.(11) In the early 1980s, they tested one of these — the Edmonston-Zagreb (EZ-HT) strain — on Mexican and Gambian babies 4 to 6 months old.(12-15) During the next few years this high-titer measles vaccine was also tested on babies in Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Senegal, Haiti, and impoverished minority communities in Los Angeles, California.(16-22)
Excerpt 2) Children who received the Schwartz strain (SW-HT) died of other diseases at a rate 51% higher than children who received a standard vaccine. There were 48 excess deaths for every 1000 babies vaccinated. Children who received the Edmonston-Zagreb strain (EZ-HT) died of other diseases at a rate 80% higher than children who received a standard vaccine. There were 75 excess deaths for every 1000 babies vaccinated.(17) Mortality remained consistently high in the second and third year after the EZ-HT vaccine was administered, whereas it declined substantially in the control group. One of every six babies vaccinated with EZ-HT died within three years.(17)
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“Free Your Mind….From The Vaccine Paradigm”


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