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Posted by Uta Mittelstadt in Must have´s…in the homeopathic home kit! ≈ 8 Comments TagsArnica, Bellis perennis, buising, hematoma, muscular pain, over-exertion, surgery, trauma This pretty little flower, the common daisy, is also known as woundwort or bruisewort [1]. From it originates a valuable homeopathic remedy that I suggest should not be lacking in the homeopathic home remedy kit. A keynote for this remedy is bruising. Its main action is upon the muscles and blood vessels, but it is also indicated for tumorous growths coming from a blow or injury [1], [3]. Therefore, its homeopathic indications are for ‘consequences of’ Trauma, bruises, contusions, hematoma and muscular pain from over-exertion [2], [3]. There is a sensation of soreness and exhaustion following Trauma [2]. This ‘jewel’ to the remedy kit has been termed a ‘gardeners-drug’ as it is effective for “the aches and pains of old gardeners” [1, p.140]. Further action of Bellis is for cases of gastroenteritis, dysmenorrhea and eczema [2], [4]. According to Clark [3] it is also a remedy that follows where a patient has been subjected to excessive heat which was followed by sudden cooling down. Clark further mentions its efficacy for cases of varicose veins, mammary and uterine swelling. Much like Arnica it is a remedy recommended for

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