Homeopathic Nux Vomica ,alcoholism and more

Article written by Joette Calabrese

One of the first remedies I wanted moms to learn was Nux vomica.

As always, I taught that it is used for when someone has not only a cold coming on but for over-doing life.

For example, a child who had too much candy on Halloween and got a sick stomach. Or for someone who stayed up too late and was unable to have a normal bowel movement as a result. Also, and this is my favorite because it is so powerful for those suffering from this lifestyle, Nux vomica 30 can be used for a hangover, either from drugs or alcohol; in fact any substance.

I explained that usually it takes a repetition of its use for at least a few days to act in the case of someone who takes prescription drugs etc.

Months after teaching this class, one of the mothers in the group, Claira, who had missed several previous meetings, could barely contain herself.  She wanted to share her story of success after using Nux vomica 30 for her husband’s friend.

Apparently, this friend was an alcoholic and had too much to drink at her house shortly after the Nux vomica class.

He was worried about his wife knowing that he was drunk again and about getting to work the next day, so this woman offered him Nux vomica 30 to help with the after effects of his consumption.

The morning after taking the remedy, he went to work as usual, only this time, without the usual hang over. Later that day he called to asked her what those little white pills were because he wanted his own bottle.

A few weeks later, he called again. This time to tell her that he had been taking the pills daily, and he had not had a drink since that night at her house. The best part is, he didn’t have any desire to either!

“This is a miracle!” he declared. Claira’s husband nodded in agreement.

Claira explained to our group that until this time, there was not a day that went by that he didn’t end without a belly full of beer. His wife was on the verge of leaving him and his job was at stake.

But now that was changed. He shared with her that, although his intention was to simply not suffer a hangover on a day to day basis, he felt so well after taking the little white pills, he decided to continue.

They had done much more than any of them had estimated.

So was he cured of his drinking habit? Can homeopathy cure such social ills?  Let me give you a resounding YES! This man inadvertently did just that.

Dr. Roger Morrison, in The Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms, lists Nux vomica for breakdown from substance abuse and notes its significance in its anitdoting effects for a simple hangover.

More importantly is the following in a book I found in the archives of the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, from when Buffalo had three homeopathy hospitals within its city limits.

Homeopathic Treatment of Alcoholism, by Dr. Gallavardin, published in 1890, spends nearly the entirety of his treatise on the importance of Nux vomica for this particular substance abuse.

He advises that there are other homeopathic medicines that he used to cure alcoholism, but Nux vomica was the most important to consider.

In both cases I present here, to be certain that the effect is enduring, the remedy is often best taken twice daily for a few weeks and after stopping its use, if the compulsion returns, to take it up again for another round or two.



I’ll never know if the shoplifter in San Diego was reformed with my bottle of Nux vomica, because I don’t know whether he continued the use of the remedy long enough to have an effect on his behavioral condition.

Nor do I know that the man with the drinking problem has rehabilitated his ways permanently.

What I do know is that Nux vomica and the thousands of other homeopathic medicines have the remarkable ability to transform people and their lives. Even in the most unexpected ways


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