Pendulums why use them?

Radiesthesia, the art of using the pendulum, can be a valuable aid to the practitioner in the selection of Bach flower remedies/Homeopathic Remedies. To others not familiar with its use, the pendulum can seem mysterious.You can also select usefull foods,vitamins,essential oils by using this handy tool.(when using for Homeopathic remedies a casetaking should be done first to narrow down the optional 5,000 possibilities to 3-4)

The pendulum is a tool of perception which gives access to our inner sensitivity. The radiesthesic sense has been known and used since antiquity – there are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting people using forked willow branches and other divining tools, however it wasn’t until the 1920’s that radiesthesia became an international movement.

Pendulums, willow branches, wands and angle rods are used to discover foods, herbs, water, or minerals or any other need. Of these tools, the pendulum is perhaps the most versatile as it can give more types of information.remedies photo by GT

When employing the pendulum, our body becomes an antenna that is finely tuned to receive various vibrations. Within the body the brain is affected by the mind, which is affected by energies beyond the physical which can often be translated into physical form. Just as a water diviner can tune into hidden streams beneath the surface, so we can learn to be sensitive to influences of energy and their relative strengths through the pendulum. Everything has a field of energy around it, as illustrated by Kirlian photography. Within this field are the vibrational patterns of our past, present and our future. One understanding of the pendulum is that it is a tool which translates the sensitivity of the subconscious and superconscious minds into a visual message. Our higher consciousness tunes into the subject of inquiry, relays the message to our mind, which then sends the message to our brain and nervous system, and then to our fingers. Miniscule muscular movements are then magnified by the pendulum and given a meaning by our mind.

Using the pendulum with flower essences is very easy as we match a person’s vibration to the vibrations of the essences. The most significant factor which may influence our results is the quality of consciousness of the operator – unless we have a neutral mind our readings can be influenced adversely; for example, if we are tired, emotionally upset, sick or prejudiced in some way our readings will not be true. It is therefore important for the operator to assess all influences and to cultivate a meditative state of mind.

The pendulum is a powerful divining tool which acts through your divine nature. It requires sensitivity and practice to become an adept operator. Experiment for yourself, attune to your instrument and you may find the potential for a valuable tool in the selection of remedies and as an instrument of focusing your intuitive perceptions.

How to Use A Pendulum

After getting into a quiet or meditative state, ask your subconscious mind  to speak to you through the pendulum. Hold the end loosely and do not be attached to the answers received. Your analytical mind can influence the answers, so keep a clear and open mind.


First “train” your subconscious to use the pendulum. Ask it to show you what a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer look like. For many people, ‘yes’ will be a clockwise motion and ‘no’ will be a counter clockwise motion. For others these movements may be reversed or they may find that the pendulum moves up and down or sideways. A bit of practice will help the motions become stronger and clearer.(some need lots of practice with this)


Next, hold the pendulum over each  Essence bottle  and ask one at a time, which Essence is a priority. When testing, you can eliminate asking about each essence and begin by asking about the first letter of the essence: ‘Does the Essence needed begin with the letter ‘B’?” This can speed up the process greatly. If the answer is not clear, ask for clarification. Ask specific ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions; the more precise the question, the clearer the answer will be.

These are a few examples of pendulum use. Trust your inner guidance, there is a place in all of us which can tap into truth and the universal mind. As we quiet our conscious mind and emotional bodies, we can access this with a pendulum and other tools.


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