Why we Love Essential Oils

A great happy article on Essential oils.I have been a certified aromatherapist,reiki practicioner,herbalist and classical Homeopath and use EO almost daily….www.ginatyler.com
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We love surrounding ourselves with the very best for our health and essential oils are incredibly healing essences from the vast and potent world of plant medicine. Essential oils reach us on a very deep level and heal on an emotional, physical and mental level. They elicit feelings of well-being, like a giant aaahhhhhh. They support our body’s defense system and work synergistically by activating our body’s own healing response. All essential oils are antimicrobial and have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties. When used in skincare they harmonize our microbiome, naturally balancing our system. The result is healthier, younger looking, radiant skin. Many products found on the market today are too harsh and disrupt the balance of our system resulting in common skin disorders, inflammation and abnormal cell growth.

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