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We are all victims of fraud in medical research, after reading these articles/documents you will see for yourself;

• Vivisection or Science: A Choice To Make – By Prof. Pietro Croce – Excerpts from Croce’s book of the same name, in which the former animal researcher details precisely why vivisection is unscientific and misleading.
• The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket – Part One – By CAFMR – Describes the poisonous nature of pharmaceutical drugs, their devastating affects on our health and economy, and the powerful interests behind this deadly industry.
• The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket – Part Two – By CAFMR – Exposes the massive fraud in drug testing that ensures the survival and proliferation of the highly dangerous and profitable drug industry.
• A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation – By Christopher Anderegg MD PhD, Murry J. Cohen MD, Stephen R. Kaufman MD, Rhoda Ruttenberg MD, Alix Fano MA, Medical Research Modernization Committee – The animal research community wishes the public to equate animal experimentation with medical progress, but increasing numbers of scientists and clinicians are challenging animal experimentation on scientific grounds.
• The Scientific Case Against Animal Experiments – By Dr Robert Sharpe – Former Senior Research Chemist says that the case against animal experiments is strongly reinforced by scientific arguments. This is because people and animals are different in the way their bodies work and in their response to drugs and disease.
• Doctors Against Vivisection – Quotes by doctors denouncing the scientific validity of animal research. Excerpted from the book 1000 Doctors (& many more) Against Vivisection, (Ed. Hans Ruesch).
• Perspectives On Medical Research – By Medical Research Modernization Committee – Scientific journal focusing on the use of animals in biomedical research.
• The History of Medical Progress – By Ray Greek MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee – Vivisectionists claim that animal experimentation is responsible for the major medical advances, however, an investigation of medical literature reveals an entirely different story.
• Human Experimentation: Before the Nazi Era and After – By David J. Rothman – Excerpted from the author’s book Strangers At The Bedside. As soon as animal vivisection had become standard practice in modern medicine, vivisectors recognized that the only way animal research could really be validated for human medical problems was to finally conduct the experiment on human beings, for there is no assurance from animal research itself that a given drug would be valid for human application.
• Human Experiments: A Chronology of Human Research – By Vera Hassner Sharav, Alliance for Human Research Protection. AHRP is a national network of lay people and professionals dedicated to advancing responsible and ethical medical research practices, to ensure that the human rights, dignity and welfare of human subjects are protected, and to minimize the risks associated with such endeavors.
• Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry – By Dr John Braithwaite – Review of the book of the same name which shows how pharmaceutical multinationals defy the intent of laws regulating safety of drugs by bribery, false advertising, fraud in the safety testing of drugs, unsafe manufacturing processes, smuggling and international law evasion strategies.
• Why Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Injure and Kill? – By Robert Ryan BSc, CAFMR – Deaths due to the intake of pharmaceutical drugs have reached epidemic proportions. Is this because drugs are fraudulently tested?
• Death by Medicine – By Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD – A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that modern medicine frequently causes more harm than good.
• What Doctors Don’t Tell You – Publisher of newsletters and books containing in-depth and cutting edge information exposing the dangers and short-comings of modern medicine and the availability of better alternatives.
• Conflicts of Interest In Clinical Trials – By Vera Hassner Sharav, Alliance for Human Research Protection. – Conflicts of interest have corrupted the soul of the American university, the ethics of medicine, the integrity of the scientific record, and the safety of patients who serve as human subjects in pre- and post-marketing clinical trials. Conflicts of interest in clinical trials result in deadly medicine. Adverse drug reactions in FDA-approved drugs are the leading cause of death in the United States.
• The Controlled Clinical Trial: An Analysis – By Harris L. Coulter PhD – Review of the book of the same name, in which the author critically examines the usefulness of randomised clinical trials. His thorough research reveals why the “controlled clinical trial” (CCT) cannot guarantee drug safety and efficacy. Click here to download book.
• DBAE’s Third International Scientific Congress – For the first time, lawyers joined doctors to seriously question the validity of animal experimentation in relation to human health at Doctors in Britain Against Animal Experiments’s Third International Scientific Congress, London, 10 May 1995.
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• Why a Coalition of Doctors and Lawyers? – Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, an alliance of medical and legal professionals, was formed out of Doctors in Britain Against Animal Experiments’s 1995 international scientific Congress, at which medical speakers were joined by lawyers.
• Cancer Research – A Super Fraud? – By Robert Ryan BSc, CAFMR – Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever “just around the corner”, cancer continues to increase?
• A Guide to The Problems With Animal-to-Human Organ Transplants – By Alix Fano MA, Murry J. Cohen MD, Marjorie Cramer MD, Ray Greek MD, and Stephen R. Kaufman MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee – There have been some 55 animal-to-human whole organ transplants attempted since 1906. All have proven unsuccessful, resulting in the suffering and death of all patients and donor animals.
• Doctors and Lawyers Unite to Oppose Transgenic Transplants – Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine called for a moratorium on transgenic transplants.
• Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud – By Hans Ruesch – Review of the book of the same name, which exposes vivisection as the racket that has become an endless source of profits and new diseases. The book explores the history and activities of the Drug Trust, an American-based, international drug cartel.
• Animal Experimentation: The Hidden Cause of Environmental Pollution – By Hoorik Davoudian BSc, SUPRESS/The Nature of Wellness – Exposes the scientific fraudulence of animal research and shows how it is routinely used and manipulated to make toxicants appear “safe” for human consumption.
• Slow Learners Or What? – Excerpted from the New York Times – Environmental regulation in the United States has been thrown into question after the National Institute of Environmental Health Services found upon reviewing their animal tests that these were inappropriate in identifying health hazards because chemicals frequently have wholly different effects between animals and humans.
• Scientific Toxicity Assessment – By Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine. The European Union Commission has proposed a strategy for a future Chemicals Policy, whereby some 100,000 different chemicals will be tested on animals. DLRM condemns this strategy as being totally irresponsible, since these animal tests are notoriously unreliable.
• Animal Experimentation: The Medico-Legal Alibi – Dr André Menache, speaking at the 10th World Congress on Law and Medicine, held at Jerusalem, Israel on 29 August, 1994.
• How Scientific are the ANU Monkey Experiments? – By Robert Ryan, CAFMR – A refutation of the scientific validity of primate experiments carried out the Australian National University.
• ANU Monkey Experiments: Science Or Science Fiction – By Robert Ryan, CAFMR – More on the unscientific ANU monkey experiments.
• Critique of NonHuman-Primate Research At Yerkes: A Summary – By Murry J. Cohen MD, Stephen R. Kaufman MD, and Brandon P. Reines MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee – Those who experiment on nonhuman primates have grossly exaggerated the role of nonhuman-primate studies in medical progress and significantly minimized the misleading data that results.
• A Critique of Maternal Deprivation Monkey Experiments at The State University of New York Health Science Center – By Murry J. Cohen MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee – The relevance and importance of maternal deprivation monkey experiments continue to be scientifically debated because of conceptual and methodological flaws in the experimental design.
• Science On Trial: The Human Cost of Animal Experiments – By Dr Robert Sharpe – Review of the book of the same name, in which the former Senior Research Chemist presents a powerful body of evidence and argument to demonstrate that, far from being scientific, animal research is methodologically flawed, and has retarded advances in human health.
• The Thalidomide Tragedy: Another Example Of Animal Research Misleading Science – By CAFMR – With the recent appearance of Thalidomide’s dreadful effects being passed on to the children of the drug’s victims, once again the issue has been raised of whether the drug tragedy in the 1960’s could have been predicted and thereby averted by the manufactures’ original animal tests.
• Shortcomings of AIDS-Related Animal Experimentation – By Stephen R. Kaufman MD, Murry J. Cohen MD, and Steve Simmons, Medical Research Modernization Committee – Animal experimentation consumes much of the funding for research aimed at addressing the AIDS epidemic. The Medical Research Modernization Committee has identified fundamental scientific problems with animal experimentation in general and AIDS-related animal experimentation in particular.
• Hepatitis C and Chimpanzees – By Ray Greek MD and Jean Greek DVM, Americans For Medical Advancement – Critique of the use of Chimpanzees and other nonhuman primates in Hepatitis C research.
• Health in Crisis – By CAFMR – Major afflictions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, iatrogenic (doctor induced) disease, diabetes, birth defects, asthma, arthritis, leukaemia, mental disease, and an endless list of other old diseases along with many new ones, such as herpes and AIDS, are killing and damaging more and more Australians every day.
• World Without Cancer and The Politics of Cancer Therapy – By G. Edward Griffin – Review of the book and audio of the same name which expose the science and politics of the Laetrile cancer therapy. The materials give a remarkable analysis of the international drug cartel and its devastating impact on medicine.
• The Drug Story – By Hans Ruesch – Reports on Morris Bealle’s 1949 classic book of the same name which looks into the history of the Drug Trust, its hidden ownership, profits, and impact on the health of the American people.
• In-Vitro Fertilisation – A Scientific Sham – By Robert Ryan BSc, CAFMR – The propaganda with which the IVF program is sold to the general public relies on its alleged usefulness in the treatment of infertility. However, IVF has only an approximate 10% success rate. In other words, it has a 90% failure rate!
• Divided Legacy: A History of the Schism in Medical Thought; Volume IV. Twentieth-Century Medicine: The Bacteriological Era – By Harris L. Coulter PhD – Review of the book of the same name in which the medical historian continues his analysis of the clashes between Empiricism and Rationalism which have dominated the history of medicine since ancient times.
• Poisonous Prescriptions – By Dr Lisa Landymore-Lim – Review of the book of the same name which describes the poisonous nature of pharmaceutical drugs and their adverse effects. The book details the relationship of asthma and diabetes to antibiotics and other drugs.
• SIDS and Seizures – By Harris L. Coulter PhD – Examines a number of studies in respect to vaccinations and SIDS and seizures. Shows how epidemiological statistics are manipulated to clear vaccinations of any causal effect.
• Vaccination Debate: Do Vaccines Cause Cot Deaths? – Harris L. Coulter PhD debates on the vaccination link to sudden infant death syndrome.
• Why a Satisfactory Solution to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Has Not Been Achieved – By Dr Archie Kalokerinos – Eminent MD speaks out against the SIDS establishment.
• Red Nose Day – The Controversy Deepens – By CAFMR – More damning evidence has come to light about causes of cot death.
• Look at Cots to Isolate Possible Cause of SIDS – By Dr Jim Sprott – Babies are succumbing to cot death because of inadvertent gaseous poisoning by extremely toxic nerve gases generated by microbiological action on certain chemicals within the baby’s mattress.
• The Cot Death Cover-Up? – By Dr Jim Sprott – Review of the book of the same name which details the poisonous gas-SIDS connection.
• Dispelling Vaccination Myths – By Alan Phillips – A presentation of the commonly held beliefs about vaccination, and an introduction to the medical studies, government statistics, and other credible evidence which directly contradicts these assumptions.
• Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the Immune System – By Viera Scheibner PhD – Review of the book of the same name which summarises the results of orthodox medical research into vaccines and their effects. The book informs of the short and long-term dangerous side-effects of vaccines, its ineffectiveness in preventing infectious diseases, and details the causal link between DPT and polio vaccines and cot death.
• Experimental Vaccines and Gulf War Syndrome – By Neil Z. Miller – Excerpted from Miller’s book Immunization Theory vs Reality: Exposé on Vaccinations. Thousands of United States military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War are now seriously incapacitated from experimental drugs and vaccines which were imposed on them.
• Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional? – By Dr Leonard G. Horowitz – Chapter by chapter summary of the book of the same name in which the author shifts the focus of science from African forests to America’s continuing military-medical-industrial enterprises, and meticulously documents how, when, where, and why the viruses, that now threaten humanity’s survival, were made.
• Human Sacrifices: Personal Stories of Vaccine Damage – Excerpted from Immunization Theory vs Reality.
• More Tragic Stories of Vaccine Victims – By National Vaccine Information Center.
• AVN Launches Vaccine-Reaction Register – On January 30, the Australian Vaccination Network will be presenting more than 200 reports of serious reactions and deaths following vaccination to the Federal Minister for Health and insisting that he thoroughly investigate each one.
• Paralytic Polio Linked To Vaccinations – Excerpts from The Infectious Diseases Series by Bill Bingham, National Anti-Vivisection Society, and The Vaccine Guide by Dr Randall Neustaedter. Reveals how the triple antigen and other vaccines have caused cases of paralytic polio.
• Vaccination and Social Violence – By Harris L. Coulter PhD – Author of Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality, Coulter develops the thesis that the “sociopathic personality” which has emerged on a mass scale in recent decades – and which is responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and social violence – is causally linked to the childhood vaccination programs. In other words, vaccination causes encephalitis which in turn leads to these post-encephalitic states and conditions.
• Vaccination and Violent Crime – By Harris L. Coulter PhD – Hard-core criminals have very high incidences (much higher than the population at large) of: seizure disorders, dyslexia and hyperactivity, low IQ and mental retardation, autistic features, allergies, tendencies to alcoholism and drug abuse, etc. Research indicates that all of these conditions are recognisable as the long-term effects of encephalitis.
• How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds – By Alternative Health E-Mall – Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom.
• Secret Government Database on Vaccine-Damaged Children – By Neil Z. Miller – Excerpted from Miller’s book Immunization Theory vs Reality.
• The Great Boycott – By Jon Rappoport – Describes why and how we should be boycotting the major pesticide companies. Explains the histories, products, and global health impact of these environmentally toxic, multinational chemical manufacturers.
• Are Supplements Safe? – By Robert Ryan BSc, Health Promotion Australia – The 2003 media circus that surrounded the problems with Pan Pharmaceuticals has created an impression with some people that nutritional supplements are “dangerous”. Let’s add some perspective.
• Codex – The International Threat To Health Freedom – By John C. Hammell, International Advocates for Health Freedom – The United Nations/World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarious Commission may be the greatest threat to health freedom in the world today!
• FDA Attacks Alternative Clinics- Cancer Patients’ Lives Threatened – By John C. Hammell, International Advocates for Health Freedom – The Food and Drug Administration has a long-standing track record of suppressing novel therapies that compete with conventional oncology’s obscene profits.
• The Medical Monopoly Targets Homebirth – By CAFMR – Despite medicine’s dismal record of unsafe birth deliveries and the resultant high rates of medical litigation and record compensation pay-outs, the Medical Monopoly is attempting to discredit and outlaw Homebirths in Australia.
• The Story Behind Prozac… the Killer Drug – By Thomas Whittle & Richard Wieland, Church of Scientology – In the face of ever-mounting evidence of the dangers of the psychiatric drug Prozac, the FDA has balked at moving against the antidepressant which has accumulated more adverse reaction reports than any other substance in the 24-year history of the FDA’s ADR reporting system.
• Why to Avoid Ritalin: What You May Have Not Been Told About The Drug – Compiled by Healthy Source – Excerpts from official and non-official sources of the warnings, drug dependency risk, precautions and adverse reactions related to the use of Ritalin.

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