Mercury=Toxic the data here….

Websites exclusively on the dangers of mercury:
library photo by G Tyler (Danish) (German)

Film on the history of amalgam:

Film recordings of the evaporation of mercury from amalgam fillings:

Danish Radio and TV doctor Carsten Vagn-Hansen’s view of the case: (Danish)

They have also looked at the problem in detail in Norway and Sweden: (Norwegian) (Swedish and English)

The Danisch Society for Orthomolecular Medicine has many relevant and interesting articles: (Danish)

Retired chemical engineer (M.Sc.) Poul Møller has held the following lecture on ”Mercury, ageing and the next generation” and has also written an article in “Helsenyt”: (Danish) (Danish)

The Danish Association for Non-Toxic Dentistry (Foreningen mod Skadeligt Dentalmateriale) is also a place to look for information. Recommended here, however, is the exclusive use of biophysical information test and frequency medicine (homeopathy) for diagnosis and treatment. My personal opinion is that this can considerably prolong the detoxification and, in severe cases of chronic metal toxicity, is simply not effective enough: (Danish)

Information on dental care from around the world: (Danish and other languages)

Dr. Med. Joachim Mutter (one of the major experts in the field) has given full interviews; here are some in PDF format:

Interview 1 about amalgam, part 1 (German)

Interview 1 about amalgam, part 2 (German)

Interview 2 about amalgam (German)

Dr. Med. Joachim Mutter, Prof. Boyd Haley and Prof. Melchart all express their opinions in this interview, which is also in PDF format:

Interview with Mutter, Haley and Melchart (German)


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