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‘Amyris’ essential oil In my new aromatherapy Mix

Great scent for artist/musicians/poets-
untitledthe aromatic Amyris is native to Asia, Haiti and other Caribbean islands, as well as Central America. Patience is required, as this tree that grows to be 2-4 meters needs approximately 30 years before it produces its sweet essential oil.

Amyris’ woody, balsamic aroma is relaxing and calming to the nerves. Its cooling action also helps to relieve frustration as well as general stress and irritability. The scent is both uplifting and soothing.

Amyris, also known as ‘West Indian Sandalwood’

Connected to the planet Venus, Amyris both calming and nourishing to the heart chakra. Amyris anchors one’s energy in a state of receptivity and openness, thus enhancing the flow of grace by opening the pathways for inspiration, and transformation. Heightening intuition, creativity, and imagination, Amyris is an excellent oil for dreamers, artists, musicians and poets as she supports them in connecting with creative source energy.

Amyris restores a natural, innocent outlook on life, bringing joy and laughter to our hearts and assisting us in making choices that uplift and nourish, thus encouraging love for ourselves and the world as a whole.


What is an ‘odophone’……

Different smells of aromatherapy essential oils range in a scale pattern like music notes.
From the treble to bass notes, each corresponds to a key.
To make the perfect mixture requires a bouquet of ‘notes’
G.W.Septimus Piesse 1867 created an odophone scale
see chart;
odophonescale (2)

‘Homeopathic science-congress 2013’ my article

Homeopathic Science Congress 2013-
location- Patna India
Transmission of homeopathic energy from a distance
organized by the “Research Institude of Sahni Drug Transission & Homeopathy
G.D.Memorial Homeopathic medical college & Hospital
I was honored to be asked to submit one of my articles-
the article that was used ; “using Homeopathy on an infant for seizures” (page 20+21 in magazine)
You can read the complete article via my website
article1 (2)

article2 (2)

article3 (2)

article4 (2)article2 (2)article3 (2)article4 (2)

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