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The Gift of Drama

The Gift of Drama
By Gina Tyler DHOM

You Choose Between Stagnant,content,happily-ever-after
Drama,motion,change,rebirth and conflict.

To grow Mature Heal and become Aware We need to find “DRAMA”.
Without it we stay stagnant in our belief,life,dietary habits,friends,healing and choices.

Drama creates meaning-actions-shedding-rebirth. This may be applied to everything one looks at.
For instance the planet,universe,yourself,family,relationships,work and your health.

“Happily-ever-after” sounds fantastic just like a dream ending in a fairy tale but is this really best for us?

Lets use this as an example; A very affluent family that has it all, a glorious home plenty of money, material objects, beauty and fame.
Can this be a façade for other issues such as depression suppression, suicidal tendency, guilt fear sadness or grief?
You might think ‘not’
This “Golden cage” sounds too good to be true You might say to yourself “I want this too”.
This same family might come from generations of royalty, but is their health in question are they truly happy?

Looking Deeper you see the hidden family secrets of abuse rape incest cruelty mental illness infidelity and obsessive neurotic behavior.
You may ask: How long has this Incubation of suppression lasted?

The Urge to move restlessly and to seek drama has acted out via manifestations seen in severe health imbalances passed onward in secret through generations (homeopaths call Predisposed Miasmic influence).

Individual catastrophic events start to unfold A change-’drama’ is happening. This is a good thing.

Understanding change is understanding nature, we must learn to deal with it and not suppress it.

So when we suffer illness we are shaken up, to confront it head on is a ‘good’ thing……
But we may miss the mark altogether , How you may ask? By unconsciously suppressing it by “Having someone else deal with it”…………

Example; “I will go to my MD and get a prescription or book a surgery so it will just go away and get better”…………..Doing nothing to creatively alter the CAUSEFACTORS like lifestyle habits , and conflicts “WE really don’t get it”.

“I cant deal with the drama of my illness (or child’s illness) I want a professional to handle it quickly”.

So does this sound familiar ,it does to me I’m sure I’ve said this before……have you?

The Golden cage does not exist but in theory mere fairy tales. Life is in constant motion turmoil change and usually in conflict.

Archetypical philosophy on homeopath, the esoteric outlook on psychological healing “JUNG” called Psychic infection.

The psychological immune reaction caused by repression and suppressions in a life span affect the core of our constitution and communication.
Subtle awareness of this ‘language’ should be discussed.

Unfolding this psyche gives homeopaths the potential clues into the ‘essence’ of a patient.
The phenomenon of homeopathic healing and how it can untangle the unconscious messages of illness introduced via conflicts trauma and stress.

As a homeopath it is important to look for clue’s deep within each patient as to how the equilibrium has faltered.

Clearly discussing the depths of psychology self consciousness dreams ego and how these can all be paths to illness.

As these transitions occur there is an overload in the physical organism.

Finding the ‘archetypical essence’ via the simillimum is the road to healing.

Within the stage of Drama we uncover this perfect ‘golden cage’ to see inward that its merely flesh and blood with many imbalances and imperfections in ’stasis’.

The end



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