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Autism is big business. Whether it’s the $160/hr for therapy, the countless vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or the out-of-pocket lab tests and doc visits, we’ve done it all in the past three years for Moose. I have the credit card bill to prove it.

Despite all the inteventions, energy, and time, something still nagged at me.

I knew Moose’s healing required something deeper. I found myself lagging on supplements and lab tests late this past spring. Something seemed off. Like we were close to an answer, but I couldn’t quite make it out.

Homeopathy was mentioned to me in whispers, but it always seemed in the periphery. Something that I’d think about later.

After reading two books, The Impossible Cure and CEASE Therapy, the direction we would take next became clear.

I didn’t feel ready to discuss homeopathy on this blog, until I tried it myself for my own health issues, and had Moose on the protocol for a few months.

My God, the changes since we began homeopathy in June, have been nothing sort of a miracle.

For me {I’ll write about that soon}, and for Moose.

For years, we struggled with diarrhea, since his 2nd birthday. We’ve visited every specialist and doctor imaginable. Within weeks of starting homeopathy, said diarrhea is GONE.

Comorbid with the bowel issues, Moose had major trouble falling asleep at night: running, jumping, and yelping for up to two hours after lights went out. After our current clearing hit the second week {which is homeopathic terminology for treatment}, the errratic nighttime behaviors have left the estate, people.

The kid is in his bed, usually asleep within 15 minutes.

That alone, is a testament, to homeopathy.

Again, this is NOT a coincidence.

Coupled with this, is the ability to follow directions again, just like when he was before he developed autism. When I tell him to get his shoes, place his dish in the sink, come in and eat…he listens.

Again, this is NOT a coincidence.

Homeopathy is not widely known in the U.S., but has been used for over 200 years throughout Europe. Rather than suppressing symptoms like pharmaceuticals, it heals the body gently while addressing the underlying cause.

Imagine, if you will, doctors finding the cause of what ails you, rather than piling on the band-aids.

For the past three years, I’ve had this mantra in my head, “The Cure is in The Cause”.

Now, to address the many causes…

Homeopathy has taught me that it wasn’t one shot that led Moose to autism: it’s a multifaceted assault that began long before his birth: with my health: all of my migraine medications, my pharmaceutical history. What happened at his birth, with a heavily medicated C-section delivery. Then the chronic ear infections. The excessive vaccines. Living in polluted Chicago. The inflammatory American diet. The incessant antibiotics. The copious amounts of Baby Motrin and Tylenol. Even, the emotional impact of my father’s death when he was a newborn contributed to his autism. Emotional, physical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and mental stressors all matter.

This is precisely why, “a cure” for autism can’t be found. There are too many causes. All autisms are different, because all of our medical and family histories are different. Treatment needs to be tailored to the individual.

By age 2, the cup runneth over, so to speak, and Moose lost skills, language, and the ability to point and wave.

Now, at age 5, the Moose is on his way back. He’s made more progress on four months of homeopathy than he did on three years of pricey supplements and the DAN! {Defeat Autism Now}route.

Our homeopath, Lora Roberts, is one of the few homeopaths in the U.S. who is trained in a special homeopathy for autism known as CEASE therapy. She has been the most intuituve practioner I’ve encountered on our autism journey. We’re blessed to have her on Team Moose.(more CEASE practicioners at

Many families have seen progress and recovery with the DAN! route.

Our story is different.

And I know, in the deepest parts of my being, that finally, there will be a happy ending.

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