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Helichrysum, also known as Everlasting Essential Oil or Immortelle, has been studied in Europe for regeneration of nerves, improving skin conditions, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and speeding healing.

There are many species of Helichrysum, though it is only the ‘italicum’ species that is true ‘Immortelle’ or ‘Everlasting’, with the regenerative actions attributed to this wonderful oil. Further, the Corsican variety is actually considered a sub-species, noted as Helichrysum italicum spp. sertinum. The island is the only source known for producing oils with consistently high levels of Neryl Acetate, a molecular constituent thought to have anti-spasmodic properties. As you continue reading, note that this is the only significant difference in the chemistry profile of the two Helichrysum sources.

Our current stocks both have excellent, synergistic chemistry profiles. The unique natural molecular components of these Helichrysum italicum oils include anti-inflammatory alpha, beta and gamma-curcumenes (think ‘curcumine’, the anti-inflammatory extract from tumeric), and high amounts of regenerative di-ketones. While ketone-containing essential oils are generally to be avoided, the di-ketones (actually ‘Italidiones’ in Helichrysum) are perfectly safe.

The curcumenes found, too, in Ginger essential oil, are also chelators of metals from the body (some users will massage a diluted formula into their feet to support removal of metals from the body). The di-ketones are not found in any other essential oil (hence the name ‘Italidiones’, from Helichrysum italicum). They are thought to be potent aids in stimulating tissue regeneration. These are one of the reasons you’ll frequently find Helichrysum in scar-reduction and wound healing formulas.

A few usage suggestions: For burns, apply undiluted as soon as possible for immediate relief – only 1-3 drops are necessary. For impact-type injuries, apply undiluted immediately to prevent initial swelling and reduce healing time; use enough to cover the area in a thin layer (this is often only a few drops). Same for ‘twists’ (an ankle, for example). Repeat application again in 30 minutes if you think it’s necessary.

When using undiluted, just put your index finger on the top of the bottle (for 5 and 12ml bottles, otherwise dispense drop by drop using an eyedropper) and invert the bottle ~ then apply from your fingertip. We have had many reports of successful application to sports injuries and the like, with rapid healing and minimal downtime.

For older injuries (more than a few hours) it has been suggested to use diluted in any carrier oil. We personally use Jojoba most of the time, though any carrier will work. The dilution is a matter of personal preference, though we keep a bottle of 20% Helichrysum on-hand (this is 6ml in 24ml carrier oil, to fill a one-ounce glass bottle). We use this for sports injuries and pain like backaches, stiff joints and the like. For neck pain, we sometimes will use at full strength. For many users, relief is reported as nearly immediate (though this depends on how deep within the body the damage tissues are and how old the injury might be) and more profound than products which simply mask the pain. For further support for inflamed areas, 1% German Chamomile can be included.

Helichrysum is the only essential oil found to contain certain di-ketones, which may support wound healing and scar reduction. It is suitable for wound healing and for scars, resulting either from accidents, surgery or acne. It may be especially effective when combined with Rose Hip Seed oil. The triple unsaturated fatty acids may strengthen the cell membranes and, combined with the regenerative qualities of Everlasting, can heal wounds with little or no scarring. The following combination is suggested Schnaubelt’s ‘Advanced Aromatherapy’: 2ml Helichrysum essential oil and 1ml Sea Buckthorn essential oil in 15ml Rose Hip Seed Oil and 15ml Tamanu oil; for ‘old’ scars, use 2ml Helichrysum, 1ml Sea Buckthorn, and 1ml Sage OR Rosemary Verbenone essential oil in the same base. We also highly recommend Calendula essential oil for wound healing; there is a large body of scientific evidence this oil has strong tissue healing properties, and should synergize excellently with Helichrysum.

Helichrysum oil may provide relief of joint pain for individuals with arthritic conditions, with potential significant anti-inflammatory action. Many folks use if for general stiff, painful and tight musculature as well. A recent customer had this to say about this oil: “Just a note of thanks for the speedy delivery and the great product. You can add TMJ/facial pain to uses list…which is how I’ve been using it. I mixed the 5ml bottle in a 2oz bottle of organic jojoba and am applying to TMJ muscles and neck (also chest)…also have experienced many interesting spirit/emotional ‘releases’…this stuff works wonders”.

Helichrysum may be of support for peripheral nerve-related conditions; it can be applied in 5-20% dilution to areas of numbness or tingling. It has been indicated by some users for support with symptoms of tinnitus: drop on a cotton ball, placed in the ear while sleeping each night for two weeks) and other forms of hearing loss or damage.

This essential oil contains anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene hydrocarbons – this compound acts by dissipating free radicals. Helichrysum essential oil’s other major components include neryl acetate, a monoterpenoid ester with distinct, relaxing effects that may reduce tension of the tissues in the area of the injury. The third major component are the regenerative di-ketones, found in significant quantities only in Helichrysum oil. “The pain- reducing, analgesic, and regenerative effect of everlasting (Helichrysum) is unique: If applied in time, it prevents hemorrhaging. It is also very effective for joint pain…” – Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Advanced Aromatherapy.

The oil is also thought to be a strong chelator, supporting liver function and potentially drawing heavy metals and toxins out of the body. It is noted as one of, if not THE, most effective detoxification supporting essential oils by Battaglia in ‘The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy’. A strong dilution can be used (1:1 in coconut oil, for example) and massaged twice per day into the feet. The reflex points of the feet corresponding to the liver may be of greatest help in this process.

The aroma is thought to uplift the subconscious, and can be used in a diffuser if desired. It is thought to be a releaser of Qi (Chi), unblocking and regulating this essential energy in the body. It may help individuals that are emotionally blocked, dispersing more deeply embedded repression. At its most transformative, Helichrysum oil may assist in untying the deepest of emotional knots, restoring freedom and compassion to the eternal soul.
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To learn more about the use of all our essential oils, we encourage you to visit The Ananda Apothecary Forums, where you can post questions regarding specific applications of each oil. Questions in the forums are regularly answered by Ananda Apothecary staff, and other experienced aromatherapy practitioners.

Uses: Helichrysum may be applied undiluted to bumps, strains, sprains or burns that have just occurred. Do not apply to open wounds. For older injuries, dilute between 1:1 and 1:10 in any carrier oil. Can be blended with Tea Tree or other oils for additional antiseptic action.
Possible Actions: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, chelating.
Indications: Nerve pain, joint pain, bruises, wound healing, scar reduction, heavy metal toxicity.
Cautions: Always test a small amount first for sensitivity or allergic reaction. May be used safely as a natural aromatic. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult a physician


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