birth related symptoms using homeopathics

article written by talented homeopath Mary Aspinwall

her latest blog is aimed at helping mothers and their new babies recover safely and easily after birth. Some nice testimonies from Mums included at the end.
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here are a few remedy suggestions from her article;
After Pains 999

after many children, Secale 200
groin area, intense, Cimicifuga 200
long-lasting, Secale 200
extending to hips, buttocks, legs, Kali Carb 200
worse if baby feeds, Arnica 200,Chamomilla 200, Pulsatilla 200,Secale 200
with sore, bruised feeling, Arnica 200
with weepiness, Pulsatilla 200
with disappointment/resentment about the birth, Staphisagria 200
unbearable, Chamomilla 200, Cimicifuga 200

Birth Trauma

BACK pain, Kali Carb 200 / after epidural, Hypericum 200
BRUISING Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
of perineum, Calendula 200 and use Calendula ointment externally
of uterus, Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
WEAKNESS Kali Phos 200, Arnica 200,Pulsatilla 200, Sepia 200
WOUNDS Hypericum 200 or Calendula 200
URINE retention, mother, Arnica 200 / baby, Aconite 200

Breast feeding

BREASTS, painful
radiating pain from nipple, Phytolacca 200
red, hot, throbbing, Belladonna 200
CRACKED NIPPLES, Phytolacca 200
MILK, too much, Pulsatilla 200


after effects of,
Arnica 200, Bellis Perennis 200, Calendula 200, Hypericum 200

Drug reactions & Medical interventions

DRUGS, after effects of
Morphine or Demerol/Pethidine, disturbed sleep, irritable Chamomilla 200
Syntometrine(Oxytocin/Ergometrine), Secale 200 (give asap)
General anesthetic, Phosphorus 200 (esp. if vomiting)
EPIDURAL,after effects of, Arnica 200, Hypericum 200,
EPISIOTOMY Calendula 200, Hypericum 200, Staphisagria 200
FORCEPS delivery, after effects of,
Arnica 200, Bellis Per 200, Calendula 200, Staphisagria 200
STITCHES Calendula 200,Hypericum 200, Staphisagria 200

Emotional upsets

(often supressed) about the birth, Staphisagria 200
ANXIETY Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
HUMILIATION, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
INSOMNIA with anxiety Aconite 200
INFLAMMATION of penis, in newborn, Arnica 200
IRRITABILITY Chamomilla 200 or Sepia 200
RESENTMENT, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
WEEPINESS Pulsatilla 200 or Sepia 200
of mother and baby after fast Labour, Aconite 200
of baby being an unexpected sex, Arnica 200
of serious birth defect, give mother, Cimicifuga 200


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