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Homeopathy for motion sickness

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Why do we get sick when we travel?

When we travel, our vestibular system registers the rocking motion. Our eyes simultaneously mainly immobile objects such as the interior of the vehicle. The sensors in the muscles give additionally by the position in which the body is located. Our brains receive signals that are so different from each other seem to speak. We move it or not? The body responds with symptoms that we call motion sickness. Directors often have fewer problems with motion sickness because they can look around. Therefore they feel not only the movement but they also see that they move.

What can you do to prevent travel sickness?

Eat half hour before a light meal,
avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarette smoke,
eat while traveling occasionally a piece of fresh fruit or light meal.
while you’re sick, eating dry biscuit some relief ,
Find a good spot on the vehicle. In a boat you experience the least
variations on the middle level with the waterline. In a car or bus, you front the best.
Fresh air and a view of the horizon helps,
make sure you see your moves. Leads yourself with games.

Classical homeopathy and travel sickness

There are 60 homeopathic remedies for motion sickness, each with their own specific characteristics and applications. If you are severely affected by motion sickness, it is wise to try to come into practice. Together with you I pick the agent that best suits your complaints and suits your personal attributes. Advantage is that such coordinated through an overall improvement which gives you comfortable in your own skin gets stuck.

To give you an idea, here are three homeopathic remedies for motion sickness and their specific characteristics:

Cocculus indicus
Nausea during travel. The urge to vomit is worse when you stand up. Even a boat or other vehicle watch (while not even in it) already caused nausea or dizziness. The nausea is worse when you’re cold and is associated with much salivation. Other features of this are: prolonged sleep deprivation by worrying about others headache that is felt in the back and a weak nervous system.

Nausea during voyages and in the car. After traveling diarrhea. The face is very pale and the nausea is better to eat or lie with the head higher. There is an aversion to fat food. A person who benefits from Petroleum usually has a dark appearance and a very dry skin causing fissures occur, especially in winter. And making decisions is very difficult for these people.

Have you while traveling suffer from cold sweats and severe nausea and vomiting you should at the least movement? Do you suffer from dizziness thereby leading to fainting? Then Tabacum the right tool. Especially if the symptoms improve in the open air and surrender. They aggravated by standing up and eyes open. Typically, the major weakness is not in proportion to the complaint and there is no interest in the area.

Herbs seasickness

Ginger Powder is a good remedy for nausea. You can 1 teaspoon ginger powder in some water dissolve and take a half hour before you travel. Ginger Powder you like spice buy in the supermarket or in capsules at the health food store or drugstore.

Roman chamomile is also a tool that is used for motion sickness. You can before leaving a strong cup of tea pulling Roman chamomile. Popularly chamomile is therefore sometimes called gastric flower.

Vitamins for motion sickness

For motion sickness histamine released in the brains and thereby you nauseous. Vitamin C acts as an antihistamine (like fine tour) without side effects. For departure and during the trip 2-4 x daily 500mg vitamin C.

Other natural resources

Seabands: wristbands that work through acupressure. They are available at the drugstore (eg at Etos) and at the ANWB for both adults and children.

A cotton ball in the ear appears to some people to help. If you are right handed and left if you are left in the right ear.

Travelin travel tablets are for sale at the best drugstore. It is a homeopathic complex remedy that is safe for children.

Bon voyage!

Waarom worden we ziek als we reizen?

Als we reizen, registreert ons evenwichtsorgaan de schommelende beweging. Onze ogen zien tegelijkertijd voornamelijk onbeweeglijke voorwerpen zoals het interieur van het voertuig. De sensoren in de spieren geven daarnaast nog door in welke positie het lichaam zich bevindt. Onze hersenen ontvangen dus verschillende signalen die elkaar tegen lijken te spreken. Bewegen we nu wel of niet? Het lichaam reageert hierop met symptomen die we reisziekte noemen. Bestuurders hebben vaak minder last van reisziekte omdat ze om zich heen kunnen kijken. Daardoor voelen ze dus niet alleen de beweging maar ze zien ook dat ze bewegen.

Wat kun je doen om reisziekte te voorkomen?

Eet een half uur van te voren een lichte maaltijd;
Vermijd koffie, alcohol en sigarettenrook;
Eet tijdens de reis af en toe een stuk zoet fruit of een andere lichte maaltijd.
Als je toch misselijk wordt, kan het eten van…

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