What Antidotes Homeopathics

Substances to Avoid (or it will antidote homeopathics)

Another important thing to remember is that it is wise to avoid any substances that might interfere with your remedy. Certain substances have been found to reverse (“antidote”) the effects of homeopathic remedies and medicines.

It is suggested that you avoid the following substances, practices and items to insure the best response from your remedy:


Coffee ,even smelling coffee
Camphor, or camphorated products including products containing eucalyptus and camphor oils
Dental work, teeth cleaning, drilling or anesthetics
Electric blankets
Mint, or mentholated products
some Recreational drugs
Some conventional drugs (Be sure to tell your homeopath what you are taking) steriods,cortisones.HRT,Birthcontroll pills……
Stress, which can lower the resonance of a homeopathic remedy
Some Shaman healing may antidote homeopathy(may have to redose afterwards)


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