Black Cohosh Benefits,specially for females

Black Cohosh Benefits some new added information-

Black Cohosh has been used by Native Americans for more than two hundred years, after they discovered the root of the plant helped relieve menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause. These days it is still used for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes/flushes, irritability, mood swings and sleep disturbances. It is also used for PMS, menstrual irregularities, uterine spasms and has been indicated for reducing inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and neuralgia.

Herbal researcher Dr. James Duke has this to say about Black Cohosh; “Black cohosh really should be better known in this country, especially with our aging population and the millions of women who are now facing menopause. Recognized for its mild sedative and anti-inflammatory activity, black cohosh can help with hot flashes and other symptoms associated with that dramatic change of life called menopause. It’s also reported to have some estrogenic activity. Herbalist Steven Foster refers to a study that compared the effects of conventional estrogen replacement therapy with black cohosh. That study looked at 60 women, younger than 40 years old, who had had complete hysterectomies and were experiencing abrupt menopause. In all groups, treatment with black cohosh compared favorably with conventional treatment.”

“Native Americans used the roots and rhizomes of this member of the buttercup family to treat kidney ailments, malaria, rheumatism, and sore throats. Early American settlers turned to it for bronchitis, dropsy, fever, hysteria and nervous disorders, lumbago, rattlesnake bites, and yellow fever. It’s also reportedly well known for easing PMS and menstrual irregularities.”

This estrogenic activity, notes Dr. Duke, can contribute to a ‘mastogenic’ effect; the natural enlargement of the breasts. Black Cohosh has also been used to induce labour and should not be used during pregnancy.

A dozen studies or more conducted throughout the 1980s and 1990s confirm that the long-standing use of black cohosh for menopausal symptoms has scientific validity. For example, in a German study involving 629 women, black cohosh improved physical and psychological menopausal symptoms in more than 80% of the participants within four weeks. In a second study, 60 menopausal women were given black cohosh extract, conjugated estrogens, or diazepam (a leading anti-anxiety medication) for three months. Those who received black cohosh reported feeling significantly less depressed and anxious than those who received either estrogens or diazepam. In another study, 80 menopausal women were treated for 12 weeks with black cohosh extract, conjugated estrogens, or placebo. Black cohosh improved anxiety, menopause and vaginal symptoms. In addition, the number of hot flashes dropped from 5 to less than 1 average daily occurences in the black cohosh group compared to those taking estrogen in whom hot flashes dropped from 5 to 3.5 daily occurences.

Given these examples, and results of other studies, some experts have concluded that black cohosh may be a safe and effective alternative to estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for women who cannot or will not take ERT for menopause.

Preliminary studies also suggest that black cohosh may help reduce inflammation associated osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In a review of scientific studies, researchers concluded that a combination of black cohosh, willow bark (Salix spp.), sarsaparilla (Smilax spp.), guaiacum (Guaiacum officinale) resin, and poplar bark (Populus tremuloides) may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Black Cohosh Benefits

1.Kidney Health-Black cohosh was used by the Native Americans extensively for this purpose.
2.Rheumatism-This is another traditional use for this amazing medicinal herb.
3.To Aid in Labor-Black cohosh was used during the 1850′s by the Eclectics to help with labor and delivery.
4.Muscle Pain-There are currently several patent remedies for this containing black cohosh in Europe and Australia.
5.Sedative-Black cohosh is considered by many modern herbalists to be a sedative.
6.Coughs and Colds-Black cohosh was a common remedy of the Cherokee and the Iroquois for the treatment of these conditions.
7.Diuretic-Black cohosh extract is said by many modern practitioners to help rid the body of excess water weight.
8.Antioxidant-Black cohosh is an extremely potent antioxidant. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radical that cause damage to cells and DNA.
9.Headaches-Black cohosh extract was used during the 1850′s by the Eclectics for the treatment of this painful condition.
10.PMS, Menstrual Pain, and Cramps-This amazing herb was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia from 1820 to 1920 for the treatment of these conditions.
11.Inflammation-Black cohosh is a general anti inflammatory. Total body inflammation is now being recognized as a factor in many diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.
12.Menopausal Symptoms-Black cohosh has shown significant benefits for almost every symptom related to menopause. A study conducted showed that after only 4 weeks of treatment with black cohosh, study participants showed improvements in almost all parameters of menopausal symptoms. No black cohosh side effects were reported. After 8 weeks, all symptoms were gone in approximately 50% of the patients, and were very much improved in 40% of the patients. Overall improvement rates ranged from 76% to 93% of patients. More details are in the following paragraphs.
13.Hot Flashes-A double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study was done on 80 women suffering from symptoms of menopause including hot flashes. After 12 weeks of treatment, the average number of hot flashes per day dropped from 4.9 to .7 per day in the black cohosh group, as compared to 5.1 to 3.1 per day in the placebo group, and 5.2 to 3.2 per day in the estrogen group.
14.Post Menopausal Anxiety-80 female volunteers were suffering from symptoms of menopause, including anxiety. For 12 weeks, all the women were given either estrogen, black cohosh or a placebo. To properly measure, the study used the 14 point Hamilton Anxiety Scale to measure anxiety levels, and the Kupperman Menopausal Index to address mostly neurovegatative complaints.
Before the above mentioned trial (#14), the women were diagnosed to have moderate to severe menopausal symptoms, including anxiety. After 12 weeks of treatment, the black cohosh extract group showed a large decrease in median Hamilton Anxiety Scale Scores as compared to the placebo and estrogen groups. These results were apparent after only 4 weeks of treatment. The black cohosh dosage for the above mentioned studies were mostly different, but still effective.


So are you amazed yet? I am. And I thought I was aware of all of the health benefits of black cohosh. But black cohosh benefits the body in many ways. This is a testament to the power of these tremendous healing herbs nature has put here for us. And black cohosh may be the best yet.


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