Cajuput Essential oil,similar to eucalyptus oil

Health Benefits of Cajuput Essential Oil

One of my Favorite medicinal plant oils,Indonesian use it for everything  health related -see article;

The health benefits of Cajuput Essential Oil includes its properties like anti septic, cosmetic, bactericide, insecticide, decongestant, analgesic, expectorant, febrifuge, vermifuge, anti spasmodic, anti neuralgic, carminative, stimulant, tonic, sudorific, emenagogue etc.

Cajuput Essential oil is extracted from the twigs and leaves of Cajuput tree. The scientific name of Cajuput tree is Melaleuca Cajuputi. Chief components of Cajuput Oil are Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Limonene, Alpha Terpinene, Alpha Terpineol, Gamma Terpinene, Terpinolene, Terpineol, Cineole, Cymene, Linalool, Myrcene etc. The process of extraction of Cajuput Oil involves steam distillation of its twigs and leaves, which is quite similar to that of extraction of Eucalyptus Oil.

This oil is not used in culinary but has many medicinal uses. Here they are.

  • Anti Septic & Bactericide: These are perhaps the most priced properties of Cajuput Oil. It is very efficient in fighting infections from bacteria, virus and fungi, such as tetanus (bacteria), influenza (virus) etc. and infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid etc. It can be externally applied on cuts and wounds from rusty iron etc. to protect against tetanus, until vaccine is taken.
  • Insecticide & Vermifuge: Very efficient in killing and driving away insects. Its insecticidal properties are so strong that its diluted solution can be sprayed or it can be vaporized with the help of a vaporizer to drive away mosquitoes, ants etc. (of course, not the cockroaches) from the rooms. Mosquito nets can also be dipped in its solution for added benefits. Its diluted solution can also be rubbed on the body to keep away insects. It also kills the intestinal worms if a very mild diluted solution in water is taken.
  • Decongestant & Expectorant: Just like the Eucalyptus Oil, it is also an expert decongestant and expectorant. Being a decongestant, it gives immediate relief in congestion of nose, throat and other respiratory organs as well as in coughs, infection and resultant inflammation of throat and respiratory tracts such as laryngitis (for larynx), pharyngitis (for pharynx) and bronchitis (for bronchi) etc.
  • Cosmetic & Tonic: It smoothens and brightens skin and keeps it free from infections, thus used extensively in cosmetics, anti septic creams etc. It also tones up the skin and hence used as a tonic.
  • Stimulant & Sudorific: It stimulates the organs, gives a warming effect, promotes circulation and activates secretions. Being a stimulant, it also stimulates the Eccrine glands promoting perspiration and thus serving as a Sudorific. These effects are very beneficial to the body as with the help of these, the toxins are removed from the body.
  • Analgesic: It is analgesic in nature, i.e. it reduces feeling of pain. When applied locally, such as on an infected tooth in case of a toothache or rubbed on forehead in case of headache or on sprains, it gives quick relief. If ingested, it can reduce pain in joints, headache and muscles etc. in case of fever, cold etc.
  • Febrifuge: It helps reducing fever by fighting infection as well as by bringing sweat, which cools down the body.
  • Carminative: Cajuput Oil can give you a good relief from the gas trouble as it has carminative properties. It restricts formation of gas as well as helps remove the gas already formed in the intestines.
  • Anti Neuralgic: Neuralgia is a very painful situation in which the almost the entire oral zone, including the throat, ears, tonsils, base of the nose, larynx and pharynx and the surrounding areas suffer from severe pain due to compression of the Glossopharyngeal or the ninth cranial nerve by the surrounding blood vessels which tend to swell from chewing, eating, laughing, shouting or any other excitement or movement in that region. Here Cajuput Oil can give immense relief. It, being an analgesic, reduces the feeling of pain on the one hand and on the other, cools down or relaxes the blood vessels reducing their swelling, thereby relieving the pressure on the ninth cranial nerve, giving immediate relief from the pain.
  • Other Benefits: Cajuput Oil is Anti Spasmodic and relieves cramps. It, being a stimulant, acts as an Emenagogue too and opens menstruations. Being a detoxifier, it helps cure pimples or acne and as an anti inflammatory, gives relief in inflammation.

Blending: The oils that can be blended well with Cajuput Oil are Angelica, Bergamot, Cloves, Lavender, Geranium and Thyme Oil.

This article was contributed by Aparup Mukherjee

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