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 Myocardial Infarction and Homoeopathy – Dr.Beenadas
 Pneumonia and Homoeopathy – Dr.Beenadas
 Sialadenitis and Homoeopathy – Dr.Beenadas
 Myositis Ossificans and Homoeopathy – Dr.Beenadas
 Homoeopathic approach in CVA – Dr.Beenadas
 Homeopaths should see opportunity in every difficulty but not  difficulty in every opportunity Dr.Mansoor Ali
  A case of empty sella syndrome cured by HomeopathyDr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  Varicocele induced oligospermia – a case report- Dr.R.K.Singh
  Summer of 2009 and HomeopathyDr.Aadil Chimthanwala
  Hydrophobinum – A miracle cureDr.Kumar
  A case of trochanteric bursitisDr.Sreekuamar
  A case of frozen shoulder managed with HomeopathyDr.Sreekumar
  Fistula in ano and Homeopathic management – Gyandas.S.Wadhwani
  Another case of sarcoidosis cured with Homeopathy –  Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  A case cured without totality of symptoms – Dr.Shiv Dua
  My experience in a case of epidermolysis bullosa – Dr.Gyandas.G.Wadhwani
  Case studies of the application of cognitive homeopathyDr.George Loukas
  Sarcoidosis Cured with Homeopathy Dr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  Cholelithisasis cure with HomeopathyDr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  Luffa Operculate in sinusitis
  A case of TAO
  A case of Rheumatic fever
  Impotency- Success in Homeopathy
  A case of schizophrenia with renal failureDr.Jawahar Sha
  Bacillinum in pernicious anaemia – an interesting casesDr.Kumar
  A case of Carcinoma Hard Palate Cured with Hekla lavaDr.Rajaneesh Kumar
  A wonderful case of Marjolin’s ulcerDr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  Lapis Albus: A positive approach to the treatment of glands enlargedDr.Kumar
  Wonderful cure by MastersDr.Sayeed Ahammed
  A case of  mental abrasionDr.Abdul Gafar
  A case of alopecia-  Carboneum sulphDr.Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma
  A case of dyshydrotic eczemaDr.Rajaneesh kumar Sharma
  A Uterine fibroid cured with AMN (Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum)Dr.Kumar
  Fertility success by Homeopathy- try this methodLiz Lazor
  Lilium Tigrinum: A boon to the ladies suffering from Haemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst. – Dr.Kumar
  Esophageal Stricture cured by  HydrophobinumDr.Kumar
  A case of tubercular lymphadenitisDr.Rajaneesh kumar Sharma. 
  Cannabis Indica- more capacious, most effective  – Dr.Kumar
  Homoeopathic management of InfertilityDr.Daxa Vaishnav

  Deep vein thrombosisDr.Vijay.H.Vyshnav

  Polycystic ovarian disease– – Dr.Daxa Vaishnav

  Seborrheic dermatitis with alopeciaDr.Vijay.H.Vyshnav

  Subcutaneous emphysema neckDr.Vijay.H.Vyshnav

  Portal hypertension with hepatic encephalopathy- a case studyDr.Meera

  Arum sulph – A case study  – Dr.Dimpi Sha

  Diabetic foot gangrene is curable Dr.Prabhakar Shetty 

  A cured case of Hydatid CystDr.Rajaneesh kumar Sharma.

  A case of Leukemia Dr.Mamgain

  A case of chronic headache & nasal obstruction- David Nortman  

  A case of osteo myelitis Dr.Saloni Sharma 

  A case of c/c asthma  Dr. Dinesh Chauhan  

  A case of multiple cornsDr. Urvi Chauhan  .

  Thyroid disorders and SarcodesDr.Rekha Karnam Srinivasan.
  Systemic Sclerosis- A case study
  Muscular dystrophy – A case study
  Kawasaki’s disease and HomeopathyDr.Sudheera  

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