Vaccine damage and what homeopathy can do to help
Homeopathy has years of expierence with vaccine damage,Modern allopathic medicine and its crafty practicioneers turn their heads the other way. Refusal of addressing these factors has caused turmoil within a massive parent community of frustrated  consumers seeking aid.
Thousands of infants/toddlers/children/teens are suffering due to vaccine adverse effects,why does the medical establishment do nothing about it?
Because the more they vaccinate the more $$$$$ they make from the Pharmaceutical corporations,thats why.

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  • heidistevenson

    It isn’t just kids and teens suffering from vaccine damage. It’s been going on for a long long time – and, frankly, the numbers affected must be in the millions. What is it, one in four children suffer from asthma now? And the rate of diabetes in children – which has been well documented to be associated with vaccines – is astronomical. Both of these conditions were extremely rare just 30 years ago.

    The vaccine makers and pushers are literally stealing the breath from children – and many of those children are now adults.


    • homeopathyginatyler

      thanks for the comment,yes i agree 100%
      more of these horror stories can be found at
      personal stories writen in by ;parents/teens/grandparents/military personel/nurses….all suffering from adverse reactions cause directly by vaccines.
      When Will this madness stop!
      Homeopathy is the only form of medicine that comes close to addressing the toxic overload caused by shots.THe damage is so powerfull it crosses the blood brain barriers.
      Each generation within one family gets layer upon layer of vaccine toxin damage that why we see so much of it now.
      Its called IATROGENIC damage,in the case of vaccine chemicals your talking DNA damage!


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