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The dematerialisation + distribution of energy in medicine

By Nick Franks

Seven planes of energy, each with its concomitant forms of consciousness. Each plane is comprised of seven sub-planes of increasing quality and fineness, the whole blending into a continuum. Each of these planes also manifests in us as a corresponding energy body, e.g. the Etheric Body, Astral Body, and so forth.  Briefly, the 7th plane is the Physical, which is subdivided into the solid physical; then liquids; then gases; then four superior levels of Etheric matter. It is the energy of the Etheric plane (prana) which vitalises the Physical form, and Tansley also states that the Miasms reside primarily in the Etheric body; when activated by an appropriate (morbific) stimulus they will taint the energy reaching the physical body, with the results that Hahnemann described at length. I should also note that energy is also distributed through the Etheric body via a system of pathways known as Nadis; it may be considered that these in turn externalise as the nervous system .

                The 6th plane is the Astral (or Emotional), the seat of emotions, desire and illusion – and also, with the Etheric, the place of origin of the greater number of diseases. The 5th plane is the Manasic (or Mental), the plane of Mind, which ranges from concrete rational knowledge on its lower subplanes through to spiritual knowledge on its higher levels. For the purposes of this essay it is not necessary to deal with the four higher planes – (Intuitional); Atmic (Spiritual); Monadic; and Logoic 9 – as they are not involved with the disease process. Tansley refers to them as the Transpersonal Self (or perhaps Soul), and I suppose that you could consider them as the essential being of a person, whereas as the lower vehicles are the becoming of a person and the deeper objective of life is to align the Soul’s Purpose with that of the Personality.

                The link point between the Transpersonal Self and the Personality is the Higher Ego or Causal Body; this is the vehicle, found on the Mental Plane, through which the individual manifests his or her purpose in existence and it is primarily friction 10 resulting from conflict between the different objectives of the Higher and Lower selves which creates illness, and hence, many 11 of the illnesses of humanity. Compare this concept with ­§9 of The Organon – ‘In the healthy human state, the spirit-like life force (autocracy) that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction…. so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.’ Without arguing the finer points, it could be proposed that Radionics and Homoeopathy share a broadly similar central concept of the nature of human health.

                Embedded in the subtle bodies are a number of energy transmission and circulation centres known as Chakras, which have their counterpart on each plane 12, and as the individual develops and consciousness reaches a higher level, so the Chakra ‘opens’ and becomes receptive to energy flowing from higher and higher sources. Radionic analysis is principally concerned with the 7 major Chakras, namely, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown; although certain minor Chakras, such as the Spleen, are often taken into consideration. Each of these Chakras in turn externalises as one of the endocrine glands – e.g. Throat – Thyroid; and the state of the Chakra is considered to condition the functioning of the associated gland and local anatomy.        

                Seen in this context the physical human is a precipitation of higher energies into form and as such the quality of each structure, physical or subtle, will reflect the quality of the energy which has reached it; or, to put it another way, each structure will condition the energy flowing through it – hence for example the miasm in the Etheric body taints the energy to produce some form of illness in the Physical. Energy must flow freely through all of these systems into the physical body to make for the healthy human, and any disturbances of the subtle body will tend to interrupt the flow at some point and will be reflected in mental, emotional or physical symptoms of some nature. Thus the objective of Radionic diagnosis is to find the energy disturbance at its source, if possible, and treat it appropriately 13. Again, this can be compared with § 3 of the Organon ‘a physician must…clearly realise what is to be cured…in each single case of disease….(et seq.).’ 14 In other words we have to identify and rectify the causation; we will not deal with a polluted river (as it were) simply by cleaning it up downstream, if the source of the toxic material is in the higher reaches.

                The Radionic Approach,long distance hair transmission,muscle testing-

                As I have indicated, it seems that virtually anything can represented by a Radionic rate, and Radionics is therefore an open-ended system which enables a vast and probably limitless range of energy qualities and relationships to be studied. Radionics combines Oriental concepts of the subtle anatomy and the relationship of the soul to its vehicles of manifestation with the Western approach to the human body as a biochemical organism. This diagnostic method is therefore concerned not only with the inner ecology of the patient but also his relationship to, as it were, Heaven and Earth. Equally the practitioner needs to cultivate a knowledge, awareness and understanding of a wide range of both esoteric and exoteric factors which in principal goes beyond anything envisaged by many other healing disciplines in use at the present time.

                This draws the practitioner to bear in mind – as a minimum – the following when making a diagnosis:

                 1. Problems resulting from the Spiritual character

                Karmic and related factors such as birth circumstances and willingness to incarnate may need to be considered in some instances. In addition there may be problems resulting from the Spiritual growth practices of the person, such as over-stimulation of certain Chakras. The influence of such factors may only become apparent if a case is proving difficult to treat. The practitioner needs to assess to what extent it is possible or practical to deal with these problems; they may ultimately be a matter for the patient to resolve through life experience. Such cases will also teach the practitioner to accept his or her own limitations.

                 2. Problems resulting from the Personality

                The Personality is at least the sumtotal of the Mental and Astral bodies and is therefore the psychological persona through which the Higher Ego (or Causal Body) interacts with the world at large. Multiple impacts from life in general and its problems, and the conflict between aspiration and achievement, may create many difficulties in the Mental and Astral bodies which are reflected in the Etheric and Physical bodies, often via or including the Chakras. Negative experiences, particularly in childhood, may become embedded in the subtle body to such an extent that they entirely colour the patient’s outlook and produce deep delusional states, considered from the Homoeopathic point of view. 15 In effect this category would include the range of psychiatric, psychological and psychosomatic diseases accepted by orthodox medical science.

               3. Problems resulting from Inheritance

                Genetic inheritance and predisposition are of course widely known to modern science, but the Miasms are hardly acknowledged. These were identified first by Hahnemann as Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis but later researchers in Homoeopathy have added Cancer and Tuberculosis (Pseudo-Psora). These taints are distortions of the Etheric Body which reflect at the cellular level, presumably via the DNA – Chromosome system and are a major source of chronic disease conditions.

                 4. Problems resulting from the Environment and the Planet

                This is a large and, regrettably, expanding category. Alice Bailey writes of diseases inherited from imperfections in the etheric fabric of the Earth itself. As this material is incorporated into the body of the individual human so the Miasms may also be acquired, as I at present understand it. In this category we could also include mass Acute diseases, which may have their roots in social stresses, such as Influenza, Measles, Mumps, etc, and which may leave their own sequelae that can have effects on the individual for years afterwards. In addition human activity has created a range of new Miasms, which at minimum may be said to include:

                (a) Radiation, Petrochemicals, Electro-Magnetic, Heavy Metals, etc 17

                (b) Iatrogenic, from medicines, vaccinations, dental amalgam, and so forth;

                 Here I would suggest we also include Geopathic Stress in various forms, which seems to have its source in imperfections in the geological structure of the planet; and Parasite diseases such as Malaria and other types of infestation having their provenance in the other Kingdoms of Nature. We may even want to add Cosmic influences here such as Solar Electromagnetic flux and even Astrological influences. 18

                 5. Problems in the Physical Body

                This includes in effect the entire range of functional and pathological disturbances covered by orthodox medicine.

                 There are various approaches to performing the diagnosis. If the case is complex the practitioner may wish to create an overall picture of the patient’s health and vitality by assessing the various levels and systems: the Mental, Emotional, and Etheric bodies, Aura, and Nadis; the Chakras; the physical systems as generalities, for instance, Cardio-Vascular, Respiratory, Muscular, G.I. Tract, and so forth. The influence or presence of Miasms, effects of Vaccination, Poisons, Toxins, Geopathic Stress, Malignancy, Infection, Allergies, Nutritional Deficiency or Malabsorption and other factors are also taken into account. The findings are marked into a chart which enables a rapid assessment of the patient’s general state to be made and any areas of trouble should immediately be apparent. The type and source of the problem can be worked out either by mentally posing questions and watching the pendulum response, or by the use of the pendulum with additional charts. Again, each practitioner will tend to vary the basics according to his or her knowledge and experience; the key factor lies in knowing which questions to ask and how to interpret the responses. It should be apparent that both diagnosis and treatment are highly individualised.

                On the other hand a more simple approach is to discover the most prominent symptom, its location, character and, if possible, reason for any deviation from proper function and treat that, with a step-by-step approach of always treating the remaining worst or most prominent symptom, preferably at its source. Whichever approach is used, the second job is to establish the nature of the relationship between the patient and an energy factor – for instance, a Flower, Gem, Command or Homoeopathic remedy – which may be used to correct the problem. Although Radionics encompasses both diagnostic and treatment techniques, there is nothing to prevent the practitioner from dowsing therapies outside of the scope of Radionics to assess their appropriateness to the patient’s problems.

                I would note that in my experience it appears to be crucial to get the treatments in the correct order of priority, which tends towards being ‘worst’ symptoms first. This can of course be difficult in complex cases where there are a multiplicity of confused factors some or all of which may be feeding on or playing off each other. In homoeopathic terms these would be considered multi-miasmatic or layered cases and often require a lengthy period of prescribing.             


                Radionic and Homoeopathic Approaches to Prescribing

                I am going to suggest that the system of subtle bodies and Chakras used in Radionic practice in fact constitutes a model of the Dynamis – or perhaps more properly a model of what the life-force must flow through (as by analogy, electricity flows through a circuit) – in order to result in a state of health in the individual; and that the Radionic method gives the practitioner much additional information which will help the diagnosis and prescription, and can even detect diseases before they manifest in the form of symptoms. 19

                Homoeopaths use the word ‘stuck’ when talking about their cases, and another way of looking at the problem is to find out where the energy is stuck. In case-taking we have the verbal description by the patient to guide us; in Radionic analysis we use a structured method of dowsing to locate the points where the energy is blocked. The description of the symptom by the patient, I have to suppose, is how he verbalises the symptoms he experiences as a result of the blocks in his subtle anatomy. In my understanding of Radionics, the fundamental point is that anything which impedes energy flow impedes health; the primary objective therefore is to identify and clear blocks in the subtle energy system first and foremost, whether these are caused by conflicts within the patient’s personality or by external factors. Obviously in many cases there will be limitations as to what can be achieved because of complex pre-existing health conditions.

                The provings, rubrics and remedy pictures of Homoeopathy are records of the effect of the energy of a potentised substance on a healthy person, and the prescription is reached by a transposition of the patient’s comments into the special diagnostic language of Homoeopathy via a weighting system through which the practitioner attaches greater or lesser significance to the patient’s symptoms, and then compares them with the rubrics in the repertory until the best possible remedy match is found. Homoeopathic prescribing is always guided by the Law of Similars, which, in brief, states that ‘like cures like’; or, ‘a substance which causes certain symptoms in a healthy person will cure them in a person sick with those symptoms’ – to which we must add, with some certainty, ‘when administered at the appropriate potency.’

                The problem with working from symptoms can be that the patient may not give you all of them, or may not remember certain things, or may not consider certain things as being relevant or important enough to tell you, or, perhaps, that the practitioner misinterprets them. The result is that using Homoeopathic methods alone you may never find the key to the case, or you may give any number of what you think are well-selected remedies without useful results, because you are missing a vital part of the picture. Indeed, George Vithoulkas, one of the world’s leading Homoeopathic practitioners, has stated that typically, only about 5% of cases are fully covered by one remedy. He has also stated that the younger a person is when manifesting serious symptoms, the more remedies are likely to be needed. In other words, long-term prescribing requires enormous skill and knowledge levels – which many practitioners may take years to attain. In addition to this there is the problem of potency selection, which in many instances results in a great deal of difficulty. Kent clearly used a vast range of potencies whereas I have heard Jan Scholten, another leading contemporary Homoeopath, state that he gives the potency 1M in virtually all cases. 20

                Using Radionic methods/or kinetic muscle testing on the other hand, we have the possibility of finding the name and potency of the appropriate healing energy (remedy) by a method which does not rely on what the patient says. The Radionic approach to diagnosis of the subtle energies can reach behind the patient’s given symptoms to find problems and causes which he or she may not be aware of and may never be aware of, but which may nevertheless be crucial to a resolution of the problem. There is certainly little recognition of the subtle anatomy and its concepts in the Homoeopathic model, whereas these are all-important in the present-day Radionic paradigm. Congestion, over-stimulation, unco-ordination, damage, shock, geopathic stress, latent viruses, parasite infection, the embedded vibrational patterns of toxins and poisons, and many other factors, may cause severe disruption; they may be cleared perchance by well-selected Homoeopathic remedies but quite often the remedy will only do part of the work, leaving the problems unresolved and ready to come back into play at some future time – not through any fault of either the Homoeopathic practitioner or Homoeopathy, but simply because they are not identified within the boundaries of the Homeopathic diagnostic paradigm.

                Although the Law of Similars may apply in Radionic work, especially where Homoeopathic remedies are selected, there does not seem to be any such clearly-stated rule behind the choice of Flower, Gem or Colour Remedies, Radionic rates, Commands, and so forth. The practitioner identifies the problem and asks which type of remedy or treatment will help to resolve it and the pendulum will indicate accordingly, without reference to any underlying theoretical rationale – at least at the conscious level. This does not mean that Radionics /or kinetic muscle testing is easy, of course!

                There is a further test which is possible with Radionic techniques, which is that the effect of the selected remedy can be checked before it is administered to the patient. Abrams discovered that ‘a sample of quinine gave exactly the same reactions on the Subject as malaria…if he tested the blood of a malarial patient with a few grains of quinine he could obtain no reaction at all.’ 21 There are various easy ways in which this test can be done with Radionic instruments, allowing the practitioner to check against all detected problems to see how much action the remedy is likely to have. To put it another way, the hair sample provides a link with the energy field of the patient and when the Radionic rate or ratio card or sample of the remedy itself is introduced into that field the two are mixed together in some way. I presume that the remedy cancels out some distortion in the patient’s field and thus rectifies it, and this is later reflected in the removal of the symptoms.22 This may of course be a rather mechanistic explanation and the answer may lie in some other area, such as a concept of the remedy as information or resonance.(LONG DISTANCE HAIR TRANSMISSION)

                I should note, finally, that in homoeopathic prescribing the remedy is given orally, whereas in Radionics+ hair transmission , broadcast treatment is the norm. Thus the patient may be on the other side of the world and may be treated with the same degree of efficacy as the patient in the next room. This phenomenon of course creates many problems when considered from the viewpoint of Physics as it implies, at least to my mind, an additional dimensional layer not allowed for by present-day science.

                Practitioner’s Technique and some Related Considerations

                Diagnosis by dowsing/pendulum requires the use and interplay of both the intellectual and the intuitive faculties, or perhaps, use and interplay of both left and right brain qualities. The intellect and the concrete knowledge which supports it are used to frame questions relevant to the correct understanding of the problem. Obtaining answers via the pendulum however requires a suspension of the intellectual process and an activation of the (higher) intuition. Intellectual knowledge may presuppose the practitioner to expect a certain result, and in my experience there is nothing so dangerous as a loaded pendulum, in that it will tend tell you the answer that you expect to find. The answer obtained via objective dowsing, if such an expression can be permitted, may be completely different from what is expected and is usually, in my experience, more relevant to the patient’s requirements. It is therefore necessary to have and cultivate the openness – or even emptiness – of mind required to be able to work in this way. 23

                From Alice Bailey’s standpoint, physical reality is the result of the precipitation of energy into form via force, force being the vector or idea, as it were, which organises energy into coherent structures. Thus the immaterial is first and the material comes afterwards. The intent behind such creative action may be characterised by the first three Ray Qualities of Will, Love and Wisdom, which are concepts which we can use to help us try and understand, or reason with, the immense existential questions which lie behind the problem of life and the fact of the objective Universe.

                The well-known esoteric maxim, Energy Follows Thought, also characterises this creativity and in a sense encapsulates the activity of the practitioner as a healer. The practitioner intends (Will) to heal (Love) and focusing his attention on the problem provides the basic energy required to perform the task. The selected remedy adds the required quality (Wisdom) to the intention and thus it can be suggested that on a microcosmic level the practitioner follows a model which may be replicated at many levels throughout what Bailey calls the Cosmic Physical Plane.

                From this point of view Radionics is a form of spiritual healing so-called, but using supports such as the Pendulum and the Radionic/muscle testing   and providing differentiated forms of healing energy. It may be that at a certain stage of the practitioner’s development he or she would be able to dispense with the instrumentation and work with the required energies on the level of Higher Mind alone; through formulating the appropriate creative commands he will attract the needed energy and direct it to the patient. 24  The importance of the instruments to most practitioners is that they act as a focus for both the attention and the intention and may be set up to perform certain tasks. Otherwise the typical practitioner may run the risk of quickly exhausting his available energy and thus rendering himself unable to work.

                Another view of how the practitioner may operate can be derived from studying the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake, who in his book The Presence of The Past, proposed the idea of Morphogenetic (structure-creating) fields in his Hypothesis of Formative Causation. In outline this theory proposes that

                 – there is an information field unique to every structure or concept, whether it is a form in one of the kingdoms of nature or the knowledge of how to speak a language;

                – the field organises the basic physical material (e.g. DNA) or provides the unseen impetus or tradition which enables any new skill to be learned more easily by fresh generations of learners;

                – the strength of the field is reinforced or even increased by usage;

                – the field is adapted or evolves as new means of usage or different events occur;

                – the field strength decreases from lack of usage;

                – multiple and often nested fields exist for complex structures, such as human or animal bodies.

                 Although Sheldrake’s theory was rejected and even ridiculed by some conventional scientists, I would suggest that the Morphogenetic field is an integral part of the Etheric and other subtle energies which are addressed by the Radionic practitioner. Thus the practitioner accesses the relevant field or fields as information when examining certain aspects of the patient; when treating, aspects of the field which may be considered dysfunctional are adjusted by the Radionic rates; this in turn normalises or stabilises the relevant energy flow in the patient and adjusts the field to reflect the new conditions, which the practitioner can then read (dowse)or muscle test, often in advance of physical level results.

                It must also be considered that the morphogenetic field exists as an archetype, in the sense suggested by Ruth Drown in the quote at the beginning of this essay. The practitioner compares the present state of the patient with the ideal state of the archetypal form and attempts to conform the patient as far as possible to ‘perfection’. Ultimately, of course, all of this must be considered within the context of the Causal Body energy and the purpose, character and circumstances of the patient, which in many respects provides the driving force behind the individual incarnation and its present difficulties.

                 In conclusion I would like to state that I personally consider the need to demonstrate, and perhaps even use – for the appropriate and right purposes – the existence of higher orders of reality as important.25  Human thought at the present time is dominated by the mechanistic and materialistic model of science, which has created numerous benefits but also many problems for humanity and the planet. Many incredible advances have been made by modern medical science, but the incidence of chronic disease and especially cancers is increasing. Radionic techniques and practices give us a window of insight into the higher reality, and we, although only a small group, should grasp this opportunity to increase and enhance human understanding. Radionics in my view is only at its beginnings, and if fortune favours the work many valuable advances will come in future years.

                Finally, I would like to partially reproduce a quote from a lecture by the late Aubrey Westlake, given to the British Society of Dowsers at Malvern in 1972. These words seem to epitomise the situation of the man or woman with a pendulum when viewed against the colossus of modern science and technology:

                                ..In the eyes of the world Radiesthesia is a thing of no account compared with, say, nuclear or astro-physics or atomic research and yet….it can, when properly understood, open to us the mysteries both in this world and the world invisible. It can reveal to us the Truth in so far as our finite minds can comprehend it.’ 26


1. Dowsing itself, sometimes known as Radiesthesia, is a vast field of study predicated on the idea that everything has a unique energy signature which can be detected by a human sensitive using a means such as the diving rod or pendulum. As I see it, the technique used mainly serves to amplify the dowser’s subconscious reaction which is transmitted to his or her arm muscles via the nervous system. Although it seems that the pendulum is considered to have no intrinsic power, I have noticed that some pendulums seem to work better than others. I put this down to the fact that the material from which it is made may be more or less compatible with me in some way. There have been lengthy arguments as to whether the Radiesthesic reaction is a response to magnetic or some other form of energy, which can be called ‘subtle’ energy, for the sake of argument. This can be summarised as the physical vs. the psychic approaches, psychic, let us say, meaning some form of ESP (extra-sensory perception). It may be possible that both explanations are correct, with physical energies shading off into subtle energies as the dowser searches on ‘higher’ energetic levels.

 2. The best history of Radionics is Report on Radionics by Edward Russell, published by C. W. Daniel & Co. Essential reading, including fascinating material on Agricultural Radionics and the general techniques of weed and pest control without chemicals (suppressed in the USA in the 1950s by the chemical companies, according to Russell).

 3. Abrams also developed electronically-based treatment procedures, but this promising line of work seems for the present to have fallen into neglect and is outside the scope of this article. It also possible that his concepts were used as a partial basis for the work of Royal Raymond Rife, the American inventor of another allegedly-suppressed healing technology. See The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes. Abrams’ work may also bear some relation to the current research of Dr Jacques Benveniste – see his website,

 4. Present-day practitioners tend to use a hair sample, and I think that the pendulum is now more widely used than the stick pad. It certainly gives a far greater range of responses.

 5. See Drown Radio-Vision and Homo-Vibra Ray Instruments and their uses, Radionic Rate Book. This, and seminal works by Abrams and others, have been republished by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in California, see

 6. For the sake of brevity I am obliged to omit comment on important researchers such as George de la Warr (UK), T. Galen Hieronymous (USA) and Dr W. Guyon Richards (UK) – to name but three. The trend of their work, however, does not materially affect what I am describing.

7. Bailey’s work covers 24 volumes and is not a religion, system or dogma. It may be considered to be a kind of gigantic cosmology within the context of which man is seen as an evolving conscious being currently manifesting through a physical plane body.  The introduction to each volume basically says ‘take it or leave it’ or even ‘take what you want and leave the rest’. A starting point within the context of Radionic work might be Esoteric Healing (published by Lucis Press). Note that I have deliberately left out any mention of her system of Ray psychology because of space limitations.

 8. There seems to be some debate about the exact nature of the relationship between the Nadis and the nervous system but Garudas, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, states that the Nadis are ‘an extensive ethereal nervous system just outside the physical body, and directly connected to the nervous system.’

 9. The Logoic Plane is the plane of God (however we try to understand this concept); we do not have a Logoic body, although the Monad (or Spirit) is a ‘chip off the old block’, so as to speak.

                In respect of the transpersonal self, I will state that on two occasions the pendulum has indicated that I should treat the Buddhic body and I have done so, with flower remedies. In both cases there was a deep level of personal insecurity with its source in some form of lack of self-confidence.

 10. Perhaps this friction is what, from a philosophical point of view, we could consider to be the root of the miasm Psora as a general human phenomenon, i.e. the basic delusion of existence, which has been written about in many of the great spiritual writings. Possibly an individual who had overcome his lower nature would be free of Psora, or enlightened, as it is also called.

 11. But not all. There are for instance classes of disease produced by conditions inherent in the physical and etheric structure of the planet itself, such as Geopathic Stress, or some of the Miasms. For example see Chapter 9 of The Origin of Life by Georges Lakhovsky (published approximately 1925), republished by Borderlands, in which the author examines the statistical distribution of cancer in France against the underlying geology.

 12. Which is to say, you don’t have a separate Chakra for each plane but the planes are present in the Chakras like – to use a simple analogy – layers in a sandwich.

 13. Chronic diseases are defined in Homoeopathy as non-self-limiting conditions which generally have a slow onset and increasing degree of action (often spotted with acute episodes) ending in death. If it is correct that the miasms reside in the Etheric body, should they be activated by a problem at an energy level higher on the scale (e.g. Astral body impinged by shock) then it may be that you have to identify this and treat it, otherwise the maintaining cause – as it were – is still there. 

14. Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann, Wenda Brewster O’Reilly edition.

 15. Rajan Sankaran, the Indian homoeopath, proposes, in The Spirit of Homoeopathy, that disease is basically delusion. By this he means that reaction is out of all proportion to stimulus. A simple analogy is that if a man runs down the street being chased by a lion and screams that he is afraid of being killed by it, this is a reasonable reaction. On the other hand if a man runs down the street being pursued by a Yorkshire Terrier and screams that he is afraid of being killed by it, this is a delusion. The fear produced by the delusion may of course may kill him, if it strong enough.

 16. Psionic medicine, which is practised by Doctors and uses dowsing primarily in conjunction with Homoeopathy, takes treatment of Miasms very strongly into account.

 17. Bailey writes about the Miasms in Esoteric Healing, although I do not believe she refers to them under that name. More recently Gurudas, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, has proposed that we add new environmental Miasms such as produced by Petrochemical pollution, etc. Hahnemann recognised excessive medical drugging as a cause of chronic disease states.

 18. Lakhovsky, op. cit., also writes about what are in effect interference patterns created by cosmic radiation striking certain mineral strata and being reflected back to create cancer-forming energy conditions on the Earth’s surface. 

19. In §6 of The Organon, footnote, Hahnemann states that ‘The medical-art practitioner can never see the….life force that creates disease, and he never needs to see it’ ; in fact the Dynamis is something which is only detectable in terms of the symptoms it produces. Other lines of thought, such as that employed by Radionics, suggest this is not so. There are grounds to believe that we will in time be able to see the Dynamis and the subtle bodies; Drown and de la Warr developed Radionic cameras which purported to be able to photograph the etheric fields of whatever the camera was tuned into, and this includes homoeopathic remedies – for instance, see de la Warr’s Radionic photograph of Aconitum Napellus in New Worlds Beyond The Atom (by George de la Warr and Langston Day, out of print). There are also various so-called aura cameras around which appear to depict the aura quite accurately, although whether they show the other subtle bodies is not clear to me yet. I can imagine that interesting experiments could be done where people are photographed before and after taking a Radionic treatment, and so forth.

                Perhaps Hahnemann’s Dynamis may be considered as the life force, perhaps prana, or chi, and needs to be clearly differentiated from subtle anatomy, perhaps not. Whether one could have a perfectly functional subtle body but which is not energised is a point to consider, i.e. can the circuit be separated from the energy in any practical sense?

 20. Apart from reading their books, I have attended seminars with both Vithoulkas and Scholten. Vithoulkas is a fairly strict follower of Kent and seems to disapprove of Sankaran in particular and Scholten in general – not to mention pendulum users!

 21. Quoted from Report on Radionics, p. 28. Readers familiar with the story of Hahnemann’s early work will recognise that he started out by testing Cinchona Officinalis (China) – from which quinine is derived – on himself and noted that the symptoms proved were similar to those of malaria.

 22. In electronic terms this is appears to me to be akin to the phenomenon known as phase cancellation. If two identical waveforms in inverse relationship are added together, they will cancel each other out. I do not yet know if this idea throws any light on what actually happens in Radionic treatment, but it is worth considering.

 23. Bailey emphasis meditation practice to purify the subtle bodies and Tansley emphasises that the best protection for the practitioner is keep his or her focus on the higher spiritual centres.

 24. Bhattacharya in Teletherapy, which was in effect the first book I read on Radionics, writes of creating Cure commands and treating the patient with them. He suggests you write on a piece of circular card in red ink , ‘Mr X, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, CURE’ and broadcast it to the patient via his witness, using one the various methods set out by Bhattacharya. What Bhattacharya calls the ‘intelligent cosmic rays’ will then be set into to motion and perform the healing work, over a suitable time period. He claims to have obtained many excellent results by this simple method. Can it be so easy?

                This may being happening anyway in Radionic and other healing work, but unconsciously to the practitioner. I readily admit I have yet to grasp the question of the nature of the Devic kingdoms in any substantial detail, fascinating as the matter is. Analogously we manipulate physical plane energies on this plane but subscribe to the idea, supported by science, that we understand what is happening.

 25. There may of course not be any ‘higher orders of reality’.  If the physical world is the end product of higher energies, forces and intelligences then it possible to suppose that these existed before the manifestation of physical, or objective, reality.


auto immune diseases and homeopathy (dutch language)

Article By Homeopath (the Netherlands) Jan Scholten

Alex Leupen, homeopathisch arts

Een nieuwe groep homeopathische geneesmiddelen, Lanthaniden, lijkt effectief te zijn bij de behandeling van auto-imuunziekten.
Homeopatisch arts Jan Scholten heeft de Lanthaniden geïntroduceerd in de homeopathische geneeskunde. Auto-immuunziekten waren in het verleden moeilijk homeopatisch te behandelen. Homeopathisch arts Jan Scholten uit Utrecht: “Ik ben gaan zoeken bij de middelen die niet bekend waren”. Hij kwam uit bij de Lanthaniden, een zeldzame groep aardmetalen.
“Ik heb ontdekt dat Lanthaniden inwerken op de autonomie van de psyche. Mensen die erg bezig zijn met hun zelfstandigheid, hun individualiteit, die hun eigen weg willen gaan en daardoor vaak problemen krijgen, kunnen daarom baat hebben bij het gebruik van Lanthaniden. Wat dat betreft zijn het dus echt middelen van deze tijd, waarin mensen steeds meer zelf willen beslissen en hun individualiteit willen uitdrukken.”

“Er bestaat een parallel tussen het autonomie-principe van de psyche en de autonomie op het lichamelijk gebied, zoals je die ziet bij auto-imuunziekten. Bij de autonomie van de psyche is er sprake van psychische verwarring over wat bij je hoort en wat niet van jezelf is. Dus: wat wil ik nu zelf en wat willen anderen dat ik doe? En bij een auto-imuunziekte is er soortgelijke lichamelijke verwarring of verstoring. Het immuunsysteem kan dan namelijk niet langer goed onderscheid maken tussen lichaamsvreemde en lichaamseigen stoffen, waardoor het lichaam ook lichaamseigen stoffen gaat afbreken.”

Verborgen als zout
Lanthaniden zijn beslist niet nieuw, hooguit weinig bekend.
Tussen 1850 en 1950 zijn deze zeldzame aardmetalen ontdekt en in de scheikunde staan ze gewoon vermeld in het Periodiek Systeem der elementen. Dat ze pas zo laat bekend zijn geworden, komt volgens Scholten omdat Lanthaniden in zuivere vorm niet voorkomen.” Deze aardmetalen zijn niet edel genoeg om puur voor te komen. Daarvoor roesten, of beter gezegd, corroderen ze te snel. Maar ook wanneer Lanthaniden als zout of als mineraal voorkomen, dan is het altijd in combinatie met allerlei andere stoffen. Lanthaniden zitten eigenlijk overal een beetje tussenin. Het woord Lanthaniden is afgeleid van het Griekse Lanthanein, verborgen zijn.

Naar eigen zeggen heeft Scholten de effectiviteit van Lanthaniden bij auto-immuunziekten zeven jaar gelden zelf ‘ontdekt’. “Daar bestond geen informatie over en ook in het buitenland werden Lanthaniden toen nog niet toegepast bij aandoeningen van het immuunsysteem. Al brachten enkele producenten van homeopathische geneesmiddelen toen al wel een paar Lanthaniden op de markt.”

Scholten, die in 2005 het boek Secret Lanthanides (Verborgen Lanthaniden) schreef, heeft de afgelopen vijf jaar Lanthaniden toegepast bij onder meer mensen met Multiple sclerose (M.S.), rheumatoide artritis (reuma), sclerodermie, de ziekte van Bechterew, de ziekte van Wegener, de ziekte van Hashimoto en bij mensen met ernstige darmontstekingen, zoals de Ziekte van Crohn en Colitis ulcerosa. Aandoeningen als psoriasis en arthritis psoriatica reageren ook positief op deze middelen. Inmiddels werken 8 homeopathisch artsen in het Homeopathisch Artsencentrum Utrecht met deze middelen, waardoor de wachttijd voor patiënten met auto-immuunziekten is teruggedrongen.

“De Lanthanidentherapie kan in principe prima samengaan met reguliere medicatie die mensen met een auto-immuunziekte doorgaans krijgen voorgeschreven van hun huisarts of behandelend specialist. Als zij voor Lanthaniden kiezen, hoeven deze mensen dus niet te stoppen met het gebruik van hun reguliere geneesmiddelen. In de praktijk laat ik de reguliere medicatie net zo lang doorgebruiken totdat die mensen
zich zoveel beter voelen, dat zij met minder toekunnen.
Vaak besluiten de mensen dan ook zelf dat zij hun reguliere medicatie minderen. Ik adviseer hen dat te doen alleen in overleg met de eigen huisarts of specialist”.

Een voorbeeld uit de praktijk
Behandelend arts: Jan Scholten

“Een patiente met de ernstige darmaandoening Colitis ulcerosa gebruikte op voorschrift van haar behandelend specialist zowel methotrexaat (qua werking vergelijkbaar met anti-kanker middelen), corticosteroiden (bijnierschorshormonen) als pentasa (ontstekingsremmers).
Nadat zij een tijd een Lanthanide had gebruikt, voelde zij zich zoveel beter dat ik haar voorstelde met haar specialist te overleggen de dosis methotrexaat te verminderen. Toen vertelde ze me dat ze al twee weken geen methotrexaat en ook geen corticosteroiden meer slikte. Ze was ze al die tijd vergeten in te nemen, omdat ze nauwelijks nog last had. Op dat moment bleek het zonder reguliere medicatie dus ook goed te gaan.”

Er zijn vijftien verschillende Lanthaniden, die stuk voor stuk een andere werking hebben, maar Scholten geeft zijn patienten met een auto-immuunziekte altijd één middel tegelijk.
“Dat kies ik zorgvuldig uit aan de hand van hoe die patient met het probleem van zijn auto-immuunziekte omgaat. Het is vaak lastig de passende Lanthanide meteen te vinden, maar een ervaren homeopatisch arts zou dat moeten kunnen.”

Effect binnen een maand
“Wanneer het effect langer dan gebruikelijk op zich laat wachten, wissel ik na verloop van tijd soms van middel. Want normaal gesproken moet er binnen een maand na de eerste inname toch wel enig effect merkbaar zijn. Ik heb zelfs al verschillende patienten met een auto-immuunziekte die dankzij Lanthaniden nu al ruim enkele jaren symptoomloos zijn.”

Eerlijkheidshalve moet Scholten daaraan wel toevoegen dat het ook voorkomt dat Lanthanidentherapie niet aanslaat.
“Over het algemeen reageerde tussen de vijftig en vijfenzeventig procent van alle patienten met een auto-immuunziekte, die ik tot zoverre met Lanthaniden behandelde, postief op deze homeopathische geneesmiddelen.” De resultaten wisselen ook per aandoening. Van de patiënten met Multipele Sclerose (M.S.) reageert 1 op de 3 positief op Lanthanidentherapie, van de patiënten met colitits ulcerosa en de ziekte van Crohn heeft tweederde deel baat bij de homeopathische behandeling. Als een Lanthanide niet aanslaat, kiest de homeopathisch arts voor een geneesmiddel van andere oorsprong, bijv. een plantaardig middel. Hieronder een tweede voorbeeld uit de praktijk:

Een vrouw met de ziekte van Crohn
Behandelend arts: Alex Leupen

Een vrouw van 60 jaar ontwikkelt op oudere leeftijd de ziekte van Crohn, een chronische ontsteking van het laatste deel van de dunne darm (dit is ook een auto-immuunziekte). De internist behandelt haar met prednisolon en pentasa, hiermee wordt de bloederige diarree minder. Ze blijft echter last houden van een complicatie van de ziekte van Crohn, peri-anale fistels en abcessen, soms met hoge koorts. Ze moet verschillende keren naar de acute poli van het ziekenhuis, waarbij de chirurg haar abcessen opent. Ze krijgt van de homeopathisch arts elke maand een dosis Gratiola 200K (een plantaardig middel), hiermee verdwijnen de fistels en de abcessen en kan de prednisolon in overleg met de gastro-enteroloog afgebouwd worden. Sedertdien is ze stabiel op een onderhoudsdosering pentasa met een maandelijke dosis van dit homeopathisch middel.

Auto-immuunziekten die goed kunnen reageren op homeopathische geneesmiddelen (o.a. Lanthaniden): colitis ulcerosa, ziekte van Crohn, Multipele Sclerose (M.S.), reuma, reumatoïde arthritis (artritis), Hashimoto, hypothyreoïdie, hyperthyreoïdie, schildklierziekten, sclerodermie, ziekte van Wegener, psoriasis, arthritis psoriatica, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD), psoriasis, arthritis psoriatica, artritis psoriatica, ziekte van Bechterew, iritis, irido-cyclitis, iridocyclitis, uveïtis, nefrotisch syndroom (nephrotisch syndroom), primaire biliaire cirrose, primaire biliaire cirrhose (PBC).

Testimony proof of clinical data- By NASH

The testimony of the clinic By NASH, 100 cured-cases posted using homeopathic remedies  Case 1 – DIPHTHERIA
Case 5 – HYDROCEPHALUS (W. P. Wesselhoeft)



Case 7 – RHEUMATISM (L. E. Rauterberg)
Case 8 – MELANCHOLIA (R. Del Mas)


Case 10 – DIPHTHERIA (W. C. Goodno, Philadelphia)
(W. C. Goodno, Philadelphia)
Case 12 – COUGH (C. Wesselhoeft)
Case 13 – DYSPEPSIA (Burt)


Case 15 – LEUCORRHŒA (Thomas Skinner)
Case 16 – DIARRHŒA (A. E. Hawkes)
Case 17 – CHOREA
(W. C. Goodno, Philadelphia)
Case 18 – DEAFNESS (T. Hyone)
Case 19 – METRORRHAGIA (L. Shafer)
Case 20 – CHRONIC URETHRITIS (T. D. Stowe)


Case 22 – STOMACACE (W. M. James)
Case 23 – PNEUMONIA (Sherbin)


Case 24 – ECZEMA (Berridge)


Case 27 – NEURALGIA (F. H. Lutze)
Case 28 – NEURALGIA (J. Emmons)


Case 31 – TONSILLITIS (M. Preston)
Case 32 – ECZEMA
Case 33 – DYSENTERY (C. Wesselhoeft)
Case 34 – DYSENTERY (J. B. Bell)
Case 35 – ECZEMA (H. N. Martin)
Case 37 – SYPHILIS (R. F. Rabe)


Case 39 – NEURALGIA (F. H. Lutze)
Case 41 – NEURALGIA (F. H. Lutze, 1893)
Case 42 – DIARRHŒA (J. B. Bell)
Case 43 – INTERMITTENT FEVER (T. D. Stowe)


Case 47 – INTERMITTENT FEVER (Geo. H. Clarke)
Case 48 – LIVER DISEASE (J. C. Burnett)


Case 50 – METRORRHAGIA (Arndt.)
Case 52 – CARIES (G. N. Brigham)
Case 53 – MARASMUS (J. A. Tomhagen)


Case 54 – CHOLERA (Ad. Lippe)
Case 56 – HEADACHE (Thomas Skinner)
Case 58 – PNEUMONIA (John H. Clarke)
Case 59 – DIARRHŒA
Case 60 – DIARRHŒA (J. T. Kent)


Case 62 – CROUP (W. M. James)


Case 64 – IMPAIRMENT OF SPEECH (Richard Blackmore)


Case 66 – CONSTIPATION (H. N. Guernsey)
Case 67 – GOITRE (Margaret L. Tyler)
Case 68 – PROCIDENTIA (Jennie M. Medley)


Case 69 – INSOMNIA (Ella M. Tuttle)
Case 70 – TYPHOID
Case 71 – CONVULSIONS (O. P. Baer)


Case 72 – CANCER OF STOMACH (W. A. Hawley)
Case 73 – CANCER (J. A. Biegler)
Case 74 – ECZEMA
Case 75 – MEASLES
(Ad. Lippe)
Case 78 – SCIATICA


Case 79 – ANGINA PECTORIS (J. M. Moore)


Case 80 – DROPSY (Berridge)
Case 81 – DROPSY
Case 82 – JAUNDICE


Case 83 – RHEUMATISM (?) (H. N. Guernsey)
Case 85 – SPRAIN (W. J. Hawkes)
Case 86 – RHEUMATISM (H. H. Baxter)


Case 88 – INTERMITTENT FEVER (E. Rushmore)
Case 90 – DIARRHŒA (C. S. Jennings)


Case 93 – MENTAL ABERRATION (Bailie Brown)


Case 95 – RELIGIOUS MANIA (Spencer Carleton)


Case 97 – CORYZA (J. B. S. King)
Case 98 – PLASMODIUM MALARIA (E. E. Reininger)
Case 99 – INTERMITTENT FEVER (E. E. Reininger)


Case 100 – TIC DOULOUREUX (Harvey Farrington)


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Mental Diseases and Their Modern Treatment

All about Medicinal Clay,and how to use it-

 Pascalite – More Precious Than Gold! (Bentonite Clay) more on this subject see link;

(searchbox: bentonite clay) Great info database on medicinal clays !

To help explain some of the abilities possessed by PASCALITE, Ray quotes the report by Dr Walter W. Bennett, PhD., Epistemologist and Research Scientist, who spent several months during 1975 in a very sophisticated examination of PASCALITE. He reports: “The presence of protein in this material gives evidence of yet un-disclosed amino acids. The fact that amounts are small, and that even the requirements are for minute quantities in no way diminishes their great Importance.

“Microbiological analysis reveals the interesting fact that the raw material is completely sterile as pertains to any bacteria.
“When used as a media of raw material it inhibits the growth of representative pathogens such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

A remarkable book, “COMPILED NOTES ON CLINICAL NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS,” by Dr. Walter H. Schmitt, Jr.. states: “PASCALITE – A sea-bed product very high in mineral content, but also very valuable as a tool in cleaning out the intestinal tract. (It) is an incredible substance which is small enough to act as a scrubbing agent in the intestinal intervillous spaces. These areas often get plugged up with mucus, thereby decreasing the absorptive surface of the small intestine and leading to mal-absorption of varying degree.

The substances thus mobilized often show up in the stool. Long strings of mucus (which the patient sometimes thinks are tapeworms) occasionally with a little blood, are very common. The patient must be warned that this is a good sign the G.I. tract is cleaning out. Cautioned ahead of time, it will prevent them from becoming needlessly upset …. ” __________________________________________

Scientists worldwide are working with clay, excited by its potential. – From the New York Times: “Clay shimmers with electronic energy. It triggers intricate chemical reactions, and sucks poisons from the environment.”-The crystalline lattice of clay gives it the ability to store energy and then re-emit it. And up on the Big Horn Mountains, in an underground tunnel that we drive deeper into the mountain each summer after the snow vanishes, lies the “shimmering white clay, moist and eternally ‘alive’
MORE EXCITING NEWS! Harvey C. Lisle, chemical engineer, specializing in biodynamics, established PASCALITE, as a “rock dust”, is “Alive.” radiating energy 100 feet, and POSSESSES THE ABILITY TO NEGATE NOXIOUS ENERGY. Placed above or below the TV set or microwave. testing shows complete irradification of the harmful electric energies emanating from them. And IT NEGATED THE NOXIOUS ENERGIES FROM A 12.000 VOLT LINE IN THE AREA IN FRONT OF HIS HOME.

There is concern currently as to the potentially harmful electronic fields generated by anything electrical, big or small. Recently the Environmental Protective Agency expressed concern that those emissions may be linked to leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancer. This issue must be taken seriously – demanding much more research.

The reported ability of PASCALITE clay (and other “live” rock dusts) to negate these harmful energies may well assume great importance for future health.

An important and practical use of “live” rock dust is rejuvenating “dead” soil. In the Black Forest of Germany, in Austria, in Poland, this dust is being blown into dying forests, and the forests are responding with new life. These “live” dusts have the ability to improve soil structure, ameliorate drought conditions, oxidate the soil so it can breathe normally, drain better in wet weather and retain moisture in dry weather. It attracts moisture to the soil and to the crops grown in that soil.

“THE CLAY HAS STARTLING ELECTRONIC ENERGIES OF ITS OWN!” __________________________________________

PASCALITE is a rare calcium bentonite, formed thirty million years ago as the froth and foam of the fiery and convulsive era atop the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Over the centuries, it captured the calcium from that limestone formation, and many other minerals (now known to be vital to life) in trace amounts migrated into it –manganese, cobalt, copper, etc… Slowly cooling temperatures converted these to oxides, readily absorbed in the human metabolism. __________________________________________

PASCALITE’ exists now -making It readily usable for both internal and external purposes. __________________________________________

Please do not confuse PASCALITE with ordinary clays—sodium bentonite, Jordan clay, French green clay, etc…, Though listed as a calcium bentonite, at least one government agent has hinted it may well be an as-yet-unidentified material outside the scope of present knowledge. Dr. Walter Bennett; PhD, who investigated it in depth stated it was still “a very mysterious substance”. __________________________________________

One, research group gives a possible explanation as to why PASCALITE differs from other clays. It lies relatively near the famous, mysterious Big Horn Medicine Wheel, which dates back to antiquity. “We feel medicine wheels were built on vortex areas where earth energies surface intensely, and the PASCALITE contains that same intense energy.” Conventional science remains silent on this. __________________________________________

As to the mineral makeup of PASCALITE, chemical analysis confirms: Silicon, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Titanium, Sodium, Chromium, Copper, Aluminum, Manganese, Barium, Cobalt, Boron, Potassium, Vanadium, Nickel, Cadmium, Gallium, Strontium, Phosphorus and Zirconium. Some elements in PASCALITE which have not definitely been proven essential to life are Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, Barium, Cadmium, Gallium, Strontium, and Zirconium., Of these; all but Nickel and Gallium have established medicinal properties. Nickel is highly suspected as essential to life processes, and Gallium has no known toxicity to man or beast. Considering the mineral composition and the soluble forms available, this natural material -PASCALITE- is a valuable food supplement and has extra-ordinary qualities as relates to nutrition and health.

Dr. Bennett adds that results from the use of this natural material suggests a synergism which is not completely understood. “The multiple, complex inter-dependencies of the elements involved suggest many important facts about the role and inter-relations of metal ions in nutrition, health, and disease. It is well under-stood that a wide variety of metalloenzymes is required for the successful function of living organisms.”

PASCALITE is used both internally and externally. Some of its minerals occur in trace amounts, however, their presence in PASCALITE certainly has some part In the final results, and must be reckoned in its evaluation. States Dr. Bennett, “the fact that amounts are small, and that even requirements are for minute quantities, in no way diminishes their great importance.” __________________________________________

Available for internal use, PASCALITE  comes in powder, tablets, and capsules. One neglected mineral in PASCALITE, lately recognized as vital to living tissue, is silica. It is found in PASCALITE as silicate and silicones. In the body silica occurs as collagen, a connective tissue covering the brain, spinal cord, and the nerve systems. It is an essential part of hair, skin and nails. Some researchers have hinted that a lack of silica in the brain and nerves may be one cause of poor memory. __________________________________________

The great importance of iron to life is well established. PASCALITE provides an abundance of iron as oxides, readily usable in the body. PASCALITE also offers that sometimes scant -but vital- mineral, magnesium, the importance of which is now recognized. It is reported to be involved in virtually every cellular activity. With aluminum, it helps regulate the digestive system, controls both diarrhea and constipation. It joins with calcium in the prevention of kidney stones. It has a hand in regulating blood sugar, and is important in the maintenance of balance between sodium, calcium, and potassium. In PASCALITE it exists as magnesium oxide. Some investigators feel that people living in soft water areas may be unaware sufferers of magnesium deficiency. There may be some evidence that this deficiency may be involved in alcohol addiction. __________________________________________

Therefore, in lieu of the above, PASCALITE’s value as a dietary supplement is established. And it is reported to have one more ability: as a pain killer. Toothache victims and others have remarked this, almost immediately after application of PASCALITE paste. __________________________________________

It has many other uses, many beauticians state it has no equal as a facial conditioner. They report that it’s skin-tightening effect when used on the face is so strong as to be almost painful. We have been told that when PASCALITE pulls the red blood cells to the skin surface, leaving your face temporarily red, it has done it’s job. __________________________________________

The drawing action is a hand in regulating blood sugar, and is important in the maintenance of balance between sodium, calcium, and potassium. In PASCALITE it exists as magnesium oxide. pulling the impurities out to the surface to be flushed away. Therefore, PASCALITE is an unusually effective cleanser, to remove deeply-embedded grime, leaving the skin clean, fresh, and healthily glowing. __________________________________________

PASCALITE is a natural deodorant, used either dry or in liquid form. In our mining operations, we discovered that dead animals – rock chucks, porcupines, etc – when buried in the mine tailings which contained a small amount of PASCALITE, did not decompose, but eventually became mummified. __________________________________________

Some of our users have informed us ‘that a small amount of PASCALITE powder mixed with tap water gives it the pure taste of mountain spring water”! __________________________________________

Germicidal tests show PASCALITE to be sterile; and further, that it possesses the physical ability to occlude and precipitate cultural media. A solution of 2 ounces of powdered PASCALITE in one gallon of water used to wash two walls of a hospital room showed a sterile culture 4 days after washing. The other walls, washed by the conventional method, showed daily contamination. __________________________________________

PASCALITE clay, as a natural product, re-acts differently in each of us. As an individual, you may need to experiment to get the best results for yourself. __________________________________________

Some animal testing and usage was done by some vets with gratifying results. Several cattlemen in the Worland area have been using PASCALITE for the treatment of scours In their herds. Two large tablespoonfuls placed well down into the back oft heir pried-open mouths, repeated a second day, was the average treatment used to bring about complete relief from all symptoms. They reported a 100% success during the 2 years they have been using this treatment. One of these cattlemen states he used the same treatment for pneumonia in one of his cows with complete success. __________________________________________

“The list of often-dramatic benefits from the use of PASCALITE is so long and varied that it might well cause skepticism in the minds of the uninitiated. The surface has been barely scratched herein and documentary support of all statements exists in  files.” __________________________________________

In addition to its other abilities, PASCALITE has been shown to be an anesthetic. Many users have reported almost immediate cessation of pain following its application in paste form to the areas. __________________________________________


The Story Of Pascalite And Its Remarkable Healing QualitiesThe Story Of Pascalite And Its Remarkable Healing QualitiesThe Story Of Pascalite And Its Remarkable Healing Qualities

A Few Of The Beneficial Uses For PascalitePASCALITE has been used successfully for: dietary supplement; digestive aid; colon cleanser; stomach upset; ulcers; throat, tooth and gum problems; sinus irritations; brushing teeth, just to name a few.

Incredible True Stories Of People That Use PascaliteIncredible True Stories Of People That Use PascaliteIncredible True Stories Of People That Use Pascalite

Pascalite Bentonite Healing Powder - 16 oz. powder in Flip top bottlePascalite Bentonite Healing Powder – 16 oz. powder in Flip top bottlePascalite is used in soap and toothpaste, applied as a poultice to insect bites, sunburns, infections, cold sores, canker sores and acne, and as a suppository for hemorrhoids. Users found it a potent skin cleanser and conditioner, drank it for heartburn and ulcers.

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