Politics of vaccines,its not about preventing any diseases!

Its time to read what is behind the Politics of

Compulsory vaccination – Sorry to burst your bubble,ITS NOT ABOUT PREVENTING ANY DISEASES,Its not to create ‘immunity’,Its not to protect you from getting sick.-VACCINES are all about politics/the media/corruption/bribes/hiding data/harming innocent people,and then still claiming Innocence of fault. (gov bills protect big pharma from law suits filed by parents with vaccine damaged babies/children) Here are just a few links you might enjoy reading.

Profits vs safety
Lies on vaccine leaflets
Doctors and their own medicine
Double standards(hep b)
Informed Consent
This vaccine is safe
What does VPD stand for?
Nurses on vaccines
Child experiments
Vaccines used to induce disease in animals

Third world guinea pigs

The Missing Vial

Vaccine viruses


Main reason for high vaccination drive


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