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The Medical Mafia (CDC/AMA/FDA)

Good food for thought with todays new forced bills on healthcare-We all need to start being more informed as to “what is really going on”_Question Authority+research gov. motives,Are they really looking out for your wellbeing? Or is there something else to all this; ONE of my FAVORITE books>On the politics of Medicine-

And a few links taken from my fav. holistic healing websites called;  www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com

THE MEDICAL MAFIA: How To Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.

The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. The principal buyers are the public – from infants to the elderly – who MUST be thoroughly medicated and vaccinated…at any cost! Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine? Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy. They cannot patent natural remedies. That is why they push synthetics. They control medicine, and that is why they are able to tell medical schools what they can and cannot teach. They have their own sets of laws, and they force people into them. That is a mafia. This sensational expose’ also uncovers the truth behind vaccines, AIDS, cancer, the World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and more. 

This book is about so much more than the corruption among medicine, pharmaceuticals, government and “Health” Organizations like the WHO. It about regaining our health, our soveriegn right as individuals, our freedom, self respect and love for our fellow man. While the current and corrupt “Medical Mafia” poison, maim and kill millions no one is happy with it; patients or doctors, except those who profit from it; the “industry” which involves expensive testing, toxic drugs and sweeping global population control policies.

Ms Lanctot offers a solution and the good news is that it is in OUR hands. It involves claiming our right to make our own decisions about our health and that of our children and recognizing that same right in others, along with easy to follow suggestions about how to seek a responsible client/consultant relationship with a medical care practitioner.

Something fascinating, and I truly hope you read the book! Louis Pasteur “gave” the world our current concept of bacteria and viruses which lead to transmission of disease. Yet another unaclaimed scientist of the same time period as Mr Pasteur studied another possibility; that it is the disease which causes the virus or bacteria.

It may be hard at first to contemplate that what we have been told all our lives may be wrong and the disease-causes-germs paradigm should not be accepted as fact without intensive study into this possibility. Sadly the current drug and profit based research debilitates that possibility. And scientist and doctors who try to adopt an approach which threatens the current situation often end up suffering persecution from the “mafia”; forms which range from public ridicule, loss of research funding, suspension of medical licencing(just ask Ms Lanctot)and many more. Gaston Naessens has done further work on this theory; work on somatidian theory. A somatid is the smallest particle of living matter, precursor of DNA….a web search on any engine would verify this. Ms Lanctot says that our greatest illness is that of submission, fueled by fear and our fascination with security and protection which are only fantasies at best.

Disease-Mongers : How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers Are Making You Feel Sick by Lynn Payer An expose+a7 of the health-care industry shows how doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers profit from making healthy people think they are sick and reveals the growing influence of powerful lobbies representing the industry.

Racketeering in Medicine:The Suppression of Alternatives James Carter I have been reading various books on alternaitve medicine for years, and this one sticks out as one of the top five in my library about how the AMA, FDA and pharmaceutical industry has for years tried to discredit alternative,less expensive, less invasive and often times more effective modalities of treatment.James Carter does not just sensationalize but documents quite clearly the evidence behind his assertion. He clearly shows that the governing bodies of modern general or “accepted” medicine have a vested interest in supressing these treatments and making sure that most average folks never know about them.” an amazon reviewer: Christina Paul from Anamosa, IA USA

Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn MD

Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn

“For anyone who has doubts about the benevolence of the AMA, pharmaceutical companies and the allied health industries or has suffered from drug interactions, side effects, long-term effects, misadiagnoses, botched treatments, apathy or arrogance on the part of medical providers, this book is MUST reading. This is one of the first mainstream books to address these issues and to suggest alternative treatments.” an amazon.com reviewer

“Progress in medical science is, as a rule, achieved only after overcoming the manifestations of a fixed mental status, ranging all the way from violent and vitriolic opposition down to apathy and deadly intertia.” Dr. Edwin F. Bowers 

Reclaiming Our Health : Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Sources of True Healing by John Robbins, Marianne Williamson 

“Absolutely fabulous, should be required reading for everyone. Knowledge is power, yet Americans are consistently kept in the dark about medicine, nutrition, and more. The country is set up to destroy YOUR health while padding the pockets of the medical establishment and food corporations. Read this and Diet for a new america, and as many other critical books you can get your hands on. Then change your life for the better.” An amazon.com reviewer

THE POLITICS OF CANCER – CANCER IS BIG BUSINESS! Cancer Industry and their cover-up of natural therapies

This site will raise “red flags” or issues that require public attention and debate in Health, Science, Environment, Arts and Politics. The mission of redflagsweekly.com is to probe medical, scientific, environmental, artistic and political issues in a manner that one rarely encounters in mainstream news reports. Corporate bottom lines and inadequate training in specialty journalism often provide the reading, viewing and listening public with narrow and simplistic information. Press release journalism in medicine, for example, a process that often involves aggressive PR firms in the service of powerful corporations, hospitals and medical journals, typically rules the roost. It is the path of least resistance. The “dumb it down” gang is all too often in control. There also is a high degree of censorship in the news of those views that challenge the established viewpoints in science. Some scientists even seem preoccupied with efforts to discourage debates about important issues that affect many lives.


Are Drugs Unnecessary?

 Are Drugs Unnecessary and Uncurative?

Exploring the points raised here in more detail is a worthwhile exercise. If drugs truly “never cured a thing” [1] then a number of contentions inevitably flow from this position. First, it means that drugs are largely unnecessary and ineffective. In which case, the entire pharmaceutical industry becomes something of a fraud and any alleged healing effects of drugs are really due to the Vis medicatrix naturae, [8] i.e. the innate self-healing powers. Second, it means that all the metabolic pathway idea about how drugs works is also thrown into doubt. Third, it means we might not even get ill in the way we think, but only occasionally, not when metabolic pathways go wrong, but more when the self-healing powers are diminished in strength. Sickness would then hinge much more upon the varying individual susceptibility that a person manifests through in time, and less upon external disease triggers.

Fourth, it also means that medicine should not so much be about ‘fixing things,’ but about raising the general level of health and thus enhancing the innate self-healing potential of the whole person. This is precisely what the CAM therapies also aim to enhance, such as cold water [hydrotherapy], fasting [diet reform], foot massage [reflexology], saunas, exercise, acupuncture needles, homeopathic remedies, etc.

These aim to stimulate and enhance the innate self-healing powers rather than directly intervening in metabolic pathways to try and eliminate disease, which seems to be the main basis of modern therapeutics. Further, stimulation of the innate healing powers would not constitute intervention as envisaged by modern therapeutics, which seeks not only to control the organism, but also to replace various of its non-functional activities and by so doing engenders increasing forms of medical dependency.

Fifth, if all this is true then it serves as a validation for the comments Hahnemann makes in The Organon about the nature of medicine and the way drugs operate. Sixth, that we should not look for the causes of disease in things external to the patient [such as ‘germs’], but more at those internal aspects of susceptibility and the innate healing powers. Treatment, likewise, should be redirected accordingly. Seventh, there might well be an important emotional, social, psychological context within which all ‘disease’ occurs and concerning episodes of ‘failure’ and loss. In addition, that sickness might therefore have a meaning in relation to the life of the patient and their general sense of purpose in life.

When John Foley says, “only that nerve energy that runs through you and controls every function and autonomic process of your being every second of your life is capable of healing you. No drugs of doctors can do that. We can only facilitate it,” [1] then he clearly echoes the vitalist views of homeopathy and acupuncture. When he further contends that “drugs, if anything, interfere with that innate ability to heal from within,” [1] and that mere “covering up symptoms with pharmaceuticals has done little,” [1] then he inclines towards the claim of homeopaths that drugs not only do not cure but delay healing and complicate disease by suppressing symptoms.

In all the above senses, it strikes me that if “drugs don’t cure a thing,” [1] then much hard thinking needs to be done in order to more carefully envisage a safer and gentler system of true healing that not only removes and alleviates sickness, but which is at once both health-enhancing and life-enhancing. In the opinion of increasing numbers of clinicians and patients, the answers to these questions do not lie within the domain of molecular medicine, but outside it, in the more ancient ‘sectarian’ healing systems now called CAM.



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