Homeopathy for Labor and Childbirth

Homeopathy for Labor and Childbirth

By: Melanie Grimes
Published: Friday, 12 June 2009

the basic homeopathic remedies useful to women in labor.

  1. Arnica is a great remedy to heal bruising. If the birth causes bruising, Arnica is the first remedy to think of, for the mother and the baby. Arnica can be used to treat bruised pelvic organs after labor.
  2. Hypericum is the remedy of choice for any nerve damage. If there is any damage or trauma to the spinal cord during birth, Hypericum is the main remedy to consider. This can be caused by the use of forceps or even by the elongation of the spine in the birth canal. This remedy can also be used to treat the mother with a dislocated coccyx.
  3. Aconite treats constipation during pregnancy. It is a great remedy for hemorrhage during labor and also for morning sickness. The Aconite patient is generally thirsty, restlessness and fearful. Aconite is a good remedy to take following a fright or for fear of death during pregnancy or labor.
  4. Belladonna is useful for acute inflammatory conditions that manifest suddenly with heat and redness. This remedy is useful for hemorrhages after childbirth, especially if the blood is hot and bright red.
  5. Carbo vegetabilis is the remedy to consider for blue babies, or any newborns that do not breathe properly after birth.
  6. Argentum nitricum, silver nitrate, is the same element that is dropped into the eyes of newborns. This remedy in homeopathic doses can treat diarrhea during pregnancy.
  7. Causticum is a good remedy to have on hand when an infant’s shoulders won ‘t come through the birth canal, or if the baby ends up with a fractured clavicle. Causticum can also be used when the mother’s urine doesn’t flow after childbirth.
  8. Opium in homeopathic doses is used to treat newborns after a traumatic delivery, especially if the child remains in a sluggish state, or have umbilical hernias and nurse poorly. Fainting from fright during pregnancy can also be treated with Opium.
  9. Natrum sulfuricum is a good homeopathic remedy for a child with cerebral edema or any kind of swelling in the head or brain. Any injury to the head during birth can be treated with Natrum sulf.
  10. Lachesis is the remedy of choice when a baby is born with the umbilical cord around his neck. These children may also have umbilical hernias.
  11. Arsenicum is useful after childbirth to aid the bladder, treating retention of urine or a paralyzed bladder. Arsenicum will also treat diarrhea during pregnancy as well as nausea. The person needing Arsenicum when pregnant can be very fearful, especially experiencing a fear of death.
  12. Bellis perennis, also known as Bruisewort, is the remedy to consider for uterine wounds after labor, or for any bruised conditions.
  13. Calcarea phosphoricum has been known to make childbirth easier. This remedy can be taken as a cell salt in 3x or 6x potency, as it is a salt found in the blood plasma and in all cells. Used in this way, it can be a tonic and nutritional aid for a pregnant woman.
  14. China (Cinchona Calisaya) is used in homeopathic doses for bleeding during childbirth.
  15. Crocus is another remedy for hemorrhages after childbirth.
  16. Caulophylum thalictroides (Blue Cohosh) can be used when the labor is stalled and does not progress, and contractions have little force. Used as an herb to cause abortions, it should not be taken during pregnancy, but only during labor to stimulate contractions.
  17. Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish. This homeopathic remedy is useful for constipation during pregnancy.
  18. Aluminum can also aid in treatment of bleeding after childbirth.
  19. Collinsonia is another remedy to consider for hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  20. Nux vomica treats diarrhea or constipation during pregnancy. It is also a good remedy for morning sickness or even jaundice. During labor, the person needing Nux vomica may be constipated. Nux can also be indicated, like Pulsatilla, when the labor pains cease altogether.
  21. Petroleum is a very useful remedy in treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and for any gastric troubles during pregnancy.
  22. Pulsatilla is a good remedy to consider when the mother’s milk doesn’t come in after childbirth. Another good remedy for this condition is Urtica urens. Pulsatilla may also retain urine after childbirth.

Homeopathy has many great gifts to offer mothers and babies, as well as their attending doctors and midwives.


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